Make Your Most Engaging Cartoon Video [Case study, How-to & Tools]

Last Updated: 2021. 05. 12

Forewords: For those hope to make a cartoon video, we've collected the ways and tools. You can either make a cartoon video with your own lifestyle video, or make use of some tools to create a cartoon from zero. Check tips below!

Cartoon videos are No.1 hottest videos. Children, adults, seniors, and even kittens & puppies all love watching a cartoon and laying on a couch.

As long as you come up with a cute, simple story, you are close to finishing a moving cartoon video! Don't believe it? Let's try tricks below and make your very first cartoon video!

Part 1 - Study: What Makes A Cartoon Video Unforgettable?

In order to make an engaging cartoon video, first thing first, we need to find out the wisdom behind those viral cartoons - what makes a cartoon video impressive & hot?

The answer is the cartoon story!

Cartoon video without a good story, is the same as a human without soul! Telling a meaningful story through your cartoon is the most important thing.

People love cute, adorable images. However, what really touches people is simple but meaningful storytelling throughout the cartoon video.

Minions Cartoon is a good cartoon story that empathizes with audiences:

At sight of Minions poster, people are attracted to the cinema by those adorable images.

But after watching the movie, people remember names of Stuart, Kevin, Bob, and villain Scarlet and their true-life stories…

Good cartoon video - Minions

Image board: Good cartoon video - Minions.

Stories are abstracted from real life which people can't agree with more:

  • - Evil people(Scarlet) may not bear to be a villain, and sometimes they show conscientious.
  • - When bad people do bad things, he may not end up well.
  • - Even if happy people(Minions) are not very smart, they will enjoy life and live well.

Such a story is educational & friendly for children and all other humans.

Minions cartoon video shows us a good attitude & lifestyle - Relieve the burdens, forget the cannot-be-done things, and live for today.

Having factors above, Minions becomes a huge success.

Now that you've known story is significant, and you can feed your audiences with a good story! Think for a story that is righteous, fearless, and inspiring. Next part, we focus on how to create a cartoon video.

Part 2 - How to Make Your Own Engaging Cartoon Video?

When story is finishing, you need to add it into cartoon video.

#2.1 How to Make a Cartoon Video with Standard Pictures?

FirstCartoon your pictures.

By testing several cartooning tools, we find Cartoonphoto - - very useful to convert a standard photo to a cartoon picture.

SecondJoin cartoon pictures to a cartoon video.

Take 3 seconds to register a free account of Flexclip video editor. In FlexClip, it's effortless to upload your cartoon pictures and download them as a video. Besides, you can insert dialogs via [Text].

Add cartoon pictures, and make cartoon video

Image board: Add cartoon pictures, and make cartoon video in FlexClip.

ThirdOutput your cartoon video.

FlexClip allows you to output a video in square, in widescreen, or for smartphone(vertically). Other than this, you have 1080P, 720P and 480P as options for cartoon video download.

#2.2 How to Convert a Normal Video into a Fun Cartoon Video?

If you've shot a selfie video or made Vlog, it's worthy to try converting a video to a cartoon. It'll be fun and fresh!

CartoonizeVideo is the software that can help you convert it in the fewest steps -

While if you prefer cartooning a video for free, then you must go phases:

  • a.Convert video to photo frames in JPG or PNG. (Choose the default export of video in Blender video editing, the download will all be photo frames.)
  • b.Cartoon JPGs and PNGs. (Refer to steps in #2.1.)
  • c.Join Cartoon pictures to a cartoon video. (Refer to steps in #2.1.)
  • d.Find good background music and output it.

Part 3 - Three Fancy Cartoon Video Tools

For most people, it's easier to cartoon ready-made pictures or videos (as we show in part 2). This way, we can fully express ourselves in most cases.

However sometimes, we hope to study deeper and create a cartoon from zero. Then, cartoon video tools are required!

Below, we list 3 renowned cartoon video makers for your references and trials:

Animaker Cartoon Video Generator (Entry-Level)


Animaker cartoon video maker

Image board: Animaker cartoon video maker.

Animaker is a cool cartoon maker online, with plenty of cartoon templates and characters. You can basically drag and drop any cartoon objects from its library onto your canvas, and each cartoon object has been programmed with a bunch of animation presets.

Using its pin and timeline operator, you can create a moving cartoon effect in a minute.

Animiz Cartoon Video Maker (Entry-Level)


Animiz cartoon video maker

Image board: Animiz cartoon video maker.

Animiz is a desktop cartoon video creator with a variety of visual elements. You can add any images and make them animated. Animiz uses timeline to set animations and control displays.

Blender 3D Cartoon Video Creator (Free, Professional-Level)

URL: Blender Downloads

Blender is without questions the most professional 3D cartoon video creator. And best of best, it's free!

Making a cartoon video with Blender is a little tricky, as you are required to compose everything from scratch. Though Blender navigation is complex, it helps render professional cartoon films in theater.

Part 4 - In The End

For starters, it's more convenient to make cartoon videos with cartoon pictures (referring to Part 2). It's the way we recommend for most users.

Part 3 is attached with steep learning curves, therefore, making a cartoon from scratch is not easy. If you decide to go this path, well prepare for the difficulties. If you get stuck, turn to and you will get other surprises.

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