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Effective Promotional Video Tips and Ideas to Amaze Clients (for Newbies)

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Forewords: The best roundups for promotional video creation! Get to know the difficulties, good thinking and ideas. Use a free online video editor to make your effective promotional video right away!

In the world full of streaming contents, videos have become one of the most important media to grow businesses, compete with others, and win customers.

You surely don't want to lose the market share in video streaming. But the obstacle is - how can you achieve an impressive and viral promotional video, with limited budgets and devices?

Part 1: How to Make A Promotional Video That Effective & Engaging?

After studying the most successful promotional videos of Apple, SK-II, LV, and many more great brands, finally we find essential tricks to make an impressive promotional video.

There are prerequisites to accomplish a successful promotional video. And, you'll like to check and ensure that these items are all-inclusive:

      A flexible software to produce your promotional video.
  • Analyze & comply with customer requirements.
  • Figure out the best ways to shoot your promotional video.
  • Let audiences know how they can benefit from your product (by telling the difference between your product and other same products).

1)FlexClip – Free Merge Your Promotional Footages Effortlessly.

If you've ever searched for tutorials of how to make promotional videos online, the 2 prevalent guides can appear very familiar to you:

Type 1 - How to shoot cinematic footages with advanced & expensive video devices (i.e., stabilizer, lights, Pro cameras and lens)?

Type 2 - How to professionally edit footages in sophisticated video editing software?

However, the 2 approaches are impractical for beginners, which can take hours or days to roll out a promotional video.

Alternatively for beginners, free FlexClip video maker with a streamlined interface, turns out to be a much more cheerful choice. Navigation is way simple, and producing a promotional video is only clicks away:

FlexClip merges promotional video for free.

Image board: FlexClip merges promotional video for free.

2)Analyze & Comply with Customer Requirements.

It won't help a little to sell your products, if you only list a bunch of product features in the video. On the other side, too much helpless information can even push customers away.

With that said, you'd better guarantee your video is helpful and appealing to clients. Markets and demands play a key role.

It will be worthwhile to research customer requirements, to find out customer difficulties, and to know what features you can sell to them. Including these points in your video, you will be creating user-friendly video contents.

3)Figure out The Best Way to Shoot Your Promotional Video.

Know customer requirements, and find out how your product can help customers solve their problems easily. Next, you will want to grasp the best skills to film your promotional video.

Without doubts, cinematic footages add more trust and a sense of elegance. The filming tricks will help you explain your product better:

4)Let Audiences Know How They Can Benefit from Your Product.

In your promotional video explanation, tell the difference between your products and other similar products - Explain how your different service will benefit users, as a better solution to their problems.

Let viewers judge the situation themselves and decide whether to buy your product.

Part 2: Promotional Video Ideas

With things prepared (a free video maker + demands + promotional film clips + service benefits), this part we are going over fabulous promotional ideas to bring a captivating promotional video. You'll know how to present the product, as well as, how to find a proper background music.

Related Tips: Find free royalty-free background music.

For the record, there is no universal promotional video idea that works for all products. In real life, different products apply to different ideas.

1)Video Ideas for Cosmetics & Beauty Stuff.

For products of cosmetics and beauty stuff, what customers care more are the effect and the quality (pricing is not No.1 consideration). Featuring such a product, a high quality promotional video will focus on convincing customers of the benefits, by showing the desired details (i.e., repaired hair, or refreshed skin).

Promotional video ideas for cosmetics and beauty.

Image board: Promotional video ideas for cosmetics and beauty.

When shooting a promotional video for cosmetics & beauty, you can switch among different filming styles – b-roll center framing product, a-roll shooting a satisfied model, and a-roll close-up shot revealing details where she / he applied the product.

You can utilize tricks of multiple angles shooting, or floating through a scene. For backstage, you'd better go with warm colors. Remember never make the scene messy.

Choose some sunny or joyful music as background music. Rock music or Rap will be improper for cosmetics video.

2)Video Ideas for Vlogs.

For Vlog sharing dishes and interesting places, you can also include promotional information of the affiliate programs that you join.

For dishes shooting ideas, you may refer to the article "Engaging Food Video Tips".

When Vlogging for interesting places, try switching between b-roll shooting and a-roll shooting. Also, you can share your review insights.

Vlog promotional videos must avoid fake advertisements and only tell pros honestly. Or, you'll lose the trust of audiences. When viewers find out fake reviews, they just leave and never come back, which can be a tragedy for your platform.

3)Video Ideas for Clothing Business.

If the target users of your clothing business are the masses, then your promotional video should focus on sharing satisfation, comfort and delight. And a kind neighborhood would be your perfect shooting scene.

Promotional video ideas for clothing.

Image board: Promotional video ideas for clothing.

About this, H&M promotional videos in YouTube set good examples.

4) Video Ideas for Technology.

In regard to edging Technology, Apple promotional videos are notable instances to learn. Slide to a Technology device, rotate it slowly, show every side and every edge. Give key features a close-up shot.

It's okay to apply either voiceover or light music as the background sound.

5)Video Ideas for Luxury Goods.

Noble spirits, fabulous designs, and excelling at details, these 3 elements are the essence of luxury goods. Make sure you are not missing any of them in your luxury promotional video.

As backstage, you may go light brown, white, or gold.

Form your frame neatly, place all elements in order, and have everything organized…That way, your customers can fully enjoy the video. – Keep in mind, luxury-goods consumers pursuit grace and high performance.

Blues or piano will be perfect background music for luxury promotional video. However, don't use voiceovers unless it's a celebrity review.

6)Video Ideas for Food.

Whether it's made for sweets or coffee, close-up shots always pull viewers closer to your food scene. Likewise, try capturing the steam horizontally, when you compose the frame of hot edible things, such as, coffee, hot chocolate, or others.

Promotional video ideas for food.

Image board: Promotional video ideas for food.

Vibe for food promotional video is cheerful, sweet or sunny.

Pop or joyful music would be better background music.

Choose some sunny or joyful music as background music. Rock music or Rap will be improper for cosmetics video.

At Last

We write the article to cover all aspects of making an effective promotional video, hoping it can save your precious time to work out the best video for promotion. The tool that we mentioned earlier – free allows you to do groups of things easily and download your promotional video fast.

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