How to Create a Video Sales Letter in Few Clicks

Last Updated: 2022. 01. 05

In the past, salesman rely on 10-page sales letter to persuade people to buy. Now, we have video sales letters that better highlight your product/service benefits, build trust and win conversions.

You might not notice, but video sales letters are everywhere, from some newsletter emails, to landing page video on websites. In this market full of video sales letter, how do we make ours outstanding from others?

In this post, we will tell you what to say in a video sales letter, what makes a good video sales letter and how to make one. Follow the post and make a video sales letter in clicks.

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What to Say in A Video Sales Letter

There are no standard formula about creating a video sales letter. However, a video sales letter should at least include three parts.

* Intro The intro in a video sales letter is not a title that tell people your brand. That would be too rude. Get straight to the problem that your potential customers encounter and your product/service can solve so that people are more likely to identify your video sales letter as useful and finish it.

* Problem Solving People will look forward to getting solutions for the problem your bring up. Now, offer audiences several options and tell them why your product/service is the best solution.

* CTA The goal of your video sales letter is conversion. Be bold. Ask your audiences to buy!

Video Sales Letter Examples

A video sales letter can be as long as 5 minutes that describe a product/service vividly.

Video Sales Letter Example

Or it can be as simple as the following twos. Be cautious that short video sales letter only works for customers that have already known about your product/service well.

What Makes A Good Video Sales Letter

* Great copywriting

Regardless how elegant your video is, words are essential for customers to understand what your video is about. Some copywriting tips are as follows.

First, you will need to address their top pain points then take them to action. For example, as a newbie who wishes to create a video, his pain point is the tough editing process. A video creator that is easy to use may be much easier to attract him.

Secondly, the words should be simple. Simple copywriting are easier to be spread. Advertisements should be interactive so that audiences can feel the same way.

* Captive first 30 seconds

Audiences have the say whether to close your video sales letter. If your video sales letter is not attractive enough, viewers can close it in the first half part of the video. Making viewers feel bored will get you nowhere. So, you must grab viewers' attention before the first 30 seconds.

* Clear CTA

CTA is abbreviation for call to action. What do you want the audiences do? Buy your products or download your application? Don’t make your audiences feel confused.

* Playful atmosphere

Video sales letter can’t be professional, but don’t be too serious. As long as you can make audiences laugh, the product will sale.

How to Create a Video Sales Letter that Converts

Money is treasure. To grab the market and earn as much treasure as possible, you don't need to turn to professional video production studio or expensive video editing tools. FlexClip is both efficient and professional.

For people who have no experience in video editing, FlexClip provides you numerous video sales letter examples which you can enter information and use directly. For professionals, it provides you professional editing tools to make any cool edits like adding filters, transitions, voice-over to realize all your ideas. Moreover, all users have access to FlexClip's free media resources with millions of photos, videos to level up the video sales letter.

Now, click the Create a Video button to create a video sales letter. You are also welcomed to view more video sales letter templates.

Create a Video View Templates
Step 1
Go to Promo & Sales sector to pick the a template, or start from scratch.
How to Create a Video Sales Letter - Step 1

How to Create a Video Sales Letter - Step 1

Step 2
Upload all your photos and videos you need to the media sector and apply them to the storyboard.
How to Create a Video Sales Letter - Step 2

How to Create a Video Sales Letter - Step 2

Step 3
Add dynamic text.
How to Create a Video Sales Letter - Step 3

How to Create a Video Sales Letter - Step 3

Step 4
Add background music from the media library or the computer.
How to Create a Video Sales Letter - Step 4

How to Create a Video Sales Letter - Step 4

Step 5
Touch up with your video with filters, widgets, transitions and more as you like!
How to Create a Video Sales Letter - Step 5

How to Create a Video Sales Letter - Step 5

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to create a video sales letter. We hope that you achieve great success with video sales letter created by FlexClip. By the way, FlexClip also does great job in creating other videos, like holiday videos, business videos. Give it a try!

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