Make 3D Text in After Effects No Plugins

Last Updated: 2023. 06. 09

The quality of the visual effects added to a video can make or break the video. Videos are a powerful advertising tool and an eye-catching video is more likely to garner attention than one that has fewer attention-grabbing graphics.

A well-executed 3D text design not only grabs the viewer’s attention but also stays in their minds for longer. Even if you are new to video editing, a nicely-created 3D text design paired with some interesting sound effects can make the final product seem more professionally done. If you are a video editor and have done a good job on a certain video that gains traction, you can expect more offers to roll in.

However, despite the fact that 3D text can be so useful in this industry, it is a rather tricky skill to master. Getting the shading and sizing of your text right without any help can be very difficult. Then, adding it to a video and making it a smooth transition can be just as tricky. Even if you get all this right, it will still take you a lot of time.

Adobe’s After Effects is an animation software that you can use to create different design elements for photographs, posters, videos, films, etc. It allows you to use a variety of tools either with or without plugins to create animations. You don’t need third-party plugins to make 3D text animation in After Effects.

There are a lot of things you must consider when creating a 3D text animation, and After Effects makes it easier for you to get everything just right.

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How to Make 3D Text In After Effects?

It is actually a rather simple process even for a beginner and you can make beautiful 3D text in After Effects without a lot of prior skill.

First off, you can start by typing in your desired text and picking a font that you like. Using a thicker and less cursive font is a better idea as it will give a more interesting and sleek look when made 3D. Once, you have picked the font, you can go down to geometry options and increase the Extrusion Depth. You can rotate the text to see if the dimensions are fine.

After you have made the dimensions to your liking, you can start playing with the lighting. Lighting is one of the most important parts of the 3D text as it highlights the texts and creates shadows that make the text more eye-catching. You can go to the layer option and add a spotlight and pick a color for the spotlight. You can change the position of the light and then decide which position creates the best visual effects. You can also duplicate the spotlight and add more spotlights with different or the same colors to create better lighting on your 3D text animation.

You can further add bevels, ambient light, adjustment lights, change the specular intensity and add animations to create more interesting visual effects. Basically, play around and make the best 3D text using After Effect tools.

After Effects 3D Text Animation Tutorial

An Easier Way to Create 3D Text Animation

Now that you have learned how to make text 3D with After Effects, let’s discuss how you can add 3D text to your videos. This is where FlexClip comes in to help you out and take your videos to the next level.

FlexClip is an amazing online video editor that can help novice and professional video editors both. First of all, it is a free online editor. Despite being free, the services provided are top-notch.

FlexClip provides a wide variety of tools and even video templates. There are many tools available such as 3D text maker, GIF maker, Slideshow maker, and video editing tools like video merger, adding music, transitions, watermarks, etc. Honestly, the list is very long and would take ages to jot down.

The templates can help make your videos look more visually appealing if you are not used to creating and editing them. The 3D text maker is a quick and simple tool that you can use to create seamless and elegant 3D texts without having to labor over a single piece for hours on end. This will save you time and you can create more content.

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The Bottom Line

In a world where there are so many videos constantly being created and posted, it is important that yours is so well done that it stands out from the rest. Small details like 3D texts can make a world of difference and can give your video a great final look. Not everyone has the skills or the resources to create a very well-edited video on their own, which is where After Effects and FlexClip come into play.

FlexClip has so many free options and tools that it will definitely bring your idea to life and if you are looking for a specific tool it is best if you go and see for yourself because I am confident that you will find whatever you are looking for. Remember to give it a try!

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