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Video Mergers Tricks: How To Merge Videos To One? [3 Free Ways]

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Briefs: Here're video merging tutorials & tricks. Whether you're a fresh learner or an experienced video producer, you'll find very useful video merging tools & tips for your needs, and get a delightful video merging result.

Merging video is a very basic yet professional video editing trick. Between average videos and professional videos/movies, the major differences lie in video merging and editing. For instance, how to merge (or mix) videos in A-roll and B-roll, how to arrange your visual story, etc. will determine your video's overall visual experience.

To achieve a better video, you'll need a video merger right for you and several video merging tricks only. You can find them here. This article helps different skilled people find their easy video merger and get a happy result.

How to Merge Video Files Free Online? [100% Workable Solution]

If you want a stunning video merging result without design skills, FlexClip's online video merger is worth your try. FlexClip video merger is a handy yet powerful tool to combine various video files (from MP4, MOV, M4V, WebM, etc.) to one at one go. FlexClip video merger offers cool video merging methods for you, such as, add stylish/natural transitions, search for intros/outros/music to use, or change footage play speed...

How to merge videos in FlexClip video merger?

Step 1 Go to FlexClip video merger -, drag and drop video files to merge. FlexClip allows you to upload pictures to videos, as well.

FlexClip video merger online.

Image: FlexClip video merger online.

Step 2 Edit your merged videos by changing their order, adjusting speed, adding transition, and editing more (such as, video effects, filters, texts). You can also use FlexClip to merge video with audio: Just mute original video, upload another audio and adjust audio starting point to merge.

Edit video during merging.

Image: Edit video during merging.

Step 3 You can preview your merged video before downloading it. A hit of [Download] will merge the videos and audio.

How to Merge Videos in Windows 10?

Only for Windows 10 or above Windows edition, there is a system app called "Photos Video Editor" that allows users to merge multiple video files into one for free.

How to merge videos in Windows 10?

Step 1 Go Windows startup and search "Video editor", then the app will load up.

Step 2 Find "Video Projects" tab, and click the blue button [New video project].

Step 3 Prepare videos to merge in project. Find [+ Add] under "Project library" and choose [From this PC], or drag and drop your videos to combine.

Step 4 Select videos loaded in step 3 and click [Place in the storyboard].

Step 5 Move video to change their order, edit video by adding motion or effect.

Step 6 Hit [Finish video] to download your combined video.

How to Merge Videos in VLC?

VLC player is a free, open-source video player & merger available for Windows, Linux and Mac. VLC player can merge video files into one, but a quick heads-up: It might be buggy.

Troubles of using VLC to merge videos.

Image: Troubles of using VLC to merge videos.

How to merge videos in VLC?

How to merge videos via VLC media player.

Image: How to merge videos via VLC media player.

Step 1 Download VLC player for your OS. Open VLC and prepare your videos to merge in a folder.

Step 2 Prepare videos to merge by unifying video parameters: Go [Media] > [Open Multiple Files...] > [+Add] > select video files > pull down button [Play] and choose [Convert] > Profile uses MP4 > [Start]. (Sometimes, converted videos won't get played. - VLC bug.)

Step 3 Change video folder address to "cmd" and enter.

Step 4 In command lines, paste: vlc_location video1.mp4 video2.mp4 --sout "#gather:std{access=file,dst=final_file_name.mp4}" --sout-keep (Sometimes, bugs happen, and your merged video can't be played.)

Change the parameters of "vlc_location", "video1.mp4" and "video2.mp4" to your VLC property address and the names of videos to merge.

Fix Solutions:

Video Merging Tricks That'll Make Your Video Professional

Whether it's a movie or some boring video, they are made from camera/smartphone shots. Before introducing professional video merging tricks, we'd like to emphasize the importance of break in - the foundation for all professional video edits & merging.

Visual fatigue is the final reason that makes a video normal or boring. And break-in cuts/merging can bring in something new, fresh, or even amazing.

  • Crop in/Zoom in footage (a lot): This way, audiences feel your shots are from different cameras.
  • Split & rotate your footage: After splitting one footage, rotating it adds a different feeling.
  • Use cutting & merging tricks to make your video story whole.
  • Use a little color grading, video filter, etc. They'll make your video feel more natural.
  • Change footage speed: Speed up footage makes the feeling of time flying. Fast forward less important but needed video contents.
  • Make use of transition to correct less professional shots. When one footage feels distracted, adding transition at that moment will make it less obvious.

At Last

Merging video can be handy and tricky - it all depends on the tool you choose.

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