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How To Clip A YouTube Video & Edit YouTube Video Freely?

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Briefs: Hope to cut a YouTube video and save the best parts of YouTube? We've shared you an easy, free way to clip YouTube online. Also, you'll find some other YouTube clippers in the appended list, and you can try them if you wish. If you want to make a cooler video with YouTube clips, then a resourceful video editor will lend you a hand to edit YouTube video freely.

There are millions of classic TVs and movies in YouTube. By clipping a YouTube, you can create a different compilation video or a fun video meme. For those have creative ideas and want to make some edits of YouTube videos, you can also find at least one satisfactory solution.

Part 1 - How to Clip a Youtube Video Easily? [Free & Online]

Step 1 Grab a YouTube cutter to extract a YouTube video and make a clip. Here, we'll use one of the best YouTube cutters online -, open it in a browser and copy and paste a YouTube video URL to clip.

Step 2 Define which part of the YouTube video that you want to download, and choose start time and end time of the YouTube.

How to clip a YouTube video online for free?

Image: How to clip a YouTube video online for free?

Step 3 Preview and download your YouTube clip to MP4 video. (Right-click and save the video to your computer for free.)

Part 2 - List of Some YouTube Clippers & Downloaders

If you prefer trying some other YouTube clippers or downloaders to get video clips from YouTube, then the online tools introduced in the following list of YouTube clippers & downloaders may suffice you:


Part 3 - How to Edit Your YouTube Video or YouTube Clip?

Although several YouTube clippers has equipped some editing gadgets, but they offer very basic support for video editing that you can do very limited edits with your clips (Such as, adding font-lacking & style-lacking video texts). If you want to create something amazing with YouTube clips, you got to try FlexClip video editor -

Just within steps, you can turn your downloaded YouTube clips to a customized video to your liking:

Step 1 Start a new video creation project: On FlexClip homepage, hit [Make a Free Video] and [+ Start From Scratch].

Step 2 Upload your downloaded YouTube clips: Go [+Storyboard] > [Add Local Media], and select YouTube download clips that you want to create something different from.

Edit & trim a YouTube video online for free.

Image: Edit & trim a YouTube video online for free.

Step 3 Edit YouTube clips freely: You can do anything you want for your video that include, but not limited to the following edits:

  • You can go [T] label to find a video text style to insert some texts/scripts (i.e., funny scripts, or what else you want to highlight, etc.).
  • In the elements label (after [T] label), there are millions of graphics & icons, (for instance, like button, arrow button, and heart button) that you can searched through & use. These elements can help enhance your expression.
  • The third slot - music label will allow you to upload your own audio file, or search a right background sound/music for your video project from its massive sound & music stock.
  • The last cog label enables you to change video ratio from herizontal to vertical. Also, you will find the place to upload a channel logo or other watermark for video.
  • You can also try other footage(like fun pictures, videos that you shot) and insert it in your video creation.
  • For video clip editing, you can change the play speed of a single clip from 0.5x - 3x.

Step 3 Preview & download video: Preview your editing YouTube video and download it to 480P, 720P or 1080P video.

Part 4 - Awesome Ideas for Clipping & Editing an Engaging YouTube Video

Whether you are a YouTuber or a YouTube watcher who wants to share interesting YouTube clips, below clipping & editing tricks will enlight you:

  • Find classic scenes to clip, such as, Leonardo Dicaprio toast, or classic moments in Friends.
  • Try clipping exaggerating expressions.
  • Capture horrible moments in TVs, games, or movies.
  • Funny times or together happy moments are ideal video scenes to clip.
  • It often pays off when you clip eye-catching moments.
  • For a how-to video, clipping essential steps can save viewers' time.
  • Add necessary video texts for YouTube clips, such as, "Step 1/2/3....", titles, vocabulary words, etc.
  • You can also mute a YouTube clip. And add funny texts to convey something different, weird, or funny.
  • Sometimes, varying speed of a clip can render a different feeling. You can try speeding up or slowing down a YouTube clip.

Part 4 - Close Up

Though clipping YouTube video is easy and has enormous advantages, you'll want to check YouTube copyright before taking action. Copyright is primary. Hope you've clipped a YouTube as you wish!

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