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Top 7 Christmas Adverts of all Time That Give You Endless Inspirations

Last Updated: Jun. 24, 2021

Every year, the rush of Christmas-themed commercials is one of the earliest signs that the holiday season has arrived. Each brand and retailer uses the last month of the year to put out their best work to help us get into the holiday spirit, and, of course, convince us to buy their products with some Christmas adverts.

It's that time of the year where you should focus on holiday promotions now.

Here in this blog, we make a list of top 7 best Christmas ads for your inspiration to make your own one, and also share some practical tips on how to make the perfect Xmas adverts. On a Budget? Don't worry! We provide you with the most economical way to create the best Christmas ads as well.

Christmas Video Ad Templates

Christmas Ad Template 1

Christmas Ad Template 2

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Part 1 Top 7 Christmas Ads of All Time

Here, we've listed our favorite Christmas adverts to help you get endless inspirations to make your own Xmas ad! Whether heartwarming and serious, or humorous and sad, here are some of the best Christmas commercials of all time. Let's walk through them one by one:

John Lewis 2018 Christmas Advert - The Boy and The Piano

When it comes to Christmas adverts, we must mention the John Lewis who have mastered the art of Christmas ad. John Lewis's Christmas adverts have got millions of views on YouTube.

"The Boy and The Piano" tells a story about the power of a gift. And you can see how that gift inspired, changed and influenced the course of a little boy's life because some gifts are more than just a gift.

Depict video: John Lewis 2018 Christmas Advert - The Boy and The Piano

Sainsbury's Christmas Advert - 1914

Sainsbury's Christmas advert, 1914, is a dangerous and disrespectful masterpiece. This ad depicts the events of Christmas Eve during World War I: British and German soldiers met a brief Christmas celebration when they fought on either side of the trenches.

It's a remarkably well-done advert that teaches people a little about the history and inspires them to think more about sharing while also being an ad for chocolate bars.

Depict video:Sainsbury's Christmas Advert - 1914

M&M's Christmas Advert - Meeting Santa

Such a great and unique Christmas advert. Meeting Santa is a continuation of the classic '90s ad, and it is such a good way to carry on the commercial: perfect how they took off right where they left off.

Depict video:M&M's Christmas Advert - Meeting Santa

Apple's Christmas Advert - Frankie's Holiday

Frankie's Holiday is one of the more memorable Apple adverts. In this ad, a Christmas-loving boy, Frankenstein, prepared a song on his iPhone 7 to show the local villages in the Christmas. With the theme "open your heart to everyone", Frankie's Holiday must be the wonderful shots.

Depict video: Apple's Christmas Advert - Frankie's Holiday

Edeka's Christmas Advert - Homecoming

Homecoming must be one of the most beautiful Christmas ads ever and can remind you that Christmas isn't about money or presents or getting drunk. It's all about being with the ones we love.

Edeka's Christmas Advert - Homecoming

Coca-Cola - Holidays Are Coming

This classic Christmad advert of Coca-Cola has been aroud for several years. Holidays Are Coming shows a little boy ringing a bell to signal that thr Coca-Cola Xmas trucks are making their way to town. Just get really into the Holiday spirit with Coca-Cola.

Depict video: Coca-Cola - Holidays Are Coming

Hershey's Kisses - Christmas Bells

The commercial has aired each Christmas period since 1989, making it the longest running Hershey commercial ever. And there are someone even said that "Not Christmas until I hear this commercial!!"

Depict video:Hershey's Kisses - Christmas Bells

Part 2 On a Budget? - How to Make Your Own Christmas Ad?

On a budget to make a Christmas ad? Just try FlexClip to create a Xmas ad for your brand in minutes. With the easy-to-use tools and professional templates, you can make your own best Christmas adverts just with a little fortune or even totally free.

Free Online Christmas Ad Templates

Christmas Ad Template 1

Christmas Ad Template 2

FlexClip Online Christmas Ad Maker

  • Free resources: FlexClip's video ad maker provides you with various free resources to furnish your Christmas ads videos, including free text animations, video clips, images, music, and video transition effects.
  • Easy-to-use: With the simple-to-operate interface, FlexClip video maker allows everyone to make the best Christmas commercial in a few minutes, even a novice can do it with great ease.
  • Powerful functions: Flexclip video maker helps you effortlessly split and trim your video, and easily customize your Christmas ad video with text and logo, music and sound effects, and more.
  • FlexClip Video Maker Overview

    Image Board: FlexClip Video Maker Overview

Check our post on How to Make a Merry Christmas Video for more details about making a video with FlexClip video maker!

Part 3 Practical Tips on How To Make Best Christmas Ads

Here, we show you some practical tips on how to make the best Christmas ads below. Check them out!

1. Make Your Christmas Ad Emotional

Emotions matter in all advertising, so does it in a Christmas advert. When you make your own Christmas commercial, you need to think less about the creative appeal and more about emotional appeal.

During the Christmas period, people are always shopping with their hearts rather than their heads. So having strong emotional appeal is even more critical in a Christmas ad.

2. Pick the Right Emotion for Your Christmas Ad

Now, you've known you need to make your Xmas ad emotional. But which emotions should you pick for your Christmas ad? Here we show you a chart below, and you can see that the emotions that are more likely to resonate during the Christmas period.

Pick the Right Emotion for Your Christmas Ad

Image Board: Pick the Right Emotion for Your Christmas Ad (

As you can see, compared with UK advertising norms, the average Xmas adverts are much more likely to make people feel warm, happy, nostalgic, and sad.

3. Capture the Voice and Identity of the Brand

The best ads always communicate the spirit of the brand, including the voice and identity, in order to appeal to the viewers that the commpany want to reach.

4. End with a Call to Action

Christmas is a great peroid for you to build trust and brand awareness, so you need to make your Xmas ad end with a call-to-action. But notice that avoid doing that too deliberate, a simple wish of show the viewer a "merry Christmas from X brand" is always a good try.

5. Don't Release it too Early

Why we side that do not release your Christmas ad too early? Here we share a case for you:

In 2013, Kmart released their first Christmas commercials in early September, before some children had even returned to school after the summer break, and most families were still in the thick of back to school shopping. So they received some grief: "It's too early for Christmas, so just to be clear, this is not a Christmas commercial".

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