How To Make Teaching Videos Or Record Instructional Videos? - An Easy Tutorial

Last Updated: 2023. 06. 07

Briefs: Teaching videos are a very effective way to share knowledge and course. Come with us to find easy free ways to make & record instructional videos for various requirements.


When people don't understand a thing (i.e., a concept/technology/course), they are likely to search related teaching videos online for help. Also, instructional videos allow a teacher to share his/her class with a much larger population & get more useful feedback.

Part 1 - How to Make a Teaching Video Using FlexClip for Free?

FlexClip Video Editor is a powerful, online video editing & video capture tool. It helps edit all kinds of footage & videos, and record video of whatever is on the screen (You can record from videos, browsers, live Windows, streaming services, and more).

Teachers can make use of it to prepare a teaching video for class and after class. For both students and teachers, FlexClip is convenient & useful to download a course video online via screen capture. (You don't need to install anything. Greater is that it's free to download your screen recording/teaching video.)

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Key Features about FlexClip Video Editor for Teaching Videos:

  • Record teaching course on computer screen from the entire screen, any application windows, or browser tab.
  • It allows you to record instructional video via webcam or screen capture.
  • Compile & edit your screen recording, illustrations & graphics, and tutorial videos at one go.
  • Add texts/scripts, upload audio/record voice to assist your visual teaching.

How to Make a Teaching Video using FlexClip Video Editor?

Step 1 Pay a visit to, hit [Make a Free Video], and go [+ Start From Scratch] to start a teaching video project from zero.

Launch a blank video project for teaching video.

Image: Launch a blank video project for teaching video.

Step 2 Upload your teaching footage, tutorial pictures as storyboards for your teaching video. You can also record some teaching courses via webcam or screen capture (i.e., PPT, experiment, etc.).

Upload teaching videos and images.

Image: Upload teaching videos and images.

Step 3 Add decent intros and outros to your teaching video by following [+Storyboard] > [Add Stock Media] and search "intros"/"outros".

Find & add intros/outros for your teaching video.

Image: Find & add intros/outros for your teaching video.

Step 4 Edit your teaching video. You can add voiceover, scripts, or change the speed of each video storyboard.

Step 5 Preview and download your teaching video to an MP4 video in 480P, 720P or 1080P.

Part 2 - How to Record Instructional Videos with Online Screen Recorder?

For hard-to-learn courses, it's beneficial for students to record/download the course video, then they can replay & recap the course.

RecordCast is an advanced yet convenient way to record courses online. Here are concrete steps to record versatile instructional videos.

Step 1 Head to RecordCast -, and go [Start Recording].

Click recording button.

Image: Click recording button.

Step 2 Choose your screen capture mode from 3 types - Screen + Webcam, Screen Only, or Webcam Only. (Screen + Webcam will render picture-in-picture video recording.)

Choose a recording mode to capture your instructional video.

Image: Choose a recording mode to capture your instructional video.

Step 3 Choose your audio recording option. There are "Microphone + System audio", "Microphone", "System audio" and "No audio" altogether for you.

Choose recording audio for your instructional video.

Image: Choose recording audio for your instructional video.

Step 4 Select where you want to record the course: Entire screen, a browser's tab, or application Windows(i.e., recording word, PPT, OneNote, MATLAB or a programming studio).

Select the playing tutorial video to record.

Image: Select the playing tutorial video to record.

Step 5 Finish recording to download the instructional video.

Part 3 - Five Teaching Tools That Assist You to Record/Make a Teaching Video

Besides these apps making/editing/recording a teaching video, there is a list of useful tools for online courses and classes.

  • MS OneNote - OneNote is an intuitive document software that allows users to add math graphics and equations.
  • MS Office - Office is very useful to explain writing or language lessons. Teachers can use it to correct writing papers, make notes, or make a conclusion.
  • MS PPT - Power Point is a welcome educational software among teachers and students. A coach/teacher can try explaining his presentation while recording a teaching video.
  • DesignCap - Visuals & illustrations are the best way to say something clearly enough. And DesignCap will help you create a table, chart and illustration fast.
  • XP-PEN - Sometimes, the teacher wants to write something/draw something in his instructive video. And an XP-PEN can help.

Part 4 - Suggestions for an Effective Teaching Video

What merits should a good teaching video have? Here are answers from thousands of students and audiences. And you can consider these points when making your own teaching video:

  • Clear & easy to see. (Bold, large font)
  • Smooth, not choppy.
  • Speak naturally, don't talk like a robot.
  • Make it funny.
  • Make video short and to the point.
  • Don't blur the video image.

Part 5 - The End

It's not difficult to make a teaching video or record an instructional video, as long as you've found the right tool to use, for instance, FlexClip & RecordCast.

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