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How to Make a Stunning Book Trailer in Minutes

Last Updated: Jul. 03, 2020

Summary: This tutorial will show you how to make a book trailer from planning, including come up with a story, gather assets for your book trailer; then it will tell the detailed steps on making a book trailer with FlexClip.

Have you ever felt that the urge to share your sweet pleasure to others after you reading a really great book? Or you're a book author who faces a major challenge: how do you transfer your story to the public audience effectively?

Are you just introducing this book to them merely and letting them experience by themselves? Or are you condensing the 1,000 pages of written text into one cover image or post? Not far enough!

How can a potential reader get a glimpse into the contents of a book?

The answer is clear: Create a Book Trailer Video.

For book lovers, creating book trailers is the best way to share their favorite book to others; for authors, a book trailer is a great promotional tool to advertise their books successfully.

This blog will show you how to make a book trailer from planning, including gathering footage, and then tell you how to create your video with FlexClip.

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How to Make a Book Trailer - Detailed Guide

Ready to get started? Let's walk through the detailed tutorial on how to make a book trailer: planning(come up with a story, gathering assets) and detailed steps on how to create your video with FlexClip.

Coming up with a Story for Your Book Trailer

If you're a writer who wants to create a book trailer for the book you've written, you must already know how to tell a great story.

Here are a few to keep in mind when coming up with your story we want to stress:


  • With a beginning, middle, and end. In general, the three essential elements must be shown in your book trailer to tell a complete story. But if you want to arouse the viewers' curiosity, you can do some tricks in the end to create some suspense.
  • Avoid just to summarize the plot. No one likes a boring book trailer, so try not to summarize the plot. Set the stage and introduce characters, introduce a twist, and more.
  • Be concise. The main goal of the story for the book trailer is to say more with less. Keep your book trailer short in order to catch and hold viewers' attention. Remember never to make your book trailer last more than 2 minutes.

Gathering Assets for Your Book Trailer

After you know what story you'd like to tell in your book trailer, it's time to collect photos and video clips to tell your story.

You can use the photos and video clips you have on hand, or scan pages from the book or use your phone or camera to shoot video clips.

Don't have any photos or video clips to use? Or have no time to make some footage by yourself? Don't worry! You can create a book trailer with stock images and video clips too. FlexClip offers a stock library of various photos and video clips.

Just go to the Stock Media when making your video and search for terms related to your book and the story you want to tell in your trailer.

Search for Terms

Image Board: Search for Terms

Making Your Book Trailer Video with FlexClip

Step 1 Log in FlexClip and Get Started

Log in your FlexClip account first. If you don't have one yet, just sign up for free, then log in and get started.

Log in FlexClip and Get Started

Image Board: Log in FlexClip and Get Started

Step 2 Create a New Video

Create a new video project on your My Projects page by clicking Create New. Then a new page will pop up asking to choose a video template or start from scratch. Here we'll be starting from scratch to make our book trailer.

Create a New Project

Image Board: Create a New Project

Step 3 Add Footage to Your Book Trailer Video

Next, go to the "+" icon to add footage to your video. Upload the photos and video clips you gathered by clicking the Add Local Media; or search for stock media related to your book in FlexClip's media library.

Add Footage to Your Book Trailer

Image Board: Add Footage to Your Book Trailer

Step 4 Customize Your Book Trailer - Add Text or Music, Record Voice-over

FlexClip features many editing functions allowing to customize your video in many ways, such as add text, background music, record voice-over, and more.

Customize Your Book Trailer

Image Board: Customize Your Book Trailer

Step 5 Preview and Save Your Book Trailer

Once your book trailer is ready, you can click the Preview button on the top right to review it. If you're satisfied, just click Export Video to save your video. If not, you can continuing editing.

Preview and Save Your Book Trailer

Image Board: Preview and Save Your Book Trailer

Final Words

Now there you have it! Inspired? Ready to make your book trailer? Go to FlexClip to create your book trailer right now! Happy video making with FlexClip video maker!

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