Create Women’s Day Videos with Templates in a Few Clicks

Last Updated: 2021. 07. 19
Create a lovely women's day video to celebrate this special holiday. Follow the guide, browse those beautiful women's day video templates and start creating.

International Women’s Day falls on March 8th every year. This is a day to celebrate women’s achievements in social, culture, economics and politics. Also, it is a day for all to show women love and care they deserve.

As a feminist, you need a Women’s Day video to call for equality for these women who still suffer from gender-discrimination. If you want your mother know how much you love her, a thank you note will also be great! Check the more ideas and start creating a video for this mother's day!

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Part 1. Women’s Day Video Ideas

All viral videos are elaborately planned, especially video content. In this part, we will show several video ideas that may be liked by all for your reference. Check it out.

1.Did You Know.....

Ancient people dispiced women because female are more tender and make fewer contributions to the family and society. Actually, many developments and changes are related to women. Show these incredible facts and statistics about it.

2. Women Status

We are turning this world into a better place. Yet, girls on remote areas are still in hard situations. Tell others about it.

3. Inspire Women

The number of women who are pursuing their dreams in fields like engineering, medical and science is significantly lower than men. As a matter of fact, women can do the same job in exactly the same efficiency. Most girls just don’t realize that.

If conditions allowed, you can organize some events and activities that help girls pursue their dreams in the fields of endeavor.

4. Sales & Promotion

Every festival is a good opportunity for businessmen to boost sales. Shops that sell flowers, fashionable clothes and small gifts can be the biggest winner.

Whether the promotional Women’s Day video is successful also depends on promotional strategies. You can surely come up with a better idea than pure 20% discount of all goods.

5. Take Part in Campaign

International Women’s Day campaign this year encourage everyone to create a gender-equal world. The official hashtags for this campaign are “#EachforEqual and #IWD2020”. Search them on Twitter to follow them. You can create a Women’s Day video to illustrate your ideas and display what you have done for promoting gender equality and add one of the tags on the description.

Part 2. How to Create a Women’s Day Video

Don’t worry about filming skills or content planing, you can be good at it with enough practice. To create a Women’s Day video that everyone likes, professional edits are required.

The first professional video editing software that comes to your mind must be Adobe Premiere Pro. Yet, it is not the best recommendation for newbies. Actually, there are many video editors that are both professional and easy to use, like FlexClip!

FlexClip is an online video editor that provides a shortcut for newbies to create high-quality videos. To begin with, in three steps, you can finish making a video. Upload, add text and music (if necessary, add filters or transitions), then export. Moreover, FlexClip provides numerous video templates offering you ideas, free music, photo and video resources for you to level up your work. Last but not least, you can choose different output format, aspect ratio for various social media platforms.

Create Women's Day Videos - FlexClip Overview

Create Women's Day Videos - FlexClip Overview

Now, go to www. and start to create a Women’s Day video.

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