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Last Updated: 2022. 06. 07

Ever heard about Blender? It is an open-source 3D application used in computer graphics. It is very popular among video game character artists and animation makers and can be used for motion tracking, rigging, rendering, and other art forms in the visual graphics section. This tool has been in existence since 1998 and is managed by Blender Foundation. This tool was designed for the sole purpose of giving the animation computer graphics world a lift. And from the look of things, it is doing just that.

Using the 3D text blender is easy; you just have to apply the right keys. Even with that, there are some situations where people find it difficult to use this software. For that reason, we have taken the time to detail a step-by-step guide on how to create a 3D text using the Blender text 3D software tool. Read on.

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How to Create 3D Text with Blender

Step 1
Add Text—Press "Shift + A" from your keyboard. A drop-down menu will appear, then select the "Text" option. Go ahead and add your text to the space provided.
Step 2
After you are done filling the text, click TAB from your keyboard to change the object model. Below are the few keys and functions you need to know about if you plan to use Blender.
1. Rotate: Hotkey R. 2. Scale size: Hotkey S 3. Selection: Left mouse click 4. Pan: Shift + Middle Mouse Button 5. Move: Axis + Right-click and drag to move objects 6. Rotate View: Mouse center button and move mouse.
Step 3
It is time to select your text. Select your text, then click "Tab" to move to activate the text mode. After you must have typed your word apiaries, click "Tab" to transform it into an object. Make sure you move to the center of the grid line.
Step 4
Perform a 3D excludes. Select the excludes and give it the needed value to do this. Make sure to exclude the height needed for the text. You can still maximize the window by selecting the maximizing option and lift-clicking it. You can as well press Ctrl Up Arrow and Down Arrow on your keyboard to decrease and increase the value.
Step 5
Move to X-axis, on the rotate option, and input a 90° value. Automatically, the text should change its orientation at this time.
Step 6
On the front layer, by the left panel, click Font, after which you click the folder symbol.
Step 7
After you are done applying the right font to your text, on the left panel, use either of the two options: Bevel and Level, to shape all corners of your text. But do this only if there are too many shapes in the text.
Step 8
Add the resolution. Add a smooth radius and curviness to the corner of your text. Now press ALT +C on your keyboard to change your text content to mesh. Once this is done, the effect applies to all the faces, lines, and multiple points. Also, the same action is expected to change the object mode to edit.
Step 9
Leave the screen on Edit mode, choose your preferred text, then click on the "W" key the options, after which you select "Remove Doubles."
Step 10
On the diffuse window, click on the option beside Lambert and below diffuse. A color window will appear; make your pick from there.

3D Text in Blender: Everything You Need to Know!

An Easier Way to Create 3D Text

Even with the Blender 3D text tutorial listed above, some people who are new to the software may find it difficult to follow (and of the truth, it is not all that easy). But we will be showing you an alternative: an easier way to pull it off.

This is where we introduced FlexClip: one of the world's most used video and image editing tools. It is also an excellent tool for creating 3D text for videos. It has rich fonts, an easy-to-use interface: one click to turn normal texts into 3D texts, and elegant text animations. So, save yourself the stress of getting it right on Blender 3D text; try out FlexClip instead.

The 3D Text Effect of FlexClip

The 3D Text Effect of FlexClip

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The Bottom Line

3D texts have proved to be one of the best ways to captivate the viewers' attention; all you need to do is get the right tool. FlexClip is designed to give you that convenience and opportunity to express your artistic abilities. Give it a try! If you find this post helpful, please do share it so that other people may benefit.

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