7 Best WebVTT Editors to Edit VTT Files on Windows, Mac and Online

Last Updated: 2024. 02. 27

Adding captions to your video will not only help you engage with your audience but they also let you reach a wider market. As for subtitle format, VTT is a popular text file used for captions that includes styling options and editing. Moreover, Web VTT works exceptionally well with media players and social media platforms. But how to create a VTT subtitle file? No worries! Here are 8 best VTT editors for you to edit VTT files on Windows, Mac and Online.

Part 1. Two Best VTT Editors Online
Part 2. Three Best VTT Editors for Windows
Part 3. Two Best VTT Editors for Mac
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Part 1. Two Best VTT Editors Online

1. FlexClip

FlexClip stands out as a premier online VTT editor, offering the convenience of automatic VTT file creation from your videos or the ability to edit existing VTT subtitle files for synchronization. Boasting a rich array of features, FlexClip empowers your creativity in VTT subtitle editing.

FlexClip AI Tools Walkthrough: Revolutionize Your Video Editing

  • Automatic VTT File Creation: Harnessing AI technology, FlexClip effortlessly extracts subtitles from your podcast, movies, or tutorials and generates VTT files complete with timestamps. Supporting over 140 languages and accents, it achieves precision rates of up to 95%.
  • Automatic VTT File Creation in FlexClip

    Automatic VTT File Creation in FlexClip

  • Free VTT Converter: FlexClip serves as a versatile online VTT converter, facilitating the conversion of popular formats. It’s compatible with various subtitle formats including SRT, VTT, LRC, SSA, ASS, SUB, and SBV, and the conversion process is streamlined—simply upload the file and download it in your preferred format.
  • Free VTT Converter - FlexClip

    Free VTT Converter - FlexClip

  • Transcribe VTT Subtitles to Speech: FlexClip's text-to-speech tool offers a seamless solution for transcribing VTT files into natural-sounding speech without the need for self-recording. Leveraging AI, it accurately identifies subtitles in over 140 languages, delivering realistic audio with customizable avatars, speed, pitch, and accents in minutes. After the speech generation, you can download it as an MP3 file or make further edits.
  • Transcribe VTT Subtitles to Speech in FlexClip

    Transcribe VTT Subtitles to Speech in FlexClip

  • Transform VTT Files into Stunning Videos: With FlexClip's AI-powered text-to-video tool, text-to-image generator, extensive media stock of photos and videos, and thousands of designer-made templates, transforming VTT files into captivating videos is effortless—even for novices. Furthermore, a suite of editing features enables precise adjustments for optimal results.
  • Transform VTT Files into Stunning Videos in FlexClip

    Transform VTT Files into Stunning Videos in FlexClip

  • Team Collaboration Feature: For collaborative VTT subtitle file editing with translators, partners, and clients, FlexClip offers a robust team collaboration feature. Real-time comments and changes ensure seamless communication and efficient workflow management.
  • Team Collaboration Feature in FlexClip

    Team Collaboration Feature in FlexClip

    how to edit VTT files in FlexClip

    Step 1
    Visit FlexClip's editor page and upload your VTT file under the Subtitle panel.
    Step 2
    Once it's loaded, you can adjust the text and timing to make your captions perfect or leverage FlexClip's advanced features to unleash your creativity.
    Step 3
    When finish editing, download the final project.


    If you're working with translators, partners and clients when editing a VTT subtitle file, an editor called Checksub that supports the collaborative feature will never let you down. Besides the collaborative platform, it includes a machine translation engine to translate your audio and save you a lot of time to focus on video production. Moreover, its powerful language support will help you easily translate your audio to 180+ languages in one click operation.

    Best VTT Editor Online - Checksub

    Best VTT Editor Online - Checksub

    Key Features of Checksub:

  • Simple and appealing interface.
  • Support translation among 180+ languages.
  • A collaborative platform to edit subtitles with your team.
  • AI-based tool to generate VTT subtitle files automatically.
  • Part 1. Three Best VTT Editors for Windows

    Here are 3 best WebVTT editors for you to edit your .vtt subtitle file on Windows with ease.

    1.Subtitle Edit

    Subtitle Edit is a free open-source VTT editor for Windows. It's a powerful WebVTT editor that offers all required features to generate, translate and edit VTT subtitle files. Aside from VTT, it also supports multiple file formats like SRT, ASS, SUB, CSV, RTF, PSL, TXT, UTX, and more. With its additional features, you can do a lot to get a satisfying VTT subtitle file quickly.

