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How to Merge The Most Common Video Files Free Online? - Ultimate Trouble-free Solution

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Last Updated: Apr. 14, 2020

Forewords: This ultimate trouble-free solution walks you through merging any videos and pictures online, and make a wonderful MP4 video content like a professor. No skills are required!

Have several great video clips? Why not merge them into one? You could have created something marvelous!

If you are worried about your editing skills, don't be! Check the ultimate trouble-free solution that helps you merge common video files into an MP4.

First of All, Grab A Simple Free Video Merger!

In most cases, people just have a desire to merge videos, and sometimes add pictures to a video. happens to be the free online video merger that allows both, supports working with the most common videos in a format of MP4, M4V, MOV and WEBM, and gets you an MP4 video production of SD, HD or Full-HD within 8 mins!

FlexClip merges videos easily.

Image board: FlexClip merges videos easily.

If you are still confused, such as, you just know your video devices and care less about video formats before, then Q & A below will help you out:

Q1: What if videos are shot with iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Huawei or another smartphone device, can I use FlexClip to merge them?

A1: Yes. These devices default to shoot in MP4, and FlexClip has no trouble to merge MP4 videos.

Q2: How about camera videos (4K camera videos), PS4 capturing videos, Xbox playback videos, Go Pro videos, DJ drone videos, or even downloaded videos?

A2: FlexClip is capable of uploading and merging these video files into an MP4 video, since camera videos can be stored in MOV, MP4 and M4V; PS4 supports MP4 files; Xbox playback videos tolerate MP4, M4V and MOV formats; Go Pro uses MP4; DJ drones record MP4 and MOV videos; the mainstream downloaded videos are with MP4 formats.

Q3: Is it possible to merge pictures to MP4 video content as well? What photo formats does FlexClip support?

A3: Absolutely. It supports picture formats in PNG, JPG, WEBP, ICO, GIF, BMP and SVG.

Q4: Can I merge SD videos to a HD video? Or merge 720P videos to 1080P?

A4: There is no restriction on it and you can do the same on almost any video merger. One thing you need to know is such a process won't really increase video quality because graphics information is lost.

How to Merge Videos and Pictures to MP4 Easily, like A Pro?

From our experiences and information above, it's easy to infer that MP4 video contents have dominated the world. Since MP4 contents are compatible with nearly all digital devices, it's wise to merge videos to MP4 and make your video playable across the world.

1.Write the topic for your video. Think twice on what kind of video you would like to make?

2.Open FlexClip in Chrome or FlexClip Windows application, and create a video project.

3.Upload videos and pictures as short-time storyboards.

Upload videos and pictures as storyboards.

Image board: Upload videos and pictures as storyboards.

When necessary, use FlexClip scissor icon to cut your videos into smaller storyboards. Do ensure each storyboard is a short individual moving story, not two or more stories. Cut out parts of not-that-beautiful and not-that-important.

Leave only must-have/the-most-impressive clips. This strategy will take your video to the next level.

4.Re-arrange the orders / sequences of video clips and pictures.

Re-arrange storyboards.

Image board: Re-arrange storyboards.

About how to decide the sequences of video clips and pictures, some ideas may enlighten you:

*Adjust video clips based on timeline sequences (forward or backward). This way suits for biography videos, history videos, child growing-up videos, "About Company" videos, etc.

*Give each storyboard a descriptive word / tag name (i.e., happy, tears, 2019, etc.), and sort the same tag videos & pictures together (that is to say, move happy clips together, laugh videos together, cry moments together, etc. ).

5.Add some transitions and a piece of background music. If you like to record something with a microphone, it's OK.

Be aware: Don't add too many transitions – transitions should work as a refresh or a heads-up, given that people have a short attention span. Also, don't make your transition way attractive, comparing with your real contents.

6.Preview it, and export the video to an MP4 video production. FlexClip allows you to choose among 480P, 720P and 1080P.

In addition to merge videos & pictures, converting motion pictures to a video is a trend. If you are wondering how to do it, the last part shares the skills.

Turn Pictures to A Video

Plan to DIY an animated video out of pictures taken in the continuous mode? Or want to insert some pictures in the middle of a video?

No Problem!

With FlexClip, you can effortlessly turn any JPGs to MP4, or merge PNGs to MP4.

All you need to do is to upload JPGs, PNGs as storyboards, and place them in order. After previewing it, you can free download your MP4 video online.

Of course, you can zoom in or zoom out some pictures to show some details and create different views.

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