Top 7 Free Video Joiners Online for PC & Mac

Last Updated: 2023. 07. 10

Same with merging videos, joining two video clips together means combining two or more video clips into one. It might seem like an easy task because many free video joiners online are developed, yet, when it comes to joining videos with different resolutions, formats, or bitrate, some video joiners may not be helpful.

What are the best solutions to join videos together? No need to find the answers by yourself. Here in this post, we introduce you top 7 free video joiners online. These video joiners work well to combine all types of videos on all computers. Pick one video joiner that fits you most.

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#1 Video Joiner Recommendation - FlexClip

All recommended video joiners can help you merge video clips. FlexClip, however, wins our first recommendation. The reasons are as follows:

> Easy-to-use. You just have to upload the video clips you want to join, and export. No download, no editing skills required.

> No quality loss. You can choose to export the video in the videos’ original resolution.

> Efficient. FlexClip exports videos 3x faster than any other competitors.

> Secure. Your videos are protected with the most premium security encryption.

> Easy edits. Besides just merging, you can make cool edits with FlexClip, like adding borders, voice over, music or filters, rotating, resizing. Free video, photo and music resources are also available. Go to to know more.

Top Video Joiner - FlexClip

Image board: Top Video Joiner - FlexClip

#2 Video Joiner Recommendation - Clido

Clido is a free video merger that enables you to join a great number of videos together. The video formats that this programme supports are MP4, AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, and MOV. Moreover, it allows you to join videos from Google Box or Dropbox. You can also upload videos with URLs and merge them.

However, other people complain that using this programme is quite time-consuming. Even though it has many other features, like cutting, resize, rotate, you can’t get all your job done all on one page.

Top Video Joiner - Clido

Image board: Top Video Joiner - Clido

#3 Video Joiner Recommendation - Onlineconverter

This video joiner can merge various video clips into one file. Once videos are uploaded, click merge, the joined video will be downloaded to your computer directly. It is super user-friendly.

This video joiner can merge various video clips into one file. Once videos are uploaded, click merge, the joined video will be downloaded to your computer directly. It is super user-friendly.

This programme has several limitations. First, the max total file size is 200MB. That’s to say, Onlineconverter can’t help you join files larger than 200MB. Besides, this tool doesn’t support encrypted or protected video files. Last, you can’t choose to export format. The exported video will always be MP4.

Top Video Joiner - Onlineconverter

Image board: Top Video Joiner - Onlineconverter

#4 Video Joiner Recommendation - Apowersoft

Apowersoft provides excellent video joining services. Drag and drop, waiting for the merging, then download, the process might take a few while. The biggest shortcoming is you can only upload 5 videos at a time. If you like, you can download its app or pay for the upgraded version.

Top Video Joiner - Apowersoft

Image board: Top Video Joiner - Apowersoft

# 5 Video Joiner Recommendation - Wofox

Using Wofox video joiner involves no complicated process. Follow the simple instructions, you can successfully join video clips together. No extra features. It is completely free, but the ads on the website can be quite annoying.

Top Video Joiner - Wofox

Image board: Top Video Joiner - Wofox

# 6 Video Joiner Recommendation - Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online can be regarded as a versatile online video combiner. It meets people’s needs with various tools. When it comes to merge videos, Movie Maker Online supports 150+ video formats and entitles you to use royalty-free music, photos and images. However, be aware of tedious ads.

Top Video Joiner - Movie Maker Online

Image board: Top Video Joiner - Movie Maker Online

# 7 Video Joiner Recommendation - Pixiko

Pixiko is both easy-to-use and rich in features. This video joiner can easily accomplish joining and some simple editing tasks. All its basic features and tools are free to use, but the joined and edited videos are watermarked. Generation speed will also be slower. Storage period of files has limitations(14 days). Users are encouraged to subscribe.

Top Video Joiner - Pixiko

Image board: Top Video Joiner - Pixiko

The Bottom Line

What’s the video joiner for you? Or maybe you have other recommendations? Share your thoughts via Facebook. If you ever find this post helpful, we’d appreciate it if you can share it with others.

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