Cyber Monday Ads Creation and Tips to Boost Sales

Last Updated: 2021. 07. 19

Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the US. It was created by online retailers to encourage people to shop online on 2005. After 14 years of development, 2019 Cyber Monday sales hit 9.4 billion dollars. This year, Cyber Monday falls on 30 November. Because of the Covid-19, more people intend to doing shopping online. We are expecting a new high on Cyber Monday sales!

As a business owner, you also need be prepared for the shopping spree. Even though there is only one month left, it is not too late. Check the following Cyber Monday marketing tips to boost your business.

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Cyber Monday Marketing Tips

Cyber Monday is all online, so all these tips are for websites and online shops.

Tip 1. Get Your Websites Ready for Traffic

On Cyber Monday, your websites will win traffics that are exceptional high. Check your server, test your website speed, uptime, and mobile compatibility so that all users can get the best shopping experience.

Tip 2. Cyber Monday Ads

A good Cyber Monday ads generate huge revenues. There are lots of successful cases you can follow. Watch these for inspirations.

Chubbies - Shorts

Chubbies always makes their advertisements fun and interesting. Think of what a bunch of chubbies would do in shorts. Have a swimming pool party, of course.

What we can learn from this video is that you can tell an interesting story while showing your product. The best advertisements should make viewers know your audiences while laughing.

Depict video: Chubbies Cyber Monday Ad

World Rugby Shop

At the first sight of this ad, you might think it as a horror video clip and become more eager to watch it till the end. The background music also matches perfectly with the scenes, telling users that something big is to happen.

This video quickly attracts people’s attention and arises people’s anxious emotions to buy things as soon as possible. This style is usually seen in advertisements for sports equipment, shopping mall.

Depict video: World Rugby Shop Cyber Monday Ad


Walmart’s Cyber Monday videos never fail anyone. In an office, a man is busy replying to e-mails while a woman is busy buying things from Walmart. That is a big difference for women and men on this day. It also emphasizes on detailed discount.

Be direct, no customers will like buying things without knowing the discount.

Depict video: Cartoon Cyber Monday Ad

Old Navy

Many audiences say this advertisement is annoying and how badly the actress sing, but this advertisement wins over 1 million views on YouTube. Bad comments also mean viewers’ attention.

Sing or dance a little bit. It might brain-wash your potential audiences.

Depict video: Old Navy Monday Ad

The Deal Guy

The deal guy is an online celebrity who recommends people the best deals. Don’t despise! This kind of video may bring you tremendous benefits. Try to contact some of the online celebrities to make this kind of video for your products. However, it is improper that you put or subscribe this kind of video to your website, please keep in mind about that.

Depict video: The Deal Guy Monday Ad

Still no clues? Watch FlexClip’s video templates to get more ideas and start to create an excellent Cyber Monday ad.

Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Shopping

Tip 3. Fair Discount or Bundle Other Products

Fair discount is what attract customers most. You sell, customers save. Bound a hot product with other ones is also an excellent idea. This doesn’t work for all business owners. Some retailers even lose money. Hire an accountant and figure out the best selling strategy.

Tip 4. Offer Exclusive Products

This works for some big brands who can independently develop and launch products. Provide something that’s exclusive for Cyber Monday. That would help you sell fast. Special packaging is also something that people would bragging about.

Tip 5. Remember the Internet Celebrity

Invite some Internet celebrity to create videos that showcase your products. Please be aware that some Internet celebrities don’t sell. Find out these Internet celebrities that help you sell fast!

The Bottom Line

With above top 5 Cyber Monday tips, you will win a great fortune. If you find this post helpful, please do share it with others.

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