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3 Easiest Ways to Compress Video File Size Online Free

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Summary:Do your video file take up too much space on your hard drive? Want to watch videos on the phone but the device is out of memory? Some software and web can help. We’ll take a look at the Best 3 ways to make your video file smaller.


Image board: reduce video size online

Technically, there are 2 methods to reduce video size without any quality losing. For one thing, you may shorten your video. If you cut down some unnecessary footage, that will reduce your video file size.

For another, removing the audio also enables to make your video smaller. Some videos are beneficial from their audio, but others not, or it’s not that necessary, in this way, you can reduce the file size.

However, if both of them doesn’t work for you, try the following ones.

How to reduce video file size

Basically, the size of video file has impacted by 3 elements: resolution, encoding, and bitrate.

Resolution is what we often said the number of pixels. It’s presented as a width and height measurement such as 1920 × 1080.

recommended resolution

Image board: Recommended resolution

So you may ask which resolution should I use. Actually, it’s based on which device you may use to watch your video. For example, if you need to watch it on large screen, such as TV, you can stream in 1440p or 1080p.

Although I know many of you pursue a higher-definition (4K) watching experience, if the display of the screen is not good enough to reach 4K or 1080p, that means the 4K-resolution video is useless. Therefore, the most suitable for device is the best.

The next one involves how much information is transmitted in every second. Here are some recommended bitrates for different frame rates and sizes.

recommended bitrate

Image board: recommended bitrate

Note Although variable bitrate allows you to go above or below the target birate, it will give you less control on video file size, so you may wanna avoid to select this option.

The last but not least is encoding, we highly recommend using H.264 encoding with MP4 encoder. In this situation, this is an effective and efficient way to compress your video.

3 Easiest Ways to Reduce Video File

1.FlexClip video maker

If you want to reduce the video file size on a regular basis, you can consider FlexClip which gives more options to edit video and process clips.


Image board: Use FlexClip to delete unnecessary footage and audio.

If possible, cut down the unnecessary footage and mute the voice, and then export the video. You can choose which quality you want, including 420p, 720p and1080p (H.264) with MP4 encoder.


Image board: Use FlexClip to export H.264 video encoding with MP4 encoder.


As one of popular video-compressing web, you don’t have to download any app. And it’s quite easy to use. Upload > Change the speed and bitrates (Review the recommended bitrates and frame rate) > Compress


Image board: PS2PDF


Head to Videosmaller, it’s completely free.


Image board: Videosmaller

The first option ‘low-compression level’, as it said, you can get the best quality, but it won’t reduce your video file size as much as standard compressor.

The second one you can choose the different resolutions to scale the video file according to your demands and my recommended resolution form.

Last, again removing audio is a good way to reduce your video file.

The Bottom Line

Wish these 3 online webs can help you make your video file smaller. Just remember the most important thing is to find the balance between high video quality and low file size.

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