Best Online Podcast Trailer Maker to Create a Podcast Trailer for Free

Last Updated: 2022. 06. 06
In this article, we share how to make a good podcast trailer, including the best podcast trailer maker to create a trailer for your podcast, detailed steps on putting together your podcast trailer, and the key points you should include in your trailer.

Like a movie trailer or TV show trailer, a podcast trailer is essential for your podcast. Having a podcast trailer in place before launching your podcast can help you start building your audience and create hype around your launch.

An audio-only podcast trailer helps expand your reach on podcasting platforms, but you shouldn't stop there. Try a video version of your podcast trailer that will bring your trailer to life and give you great content you can use in places like social media, your website, etc.

Every podcast needs a trailer video! If you don't have one already, it's not too late to add one.

Free Editable Podcast Trailer Templates

Podcast Trailer
Podcast Trailer
Use This Template
Subscribe Podcast Channel
Subscribe Podcast Channel
Use This Template

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How to Create a Podcast Trailer Video Online for Free

Want to start making your podcast trailer but do not know where to begin? Don't worry! Here we share a powerful online trailer maker, FlexClip, to help you make an engaging trailer video for your podcast. Whether you need a trailer for your podcast, a movie, TV show, book, etc., you can finish it fast with FlexClip.

Here, you can make use of ready-made templates, animated texts, and much more special effects to make a stunning podcast trailer.

Now it's time to create your podcast trailer using the online podcast trailer maker - FlexClip.

Step 1 Add Visuals to Your Podcast Trailer Video

If you have them in hand already for the visual resources in your podcast trailer video, you can directly upload that footage from a local file or your mobile phone.

Add Visuals to Your Podcast Trailer

Image Board: Add Visuals to Your Podcast Trailer

Have no ideas for the visuals? You can browse through FlexClip's Video and Photo library to find some stunning video clips and images to furnish your podcast trailer.

Step 2 Add Audio Elements to the Podcast Trailer Video

The most important component of a podcast trailer video should be the audio elements, not the visuals for other videos. Below are the vital audio elements you should include in your podcast trailer video.

  • Voice over - simply introducing your show and hosts to let people know what and who they're listening to.
  • Short audio clips from episodes - choose the best bits, (short, a few seconds long).
  • Background music and sound effects - which could establish the tone of your podcast and communicate your audio brand. (Don't let it overpower your voice.)

FlexClip is powerful enough for you to add any audio elements to a video. You can upload your own music file, find music tracks and sound effects in its Music library, and also record voice-over for your podcast trailer.

Add Audio Elements to the Podcast Trailer

Image Board: Add Audio Elements to the Podcast Trailer

Step 3 Add Subtitles to the Podcast Trailer Video

Subtitles are another great tool to increase your video's accessibility and prevent any misinterpretation of your audio.

FlexClip's text tool makes it super easy to add subtitles to your podcast trailer. Also, here are various text effects, fonts, styles, and animations for you to choose from and customize your subtitle.

Add Subtitles to the Podcast Trailer

Image Board: Add Subtitles to the Podcast Trailer

Step 4 Make More Edits to Style Your Podcast Trailer Video

If you'd like to make more edits to level up your video podcast trailer, FlexClip provides you with filters, transition effects, zooming, widgets, and more to raise the production value.

Have no ideas on how to customize a video? Check out the pre-made templates for some inspiration.

Youtube Trailer
Youtube Trailer
Use This Template
Album Release Trailer
Album Release Trailer
Use This Template

Now, you have created a video podcast trailer, you can export and download the final product, share your podcast trailer video to social media platforms, and promote your show!

Final Words

That's all for how to make a trailer for your podcast. Podcast trailers can help you grow and retain listeners effectively. Take the next step in marketing your podcast with a trailer right now. Interested in editing tips and video effects? You can visit FlexClip's blog page to explore more.

Podcast Trailer Video FAQs

Q1: How long a podcast trailer should be?

For the length of a podcast trailer, there is no fixed rule. But you’d best make it short; otherwise, your listeners might become bored.

Ideally, your podcast trailer should longer than one minute, and between 60-120 seconds (max) is perfect.

Q2: What to include in your podcast trailer?

For a good podcast trailer, here's exactly what should to include:

- Name of the podcast or podcast episode

- Host's name

- Guests and topic of your show

- Important dates or episode release days

- Website or podcast hosting site info

- Call to action (CTA)

Q3:What aspect ratio do you use for your podcast trailer?

This question depends on where you're sharing your podcast teaser:

- YouTube: 16:9

- TikTok: 9:16

- Instagram Reel: 9:16

- Instagram Feed Video: 1:1 or 4:5

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