How to Make Instructional Videos in 5 Steps for Free

Posted on: Sep. 30, 2021
Need to know how to make instructional videos? Take a look at the article with 5-step tutorial. No matter what types of instructional videos you need, you can rely on this tutorial to meet your goal.

When you meet a problem or want to learn something, the first idea that comes to mind must be ”Google it.“ Meanwhile, compared with tedious text explanations, you may opt to watch instructional videos. Instructional videos have taken an overwhelming place in our daily life.

Have you ever wanted to make an instructional video? Do you want to create a personal YouTube instructional video channel? You've come to the right place. This article is a detailed tutorial to help you learn how to make instructional videos step by step.

Five-step Guide to Create Instructional Videos

Step 1 Find out Your Targeted Audience

As an old saying goes: 'Well begun is half done.' Therefore, you need to precisely know who is your audience. Are you aimed at students or elites at work? Do you produce videos for men or women? Have a clear mind about your audience contributing to establishing the long-term direction for your instructional video-making. Do not frequently change your aimed audience group if you want to have an unmistakable style of your video channel.

Step 2 Determine Your Instructional Video Topic

To some extent, instructional video content varies from sports, knowledge to daily life. But which one is the best? Selections based on your interest and specialization are suggested here. Once the topic is confirmed, think about what your audience wants to learn from your instructional video.

Rich tools and platforms will help you discover viewer's needs. You can use famous forums like Quora, Reddit to gather people's needs information from existing questions. Besides, free tools like Google Trends enable you to collect needs from practical search results. Analyze all the collected data, and you will know how to meet viewer's actual needs.

Step 3 Learn Platform Rules and Prepare a Script

Different platforms have different rules and requirements for a video producer. Therefore, you should be familiar with targeted platform rules, including video duration, video resolution, and more. The more rules you know in advance, the fewer difficulties you'll face in the future.

Besides, you'd better prepare a script with time allocation for each part and main words to remind you of the content structure. Estimate the video duration and practical narration to avoid camera shyness if you're a newcomer to video making. Remember to keep the script to be concise as much as possible.

Step 4 Choose a Suitable Tool to Make Instructional Videos

With preparations settled, you are ready to create instructional videos now. You can choose from loads of tools like desktop screen recorder, professional camera, and free online screen recorders. Among these selections, a lightweight online screen recorder is more suitable for beginners. Here FlexClip is suggested to work as a quick solution online for videos for the following reasons.

Learning From Home Tips
Learning From Home Tips
Use This Template
Online Writing Training
Online Writing Training
Use This Template

It comes with multiple pre-made video templates that help you make instructional videos effortlessly. Besides, flexible functions are provided in case you need further adjustment. If you need to capture onscreen activities directly, move to the online screen recorder with audio. No launcher or any installation is required to use this simple screen recorder.

How to Record and Edit An Instructional Video

Step 1
Move to FlexClip's editor page.
Step 2
Upload needed media, including videos, pictures under the Media panel, and drag them to the storyboard. If you want to make instructional videos by capturing onscreen activities, find the screen recorder on the Media section.
Upload Media Resources to FlexClip's Editor

Upload Media Resources to FlexClip's Editor

Step 3
 Customize the video at will. For example, you can add captions, background music, and video effects to beautify the video.
Edit Instructional Video with FlexClip

Edit Instructional Video with FlexClip

Step 4
Download the instructional video in MP4 format.

Step 5 Share Videos to Social Media Platform.

Share the video to social media platforms as much as possible. The more media you reach, the more fans and exposure you will get. Another crucial point of sharing is that comments will help you know where to improve next time.


Making instructional videos becomes easy with a step-by-step tutorial and a handy tool. If you find this post helpful, do remember to share it with others. By the way, FlexClip also helps you create other videos, for example, slideshows, sports videos, birthday videos, and more. Give it a try!

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