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Easy Book Trailer Maker: How to Make a Book Trailer

Last Updated: Aug. 14, 2020

For book lovers, creating book trailers is the best way to share their favorite book with others; for authors, a book trailer is a great promotional tool to advertise their books successfully.

Have you ever felt the urge to share your sweet pleasure with others after reading a really great book? Or you're a book author who faces a major challenge: how do you transfer your story to the public audience effectively?

Are you just introducing this book to them merely and letting them experience by themselves? Or are you condensing the 1,000 pages of written text into one cover image or post? Not far enough!

How can you make a potential reader get a glimpse into the contents of a book? Create a book trailer video right now.

This blog will show you how to make a book trailer with a super easy-to-use book trailer maker, FlexClip.

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How to Make a Book Trailer - the Tool You Need

Frankly, many book trailer video makers online can be applied to help you make a book trailer. Why FlexClip wins the recommendation of thousands of users?

FlexClip – The Easiest-to-Use Book Trailer Maker

√ Easy-to-Use Editing Tools. FlexClip's intuitive interface makes it possible for everyone to create a book trailer video easily and quickly; no video editing experience required!

√ Rich Animated Elements. You can make your book trailer more engaging with diverse dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos, and other animated elements.

√ Comprehensive and Powerful Features. Whether you need to trim video and music, adjust images, change the aspect ratio, or add effects, voiceover, and watermarks, FlexClip has got you covered.

√ Extensive Media Library. Get access to FlexClip's vast media library and find millions of high-resolution stock photos, royalty-free videos, and music for your book trailer production.

Besides, the powerful online book trailer maker is also coming with rich video templates for various occasions, of course, including the book trailer templates. You can find the best book trailer examples here and get inspired to make your own book trailer with great ease.

Book Trailer Template

Book Trailer Template

How to Make a Book Trailer - Detailed Steps

Before getting started, please get all materials organized, like video clips, photos, background music on your computer, then click the Create a Video button below. Or you can view our stunning video templates for inspirations and pick one to customize.

Step 1 Add Footage to Your Book Trailer Video

Go to the storyboard to add footage to your video with the "+" icon. Upload the photos and video clips you gathered by clicking the Add Local Media; or search for stock media related to your book in FlexClip's media library.

Add Footage to Your Book Trailer Video

Image Board: Add Footage to Your Book Trailer Video

Step 2 Highlight Your Book Trailer with Text and Music

Go to the sidebar, click the text or music icon to add text and music to your book trailer. Enter the title or write a short description to highlight the main ideas and upload the music or pick one from FlexClip's media library to set the tone for your book trailer.

Highlight Your Book Trailer with Text and Music

Image Board: Highlight Your Book Trailer with Text and Music

Step 3 More Edits to Enhance Your Book Trailer

FlexClip features many editing functions allowing you to customize your book trailer video in many ways, like adding transitions, filters, color grading, etc.

More Edits to Enhance Your Book Trailer

Image Board: More Edits to Enhance Your Book Trailer

Step 4 Preview and Save Your Book Trailer

Once your book trailer is ready, you can click the Preview button on the top right to review it. If you're satisfied, just click Export Video to save your video. If not, you can continuing editing.

How to Make a Book Trailer - Practical Tips

Start strong. Star your book trailer with something engaging to grab people's attention from the beginning. A question or quote from the book must be a great option, and they always work well.

Simple ideas are sometimes the best. Avoid using too many different elements, because it will make a book trailer confusing and hard to watch.

Don't just summarise the plot. Never try to make a book trailer by just summarise the plot. You'd better make hints to the story and remember don't spoil the ending of the book.

Choose the music carefully. Music is critical for your book trailer. Pick the music that is suited for your story and theme. Besides, you also need to pay attention to the music copyright.

Final Words

Now there you have it! Inspired? Ready to make your book trailer? Go to FlexClip to create your book trailer right now! Happy video making with FlexClip video maker!

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