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Cyber Monday Ads Creation and Tips to Boost Sales

Cyber Monday 2019 will fall on December 2, only two days after the Black Friday, three days after Thanksgiving. The brick-and-mortar owners have won a large fortune with the help of Black Friday ads. As an online shop owner, have you created eye-catching Cyber Monday ads for your products that can help you boost sales?

If no, we summarized some of the best Cyber Monday ad tips to inspire you in the following article, followed by easy steps to create a Cyber Monday ad. Check it out.

To make a video with high quality, it is better to add voice over to the video after shooting, because the sound quality on any camera is usually underwhelming. Even though you are just making a video without narration, adding music can make the video more interesting.

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Part 1. Cyber Monday Ads Tips

We will list the best 6 Cyber Monday ads since 2005. The reasons for recommendation are as follows.

Chubbies - Shorts

Chubbies always makes their advertisements fun and interesting. Think of what a bunch of chubbies would do in shorts. Have a swimming pool party, of course.

What we can learn from this video is that you can tell an interesting story while showing your product. The best advertisements should make viewers know your audiences while laughing.

Depict video: Chubbies Cyber Monday Ad

World Rugby Shop

At the first sight of this ad, you might think it as a horror video clip and become more eager to watch it till the end. The background music also matches perfectly with the scenes, telling users that something big is to happen.

This video quickly attracts people’s attention and arises people’s anxious emotions to buy things as soon as possible. This style is usually seen in advertisements for sports equipment, shopping mall.

Depict video: World Rugby Shop Cyber Monday Ad


Walmart’s Cyber Monday videos never fail anyone. In an office, a man is busy replying to e-mails while a woman is busy buying things from Walmart. That is a big difference for women and men on this day. It also emphasizes on detailed discount.

Be direct, no customers will like buying things without knowing the discount.

Depict video: Cartoon Cyber Monday Ad

Old Navy

Many audiences say this advertisement is annoying and how badly the actress sing, but this advertisement wins over 1 million views on YouTube. Bad comments also mean viewers’ attention.

Sing or dance a little bit. It might brain-wash your potential audiences.

Depict video: Old Navy Monday Ad

The Deal Guy

The deal guy is an online celebrity who recommends people the best deals. Don’t despise! This kind of video may bring you tremendous benefits. Try to contact some of the online celebrities to make this kind of video for your products. However, it is improper that you put or subscribe this kind of video to your website, please keep in mind about that.

Depict video: The Deal Guy Monday Ad

Part 2. How to Make a Cyber Monday Video During Lunch Break

Time awaits nobody. The Cyber Monday is just around the corner. To make a good video during lunch break, software like Premiere Pro is no longer your best option. We recommend you FlexClip. The reasons for recommendation are as follows.

> FlexClip offers you a great variety of existing business promotions to edit. You can make a video in a few seconds.

> FlexClip is equipped with a media library with free music, photos, video clips to level up your video, saving you lots of work to find materials.

> FlexClip is quite easy-to-operate. Any edit can be done in a few clicks.

Depict video: Cyber Monday Ad Template - Made with FlexClip

The Bottom Line

With above 6 best ideas, you can now made a Cyber Monday ad with FlexClip easily. Use FlexClip now and seize the change of boost sales.

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