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5 Free Book Trailer Creators to Make Book Trailers Online

Last Updated: Jun. 22, 2021
This post is also available in:Chinese(Traditional)

For book lovers, creating book trailers is the best way to share their favorite book with others; for authors, a book trailer is a great promotional tool to advertise their books successfully.

Have you ever felt the urge to share your sweet pleasure with others after reading a really great book? Or you're a book author who faces a major challenge: how do you transfer your story to the public audience effectively? Just create a book trailer video!

Free Book Trailer Templates:

Book Trailer
Book Trailer
Use This Template
Romantic Book Trailer
Romantic Book Trailer
Use This Template

This blog shares the top 5 online book trailer creators for making a trailer for your nook with great ease.

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Top 5 Best Online Book Trailer Makers

Ready to get started? Let's check out the top 5 best online book trailer makers below:

1. FlexClip Book Trailer Maker

Making a book trailer has never been easier with FlexClip Book Trailer Maker. It comes with rich and powerful functions and beautiful templates can help you customize your own book trailer with photo, video clips, music, text, and special effects online for free. What's more, FlexClip's book trailer maker is extremely easy to use; everyone can create a stunning book trailer in minutes with great ease, even a novice.

Online Book Trailer Maker - FlexClip

Image Board: Online Book Trailer Maker - FlexClip

What We Like:
  • Pretty easy and free to use
    No watermark
    Millions of royalty-free media resources
    Loads of ready-made video templates
    HD resolution support
    Edit a video in mins
  • 2. Animaker

    Animaker also offers an online book trailer maker to help you create an engaging trailer for your book. There are simple editing tools and video templates you can use to make a book trailer. As its name suggests, Animaker is also equipped with animated figures, which you can use to make your trailer video more appealing as the way you wish.

    Online Book Trailer Maker - Animaker

    Image Board: Online Book Trailer Maker - Animaker

    3. Biteable

    Biteable's online book trailer maker is also a great choice for you to create a book trailer in minutes. It is easy to use, giving you all the tools you need to make a book trailer in minutes. Even if you're just a beginner, with this online book trailer maker, you’ll be creating high-impact video trailers for your book in just minutes!

    Online Book Trailer Maker - Biteable

    Image Board: Online Book Trailer Maker - Biteable

    4. Animoto

    Animoto is also a popular online tool that allows you to easily combine video clips, images, text, and music into a stunning book trailer video. We recommend it for its easiness to use and rich video editing features. Anyone, experienced or inexperienced, can turn their photos and video clips into a professional-looking book trailer in a few clicks.

    Online Book Trailer Maker - Animoto

    Image Board: Online Book Trailer Maker - Animoto

    5. Veed

    With VEED online book trailer maker, you can create a trailer for your book in minutes. Simply combine images, video clips, music and text, to create an awesome and interactive book trailer that reaches a wider audience. Without the need to download any software, you can use VEED to make a book trailer online easily.

    Online Book Trailer Maker - Veed

    Image Board: Online Book Trailer Maker - Veed

    How to Make a Book Trailer

    Before getting started, please get all materials organized, like video clips, photos, background music on your computer, then click the Create a Trailer button below. Or you can view our stunning video templates for inspiration and pick one to customize.

    Step 1
    Add Footage to Your Book Trailer Video

    Drag and drop all your photos and videos to the blank section and apply them to your storyboard. You can also click on the "+" button to add videos or photos to the storyboard directly. If necessary, use resources from stock media.

    Make a Book Trailer with FlexClip - Step 1

    Image Board: Make a Book Trailer with FlexClip - Step 1

    Step 2
    Highlight Your Book Trailer with Text and Music

    Switch to the Text and Music icon to add text and music to your book trailer. Enter the title or write a short description to highlight the main ideas and upload the music or pick one from FlexClip's media library to set the tone for your book trailer.

    Make a Book Trailer with FlexClip - Step 2

    Image Board: Make a Book Trailer with FlexClip - Step 2

    Step 3
    More Edits to Enhance Your Book Trailer

    FlexClip features many editing functions allowing you to customize your book trailer video in many ways, like adding transitions, filters, color grading, etc.

    Make a Book Trailer with FlexClip - Step 3

    Image Board: Make a Book Trailer with FlexClip - Step 3

    Final Words

    Now there you have it! Ready to make your book trailer? Pick one book trailer-making tool to create your book trailer right now! Happy book trailer video making.

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