Effective Promotional Video: 11 Brand Casestudy & Free Promo Templates

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Last Updated: 2021. 07. 29

Briefs: What are effective promotional videos of world-leading brands? Let's check how these famous brands design their compelling promo videos. Each case study comes with free professional templates for you to customize your own promotional video similarly.

Case Studies of Best Apple Promotional Videos:

No.1.Behind the Mac - Greatness

YouTube: Behind the Mac - Greatness.

Apple's official YouTube channel had released the slideshow video on Nov 10, 2020. The video joins the images of brilliant minds using Mac to create something great that influences the world. It's such a successful promotional video that wins 22,164,712 views and 48K likes in a month.

Case Study: Instead of telling Mac details & features, Apple professional video producers share that many influencers have chosen Mac as their choice. It's an objective sight proving the greatness of Mac. Learn to create a promo video.

Camera Promo Video

Believe in Yourself Promo

No.2.Introducing AirPods Max - Apple

YouTube: Introducing AirPods Max - Apple.

If you want to find a typical example for product video, Apple's new AirPods Max video can be your example. It gains 5,329,468 views along with 235k likes in just two weeks.

Case Study: In the beginning, the video uses a grand outerspace view of the earth(it sets a bigger vision & atmosphere for product video). It uses smooth transitions and enlarging methods to present every aspect of AirPods Max slowly. Learn how to add transitions to a video.

Laptop Promo Video

Shop Laptop Online

Case Studies of Best Coca Cola Promotional Videos:

No.3.Coca-Cola - Summer Promo

YouTube: Coca-Cola - Summer Promo.

Need awesome ideas for marketing video and campaign promotion? By winning 530,089 views, "Coca-Cola - Summer Promo" video presents you with a smart idea.

Case Study: The video doesn't explain Coca-Cola Summer Promo campaign straightforwardly. By cutting, rotating & merging videos, Coca-Cola's promo video shows how cool Coca-Cola's campaign looks, as well as how participators play & enjoy themselves in the campaign. This way, Coca-Cola video creators turn a boring video into an interesting, engaging campaign video.

Halloween Promo Video

New Year Promo Video

No.4.Christmas Feels Special with Loved Ones and Coca-Cola

YouTube: Christmas Feels Special with Loved Ones and Coca-Cola.

How to promote a product or service on holiday? Check Coca-Cola's Christmas promotional video. Though life has unexpected troubles, Coca-Cola's Santa Clause will save you and bring together families.

Case Study: The key to Coca-Cola's Christmas promotional video's success is bonding product with a love story and holiday's sweet end.

Christmas Promo Video

Santa Clause Promo

Case Studies of Best Starbucks Promotional Videos:

No.5.More Starbucks Stores to Welcome Customer - Here's What to Expect

YouTube: More Starbucks Stores to Welcome Customer - Here's What to Expect.

Consider making a company introduction video? Starbucks' "Here's What to Expect" promotional video is one of the best company videos. The video has successfully shared professionalism, warmth, trust and affection for both CV partners and coffee drinkers.

Case Study: The most important thing for a company video is to shape company's image and how your business/people can help people. Make use of video texts to emphasize key points in your business. Joyful background music is friendly to audiences.

Cat Coffee Promo Video

Tasty Coffee Promo

No.6.A New Way to Holiday - Starbucks Irish Cream Cold Brew

YouTube: A New Way to Holiday - Starbucks Irish Cream Cold Brew.

It's a wonderful promotional video for holiday. Unlike Coca-Cola composes a sweet family union story, Starbucks promo video presents its beverages as Xmas gifts in delightful background music. That's very creative!

Case Study: It's wise to share a product this way. When people watch the promo video and enjoy holiday joy, product placements in video are successful - Brand concept is implanted with holiday joy. Making such a promo video is easy: all you need to do is combine sweet holiday images/videos, add beautiful holiday music, and use transitions to make your promo video look natural.

Fresh Coffee Promo

Cold Beer Promo

Case Studies of Best Nike Promotional Videos:

No.7.True To Your Crew (E6) | SNKRS: The Story of Dunk | Nike

YouTube: True To Your Crew (E6) | SNKRS: The Story of Dunk | Nike.

It's a storytelling promo video for product promotion. The video not just shows the Nike shoe, it also shares the culture.

Case Study: Sharing what your product has is never enough. Audiences wish to see more things and possibilities when they consume your product. Nike promo video has captured the culture and spirit of people wearing Dunk shoes. The video manifests that SNKRS represents those culture, spirit and lifestyle.

No.8.Air Zoom Pegasus 37 | Behind The Design | Nike

YouTube: Air Zoom Pegasus 37 | Behind The Design | Nike.

Looking for video ideas of introducing a product from how it's designed & produced? This Nike promo video is a very creative example.

Case Study: The promo video shares endorsement for Nike Air shoes from a Sports star runner. It joins the footage of shoe design, and people get the chance to see the shoe materials. The highlight of this promo video: It successfully displays that Nike Air shoe is a product of time(an experienced, trusted product) & lab works.

Sports Wear Promo

Promote Sports Shoes

Case Studies of Best UNIQLO Promotional Videos:

No.9.UT まる子とコジコジ UNIQLO 2020 Fall/Winter

YouTube: UT まる子とコジコジ UNIQLO 2020 Fall/Winter.

UNIQLO is creative to make the co-branded "Chi-bi Maruko" promo video. No one can resist a cartoon promotional video.

Case Study: The promo video only joins some cute cartoon images and makes an incredible slideshow video. Two things matter most: right cartoon pictures and a piece of cheerful music. When selecting co-branded images, you'll want to use pictures in the same color scheme.

Black Friday's Cartoon Promo

Aerospace Cartoon Promo

Case Studies of Best Honeywell Promotional Videos:

No.10.The Future is What We Make It

YouTube: The Future is What We Make It.

Technology companies need a promotional video to show ambition, capability, professionalism and vision. Honeywell has made an excellent example.

Case Study: A promo video for a futurist company usually switches among different scenes at a fast pace. That's what Honeywell does. Also, try engaging music as the background audio, it helps add atmospheres to your futurist video.

Futurist Promo Video

5G World Promo

No.11.100+ Years of Innovation at Honeywell

YouTube: 100+ Years of Innovation at Honeywell.

Want to prepare a promo video for a VC investment fair? Honeywell's brief video is your best tutorial.

Case Study: It uses a timeline and displays what Honeywell has achieved at different time points. The voiceover and pacing-up music make Honeywell's introduction video more dimensional.

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