Best Online Text Intro Makers that Captivate Your Audiences from the Start

Last Updated: 2023. 11. 23

A text intro is a 3-5 second pure clip in the very beginning of a video with text as the main object. It aims to capture the readers’ attention, provides a brief overview of the video, and sets the tone for the rest of the text. It also contributes to brand recognition, or professionalism of the video presentation.

Text Intro Video Templates

Cinematic Intro
Cinematic Intro
Use This Template
Animated Sport Intro
Animated Sport Intro
Use This Template
Logo Intro Fire Lion Run
Logo Intro Fire Lion Run
Use This Template
Live Breaking News Intro
Live Breaking News Intro
Use This Template

Text intro is easy to create. Find a video background you like, add some fancy text, you are done with creating a text intro. Yet, it is hard to create an outstanding text intro. You might need to animate the text, use unique fonts, and visual effects. A cool text intro maker can save you from lots of trouble.

This is an unbiased post about the best text intro makers in the market with a detailed analysis of their features, and resources. Yet before diving in, let’s check the most crucial factors you must take into consideration while choosing a text intro maker for you.

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What to Consider While Choosing a Text Intro Maker

  • Ease of Use: To make a text intro, you might need to animate the text, use your own font, or more. All those features mentioned require complicated operations. To speed up the process, a text intro maker that is easy to catch up is crucial.
  • Customization: To distinguish your text intro from others, you need to explore different fonts, styles, sizes, colors. Do check if the text intro maker allows you to customize your video easily.
  • Templates and Resources: The more resources, the better text intros you can make. Pre-made text intro video templates spur your creativity.
  • Compatibility: Some text intro makers work better online, some work better on computer desktop, while the rest works best on mobile phones.
  • Pricing and Licensing: If you are a one-time user, you might prefer a free text intro maker. For frequent creators, you will need a professional text intro maker with which you can improve your editing skills, even if they can sometimes be expensive. Additionally, check if the licensing terms allow you to use the text intros you created commercially.
  • Free & Paid Text Intro Makers Online

    Online text intro makers mean more text intro templates to get started quickly, and ease of use. That’s why we put online text intro makers first.

    FlexClip - AI-Powered Text Intro Makers

    You can create a text intro without downloading or registering today! With FlexClip, you can make all edits online. While working on a text intro, no sluggish issue will occur. By the way, all projects will remain confidential. Your ideas are always safe at FlexClip.

    FlexClip Text Intro Maker Online

    FlexClip Text Intro Maker Online

    Create a Video View Templates

    Key Features of FlexClip

  • Over 5000 elegant video templates are there for you to customize or boost your creativity. All video templates are free to use.
  • Rhythm Text Color Flicker Opener
    Rhythm Text Color Flicker Opener
    Use This Template
    Animated Text Intro
    Animated Text Intro
    Use This Template
  • Easy customize to change text fonts, color, size, opacity of the text intro. You can even upload fonts, or enter text in 3D style. The process will be easy and simple.
  • Animate the video text with a variety of animations like fade in, fade out, wave, bounce, typewriter.
  • FlexClip Text Editing Features

    FlexClip Text Editing Features

  • Customize the background of your text intro video so that the background video perfectly matches the text.
  • Add background music or sound effects to enhance the overall effect of your text intro video. Choose from over 10000 music tracks and SFX and apply it to your video.
  • Rich transition effects make video clips and different elements go smoothly, giving the whole video a professional and polished appearance.
  • AI-powered text-to-speech feature helps you speak out anything on your video. No worry if you are speaking minor languages. You can find 200+ voices in 140+ languages.
  • FlexClip Text to Speech Feature

    FlexClip Text to Speech Feature


  • Free to download 720P videos. 1 stock video and audio to use. Maximum 12 projects.
  • $9.99/month for 1080P video downloads. 5 stock videos and 5 audios to use for per project. 30GB cloud storage, and 100GB video hosting space.
  • $19.99/month for 1080P video downloads. Unlimited stock video and audio use. 100GB video storage and 1TB video hosting space.
  • FlexClip Pricing

    FlexClip Pricing

    Renderforest - 3D Text Intro Maker Online

    Renderforest emphasizes helping people create stylish text intros. When we say stylish, we don’t mean fancy editing skills or hard-to-use tools. Browse the library with over 1000 text intro templates in different styles ranging from 3D text intro to animated text intro, pick one text intro you love and make basic edits like adding logos, editing text, changing music. A text intro is done!

    To make sure that you can always generate a beautiful text intro, Renderforest doesn’t allow you to start creating a text intro on your own. While editing a template, you can only make some basic edits. No advanced features are available.

    Renderforest Overview

    Renderforest Overview

    Reasons of Recommendation

  • Over 1000 text intro and 1M more video templates are waiting to be used. They are in different styles like 3D, futuristic, animation, music visualization.
  • Schedule posting your videos to YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and more social media platforms.
  • A large music library with BGM that’s perfect for all video clips.
  • Easy customization on resources.
  • Renderforest Template Page

    Renderforest Template Page

    The Downsides:

  • Not allowing you to start from scratch.
  • Not allowing you to add more elements to the text intro except for music.