    Best VTT Editor for Windows - Subtitle Edit

    Best VTT Editor for Windows - Subtitle Edit

    Key Features of Subtitle Edit

  • Join/Split/Append your VTT subtitles.
  • Auto-translator and spell-checker tools to simplify your work.
  • A wide range of synchronization options to avoid synchronization problems.
  • You can convert a set of multiple subtitle files from one supported format to another at once.
  • Extra features like an audio visualizer, merge short lines and more are available in this VTT editor for Windows.
  • 2.Gaupol

    Looking for a free yet easy-to-use VTT editor for your Windows computer? Gaupol is what you need. Firstly, it provides all basic subtitle editing tools for you to make changes to VTT file, such as inserting subtitles, removing subtitles, editing cells, etc. Besides, you can access the sync tool to edit the subtitles when playing movies easily. What's more, there is a Tools menu that includes additional functions like spell checker, framerate converter, position shift and more.

    Best VTT Editor for Windows - Gaupol

    Best VTT Editor for Windows - Gaupol

    Key Features of Gaupol

  • Support a wide range of subtitle formats.
  • Free and easy to use VTT subtitle editor for Windows.
  • Provide all standard subtitle editing tools.
  • Additional text editing and formatting tools.
  • Besides VTT file editing, you can check spelling, correct text and shift position within this editor.
  • 3.SubFutzer

    It's easy to edit VTT subtitle files on Windows using SubFutzer. With its simple interface and basic tools, you can easily make modifications to subtitles like inserting subtitles, merging two subtitles into one, collapsing sequential duplicates and more. If you need a free WebVTT editor with standard features, SubFutzer is an excellent option to try.

    Best VTT Editor for Windows - SubFutzer

    Best VTT Editor for Windows - SubFutzer

    Key Features of SubFutzer:

  • Simple VTT editor with specific tools and tabs.
  • It lets you merge two subtitles files into one.
  • You can use options to insert subtitles, remove short-duration items and more.
  • Support VTT and SRT subtitle files.
  • Free and user-friendly software for Windows users.
  • Part 3. Two Best VTT Editors for Mac

    Want to edit VTT subtitle files on Mac? Go through the list of 3 best VTT editors for Mac and find your favorite one.

    1.Jubler Subtitle Editor

    Whether adding new VTT subtitle files or refining already existing ones, Jubler will offer you a hand. As a high-quality Mac subtitle editor, it helps you synchronize subtitles with your video and use the spell checker to make an accurate subtitle file. Besides, it works with various subtitle file formats and also lets you convert your VTT files between many formats. Meanwhile, you can preview the modified subtitle videos from the current interface.

    Best VTT Editor for Mac - Jubler Subtitle Editor

    Best VTT Editor for Mac - Jubler Subtitle Editor

    Key Features of Jubler:

  • Free and powerful VTT editor for Mac.
  • Support multiple subtitle formats.
  • Spelling check after workflow by professional dictionary.
  • Offer various text styles and pattern translation.
  • Able to generate new VTT subtitles and customize the existing text.
  • 2.Subtitle Workshop

    Subtitle Workshop is another VTT editor for Mac. It's regarded as a multifunctional tool that works as a VTT subtitle creator, translator and converter. The user-friendly interface of Subtitle Workshop makes it easy to change subtitle duration, synchronize subtitles, alter subtitle lines and perform a variety of other tasks. Additionally, you can use spell-checking and translation mode to modify your subtitles effortlessly.

    Best VTT Editor for Mac - Subtitle Workshop

    Best VTT Editor for Mac - Subtitle Workshop

    Key Features of Subtitle Workshop:

  • Able to create subtitles, translate text and convert VTT files.
  • Spelling checking is available.
  • Support over 60 subtitle formats.
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use features.
  • The batch conversion feature and translation mode are ready for you.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a .vtt file?

    A .vtt file is a text-based file format used for subtitles and captions in videos. VTT stands for WebVTT, which stands for Web Video Text Tracks. This file format is commonly used for displaying timed text tracks (subtitles or captions) alongside HTML5 video elements on the web.

    2. How to convert VTT into SRT?

    To convert a VTT file into SRT format, all you need is a subtitle converter. Well, from the software we gathered here, FlexClip services as the best free subtitle converter online that offers the most straightforward solution. Just upload your VTT file and then select the SRT format to downloaded the loaded subtitle.

    3. How to add VTT file to MP4?

    If you want to combine your VTT subtitle file with its corresponding MP4 video or generate an MP4 video from VTT file, FlexClip will make it for you. To know more details, check this blog: VTT to MP4: How to Add/Convert VTT to MP4>>

    The Bottom Line

    That's all for 7 best VTT editors for Windows, Mac and online. Now it's your turn to pick your favorite one and start to make your subtitles in VTT format.

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