Live Videos Guide: How To Build Influence Via Livestreaming Videos?

Last Updated: 2021. 12. 16
Here's a beginner's guide to live video online. It shares go live tips to look better, as well as how to decide your live contents.
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Image: All-in-1 live video guides.

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CONTENT: How to Use Live Videos to Build Influences?

People enjoy watching livestreaming videos more than other things. The new technology creates a new lifestyle of online living. Livestreaming has become a new fashion to build influence, sell products, or just be social.

Livestreaming videos are efficient & effective to interact with audiences. It helps the influential livestreamers sell goods to their audiences in real time, with a high conversion rate. LiJiaqi, TaoBao's billionaire streamer, is an example!

LiJiaqi, TaoBao's billionaire live streamer.

Image: LiJiaqi, TaoBao's billionaire live streamer.

Part 1 - How to Create/Start Your Live Videos?

There are tons of channels providing livestreaming services, but you won't have enough time to live videos on all of them. Our recommendation is choosing one or two hot channels to start your live videos.

  • 1
    Find a trusted & sizable livestreaming platform to begin with.
  • YouTube Live
  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
    Sizable livestreaming platform ensures your live videos have the possibilities to reach a large portion of targeted audiences.
  • 2
    Read platform's livestreaming rules. Ensure you haven't violated any of them, or your live video/channel may be taken down.
  • TIP:
    Some platforms even provide some welfare, and reading the rules ensure you won't miss any earnings.
  • 3
    Choose a reliable device for live video. Whether choose a smartphone or PC, you need to make sure it's the one with the most stable streaming performance. (Losing connection during livestreaming is no good.)
  • 4
    When you are ready, hit the record button.
  • Part 2 - Tips to Look Better in Live Streaming

    If you want success in livestreaming, a better look in live video is of the most importance. Studies tell us that audiences will decide whether to stay or leave a video in the first 2 minutes. So if you want to do nice in your livestreaming, below are professional tips to follow:

  • 1
    Be energetic, positive and friendly.
  • An energetic live streamer is a must for every successful live video. Only the streamer is positive and energetic, can audiences feel interested and continue to watch.

    Be energetic and positive.

    Image: Be energetic and positive.

  • 2
    Go back to your topic in time.
  • You can interact with your audiences, talk to them, answer to their questions & curiosities. But remember to talk back to your topic in time - like loudly saying "All right! Let's get back to our topic...", because new streaming audiences may come at any time. Talking random things can make other audiences confused and waste their time, which will lead to a high jump-out rate.

  • 3
    Be real and passionate.
  • Show your passion, so that audiences can stay with you. Also, nobody can fake their feeling, so be real and do not lie to your audiences and followers. - Honesty is the best policy!

    Be real.

    Image: Be real.

  • 4
    Look into the camera directly.
  • Look into the camera directly when you stream. Letting audiences know you are with them and talking to them.

    Look into the camera directly.

    Image: Look into the camera directly.

  • 5
    Practice at least one time before you make your first live video.
  • Practice may help you find ways to improve your streaming, also ease yourself somehow.

  • 6
    Don't be afraid of being not perfect.
  • Don't be afraid of being not perfect or make any mistakes. Minor mistakes won't cause any problems, and almost all famous streamers have admitted they've made this and that mistakes in their live videos.

    If you find you've made a mistake in livestreaming, you can admit it, ignore it, or laugh it off. Audiences don't care it that much.

    Part 3 - How to Influence Your Audiences during Livestreaming?

    After knowing tips of presenting yourself in live videos, we'll talk about how to influence audiences in this part.

    Talking about influence, we often image influential people. - That's half true. But the real core is influential video content. We follow influential people, because they feed us what we need, tell us the truth, or help us find cool things.

    To build your influences, your prior thing is not to rush to your camera and start a live video right away. Instead, you need to study your targeted audiences and video contents:

  • 1
    Try to find out what your audiences want to know in live video.
  • 2
    Choose one of their interested topics, and plan your live video content accordingly.
  • 3
    Study your topic, make graphics or tables when it's necessary.
  • 4
    Try find other influential/authoritative proves (tests & reports), and illustrate them in your live video. If you can invite related experts to your live video, do it, that's the best endorsement.
  • 5
    Make a summary in the end of your live video.
  • If you are serious with all of your livestreaming contents, your influence & fame will accumulate each time you live stream.

    Part 4 - The Benefits of Recording & Reusing Hot Live Videos

    Record your hot live videos, share them to popular video platforms, these videos will help you build influence while you sleep, work or run other errands. For promotional videos, the recorded copies can even bring you continual sales.

    Record & Edit Live Videos

    It takes no effort to record live videos. Often, live video platforms reserve the options to record live videos. Also, you can pick up alternative apps to record and edit your live streaming videos. Here are 2 online apps to help you record or edit live videos:

    Steps to record live videos:

  • 1
    Open FlexClip screen recorder with a browser.
  • Open FlexClip screen recorder.

    Image: Open FlexClip screen recorder.

  • 2
    Select audio device to record.
  • Select audio device.

    Image: Select audio device.

  • 3
    Choose live video screen to record your live video.
  • Need to edit your recorded live videos? Try FlexClip's free online video editor. Enriching your live video is only clicking away.

    Steps to edit recorded live videos:

  • 1
    Upload your live video.
  • 2
    Search and add intros, outros, background music to your live video.
  • 3
    Add stylish texts & graphics, change video speed to make your live video better.
  • 4
    Download your editing live video. (Besides MP4 outputs, you also have GIF as option.)
  • Edit live video.

    Image: Edit live video.

    Part 5 - At Last

    Live streaming needs practice. No one can perform well at the first time making a live video. But for a fresher, our recommended livestreaming platforms, live video recorders and editors can save your time.

    Good luck in your streaming!

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