  • Free to download watermarked 720P videos.
  • $9.99 per month to create unlimited watermark-free 720P videos. Free to access templates and resoirces.
  • $15.99 per month to create unlimited 1080P videos, with more media resources.
  • Renderforest Pricing

    Renderforest Pricing

    Text Intro Maker for Computer Desktop

    Desktop-based text intro makers have more features that allow you to make more professional edits. However, they can be quite hard to master. If you are quite new to video editing, try the online text intro makers we mentioned above.

    Adobe Premiere Pro - Professional Text Intro Maker

    Adobe Premiere Pro is an entry-level text intro maker for professionals. There are no built-in resources or already-made templates you can utilize. As for normal video effects like animation, you need to add them via keyframing.

    Yet, with Adobe Premiere Pro, you can achieve amazing results, like making text appear one by one, putting text behind a moving object, creating flashing text. The possibilities are endless. In 2023, Adobe integrates with AI to enhance the video editing experience. Adobe Premiere Pro can be used to make text-based editing, do voice-over in 140+ languages.

    Adobe Premiere Pro Text Intro Maker

    Adobe Premiere Pro Text Intro Maker

    Reasons for Recommendation

  • You can create lots of visual effects with Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other Adobe products.
  • AI integration that fosters the video editing experience.
  • The Downsides

  • Adobe Premiere Pro is not friendly for editing vertical videos.
  • It is too hard to operate when creative edits need to be made.

    Pricing: $29.99 per month.

    KeyNote - Text Intro Makers for Mac Users

    With KeyNote, you can also use it to create a text intro. Since it was first launched to create presentations, you can find all animation, shapes you are using on Microsoft PowerPoint. It is also easy to use KeyNote. Find any shapes, lines, or animations, you can add them to your text intro video in clicks.

    Since KeyNote is part of the Apple System, you can utilize other Apple devices, like iCloud to sync your text intro across all iOS and Mac devices, utilizing photos and videos stored on Media, adding comments for better collaboration.

    KeyNote Text Intro Maker

    KeyNote Text Intro Maker

    Reasons for Recommendation

  • Seamlessly integration with iCloud, iMovie to make text intro creation easier and faster than ever.
  • Rich animation, shapes, lines, text fonts to utilize.
  • Easy to create a text intro with KeyNote.
  • Price: Free for Apple users. Windows or Linux users have to pay $20 dollars to buy.

    Text Intro Maker for Mobile Phones

    If you want to add text intro videos to YouTube, Instagram and other social media platform, a text intro maker for mobile phones are the best for you. Since the screen of mobile devices is relatively small, you need to pay more attention to refine the details.

    CapCut - Best Text Intro Maker for TikTok

    CapCut now works across all platforms, but it still works best on mobile devices. Seamlessly integrated with TikTok, you can utilize all popular elements on TikTok and use it on your text video. You are still able to find and customize some text intro templates that have already won lots of likes on TikTok.

    Besides offering popular elements and templates, CapCut offers premium features like a green screen, chroma key, keyframing that allows you to create all sorts of effect, like putting a video below the text, masking the video with different shapes, animating the video masking.

    CapCut Text Intro Maker

    CapCut Text Intro Maker

    Reasons of Recommendation

  • All sorts of popular elements and text intro templates, making sure your video gets the most views.
  • Advanced features like masking, chroma key, keyframing, allow you to make stunning effects.
  • Seamlessly integration with TikTok. You can just one-click share to TikTok on CapCut.
  • The Downsides:

  • Some premium features and resources are behind the paywall.
  • Require a phone with great hardware to process video clips and photos well.


    Free version comes with limited features and resources. Subscription price starts from $5.99.

    Intro Maker - Stylish Text Intro Maker

    As its name suggests, Intro Maker emphasizes helping people create videos. Whether you want to create a text intro for game videos, YouTube videos, you can find relevant animated text examples and animated backgrounds to compose a nice text intro. Lots of already-made text intros are there to level up your work.

    Intro Maker doesn’t allow you to make many edits. You can only change the text font, color, spacing, add some music to the video clips. Moreover, it should integrate a music library into the application.

    IntroMaker Text Intro Maker

    IntroMaker Text Intro Maker

    Reasons for Recommendation

  • A large selection of text intro templates in different styles for different purposes.
  • Animated text and background resources for you to enrich your text intro.
  • Download the watermark-free text intro for free.
  • The Downsides

  • The free version of Intro Maker contains ads.
  • Short of music resources. You can only upload your own music track to the text intro video.

    Pricing: Free

    The Bottom Line

    That’s all for 6 text intro makers in the market, each comes with different features. In terms of pricing, ease of use, and features, we recommend you try FlexClip, a text intro maker online that doesn’t set up any limitations on using resources and features. Besides, it comes with AI features that fasten the text intro video creation process. No more hesitation! Pick a text intro template you love and get started before anyone else!

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