Creative Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Last Updated: 2021. 11. 29

Living in the world of impressions, every day we perceive so much information and suggestions. Through this chaos, people mainly choose the product that is creatively represented on the market. Eric Maisel, Ph.D., writes in his article "Creativity as a Way of Life" that creativity should be our default setting. There is no objection that video marketing is such a creative side for small businesses.

To identify the current majority opinion about the popularity of video marketing let's have a look at the statistics.

- 68% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than Google Ads

- 60% of businesses use video as a marketing too

- 61% of marketers see video as a "very important" or "extremely important" part of their marketing strategy

These few facts confirm the importance of video marketing, especially for small businesses.

The customers want to see a real side of your product, your team, your goals, and real feedback from satisfied customers. That is to say, they want video. Here you can find some creative video marketing ideas for small businesses.

Top 6 Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business

#1 Introduce Yourself

Grab your customers' attention from the first seconds by creating a video about your company. Show them the idea of how you can help. Demonstrate a real example of how you solve a specific problem with the individual approach. Make the customer think that every client is unique.

As an example, look at the intro video of the Dot Shop domain company. The video emphasizes the customer's needs and how the company can satisfy them.

Tell Your Story

Tell the unique story of your company. Explain the reasons why your business exists. People love success stories that started with a passionate idea and turned out into something bigger.

Put a Video on Your Landing Page

New visitors will be engaged with your story while watching the video rather than reading the blog post. Make the video as noticeable as possible on your website, so more people engage with it.

Improve Your Presentation Skills

People pay more attention not to what we say but to how we say it. By working on your gesticulation, mimics and ability to speak fluent language, you can learn to better articulate your ideas.

#2 Demonstrate Your Expertise

Both newcomers and returning buyers want to choose the brand, which is the expert in its industry. Give them confidence that your company offers high-quality service. Make a video that will emphasize your proficiency. It is easier for small businesses to concentrate on a specific area whilst big corporations specialize in a variety of services. Record the video which will reveal your company's experience and knowledge.

If your product is out-of-the-box, then show its unique features to distinguish yourself from the competitors. Make a crash test, if it is possible to better demonstrate your product’s benefits. Take a look at Blendtec's Will it blend? series.

#3 Record Customer Testimonials

Social proof is a great way to increase customer loyalty, so make sure to record customer testimonials. Create a basic testimonial video by interviewing your satisfied customers. Use video templates and save your time.

New leads should feel confident in your business. Looking at the people who made use of your service and remained content is the best way to show that your brand is worth pursuing. Film the customers who have had a positive experience working with you. Make it look natural, don't push them to express admiration. Post short customer testimonial videos through social media. Make a heading and share clients' feedback organically among other posts.

As an addition to filming every customer, create a section on your landing page where people can see the statistics of your positive feedback, the latest customer impression, the scale where people can estimate your work, and a short questionnaire to see customers' offers and experiences. People, deciding what to choose, based mainly on testimonial statistics.

#4 Create Product Tutorials or Demonstrations

"People retain up to 95% of the information they learn from videos, versus 10% of the information from text. This makes video the most effective way to basically teach anyone anything", writes Dianna Gunn in her article "How to Create Video Tutorials for Your Blog". Make your product easy-to-use by creating a short tutorial video.

Make your video demonstration thorough and detailed. Explain what this product is made for, how it works, common issues, and tips that will cover long written tutorials. If your service is online, you can record a screen with a voice-over as is given in the example video. Add your contact at the end of the video so the customers can contact you with any further questions.

#5 Stream Live Videos to Interact with Your Audience

People always seek real emotions. Speak to them directly via live videos. Go live on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube without preparation. This human-to-human connection will break down the barrier between your company and the customer's audience. Here are some headings for online video:

* Schedule Q&As. Answer the questions, share the experience, show up your ability to solve the personal problem at once;

* Stream live special announcements and product introductions. For instance, Experian Global News Blog has created #CreditChat on Twitter. They post upcoming meetings in advance and everyone eager to join can make it easily;

* Make use of blogger hosted or partner-hosted live videos. Invite a new expert to your stream and make the conversation;

* Stream live events. Share real day-to-day life after work. Got a barbecue with the team? Snowball fight? Having fun while watching the baseball game? Showing this human factor will make your customer a part of your team;

* Show behind-the-scenes process. Show up the difficulties you stumble onto making the business. Honesty always attracts people's attention;

* Record a day in the lifestream. Unveil one day in the life of different employees via short live videos. A very great example is the video 'A Day in the Life of a Grainger Employee'.

#6 Answer FAQs

Explain the main issues customers come across in the short video which will fill up your posting calendar. Add the appropriate captions to every problem you comment on and demonstrate it visually where needed so to make your information useful. Post it on the landing page to cover customers’ interests. Share a video for common FAQs to your customers via email and they will feel your interest in helping them.

Last Words

Video is the best way to reach a diverse audience in a short period of time. The earlier you get this, the better off you will be on the long distance. The best advantage of video marketing for small businesses is its easy-to-use-and-operate instruments.

As a small-business owner, you might believe that only million-dollar companies can generate high-quality video content. This is a myth! A simple camera, quick to master editing skills, and a little creativity will turn your brand into a well-known company. Don't hesitate to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy and the success will not keep you waiting.

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