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What's the Best Video Format for Social Media, TV/Computer, and Websites

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Last Updated: Jan .14, 2020

Summary: This guide will walk you through what video formats are and which is the best video to use. It will tell you about the common video formats and practical advice on how to choose the best video format based on your needs.

If you're making a video to share on a social media platform, YouTube, or Instagram, you will surely meet a question - what's the best video format should you choose? There are truly a huge amount of video formats, and it is difficult to choose the best one for your project.

Here in this blog, we will talk about what video formats is, common video formats and how to choose the best video format based on your needs.


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Part 1 What is a Video Format?

A video format is a type of file format that storing digital video data on a computer. And it consists of two parts: a container and a codec.

A container is a storage unit that bundles together different data, just like a box which contains the video, audio, and metadata. The codec is a program that compresses and decompresses the video, so it affects the final file size and video/audio quality.

Part 2 Most Common Video Formats You Need to Know

Let's take a look at some most popular video formats:

# MP4 [Moving Pictures Expert Group 4]

- As the most widely-used and supported video format, MP4 is an abbreviation term of MPEG-4 Part 14, it can also store video files, audio files, text, and still images.

# MOV [Apple Quicktime Format]

- MOV, developed by Apple, is designed explicitly for QuickTime Player. But it also compatible with Windows because there's a version of QuickTime Player for Windows. It can store audio, text, and video effects. MOV is considered one of the best looking video formats for its high quality.

# AVI [Audio Video Interleave]

- AVI, with high quality, is one of the most versatile video formats, compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and supported by most web browsers. Due to its high quality, AVI videos are hard to compress, and this video format may not be ideal for streaming.

# WMV [Windows Media Video]

- It was developed by Microsoft and is the main video format supported by the Windows operating system.

# FLV [Flash Video Format]

- It is one of the most versatile and popular video formats around, designed for Adobe Flash Video Players. For the availability of cross-platform of Flash video players, it has even become more popular.

Part 3 Choose the Best Video Format Based on Your Needs

What's the best video format? The answer will vary depending on your needs. So we'll talk about how to choose the best video format based on your need. Which video formats work best with online sharing platforms, TV and computer, and personal websites.

3.1 Best Video Format for Social Media | MP4

To help you find the best video format for your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram sharing, here is a brief summary table about the preferred best video formats for each social platform:

Social Media Preferred Video Format

Image Board: Social Media Preferred Video Format

Obviously, all of the social media platforms support MP4, so MP4 must be your best video format choice for online sharing on social media.

Besides, MP4 is widely accepted by editing software. Most of video editing apps like FlexClip export its videos in MP4. What's more, MP4 is a common format that is compatible well with many devices.

Tip:More information about the specs for uploading video on social media platforms, click here: 6 Video Sharing Sites You Should Never Miss.

3.2 Best Video Format for TV and Computer | AVI and MOV

Big screens, like TV and computer, call for high definition videos. To meet the high quality, AVI and MOV are your best choice.

But high-quality videos usually take up more spaces, so you need to make sure that your hard disk has enough spaces.

3.3 Best Video Format for Websites | WEBM

WEBM is a royalty-free format intended for HTML5, and it is supported by most modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Besides, it has a small size, making it very easy to stream, so it can load quickly on your website in a flash, so the viewer won't have to wait for too long.

Part 4 Package: FlexClip Video Maker/Editor

FlexClip is the easiest-to-use and powerful video maker/editor that supports upload multiple video formats, such as MP4, MOV, M4A, and WEBM. What's more, it can offer the high-quality MP4 video format in 480P, 720P, and 1080P without any quality loss when you download your video.

If you need a video in MP4 format, go to FlexClip right now! It can help you to make one with great ease. Besides, it can also help you to convert other formats to MP4 quickly and easily, like MP3 to MP4, M4A to MP4.

FlexClip Overview

Image Board: FlexClip Overview

Final Words

There is a huge variety of video formats available, what's the best video format? It mainly depends on where your video is used. We hope our advice on choosing the best video format can give you some inspiration to find your way for video making and editing.

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