How to Make a Reaction Video to Wow Your Audiences

Last Updated: 2021. 07. 20

If science, lab, chemistry are all you portray while referring to reaction videos, then you are out of date! There are loads of interesting reaction videos on YouTube that show how people react to an item (a movie, TV show, a video, photos).

A reaction video contains two parts. The main chunk of the window displays the reaction and a small square window on the corner plays the item that the people is reacting to. Interesting expressions in the video will be made into emojis or GIFs by audiences.

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Reaction Video Example

Then how to create a reaction video?

To Make a Reaction Video, Find Something to React to

The trend is to react to are music, movie, news or record your reaction while playing games. It doesn’t have to specific kind of video. It can be something you love or hate. But in order to make your reaction more dramatic, try something that can arose your extreme reactions.

Your facial expressions alone may not be interesting enough. Here are other things you should keep in mind. First, if you like the item you are going to react to, make it clear to the audience, vice versa if you hate it. Secondly, be honest, never constrain any of your emotions. Moreover, use body language, or talk to others.

After deciding on what to react, you have to decide on which platform to go. You can create a reaction video with your phone or computer. Refer to the part you need.

Make a Reaction Video on Computer

To make a reaction video on computer, you will need a screen recorder and video editor with the picture-picture feature. In the market intermingled with the good and bad, we recommend you the free tool RecordCast.

Here’s how to use RecordCast to create a reaction video.

Step 1 Visit and click on the Try Video Editor button.

Step 2 Upload the video you want to the Stock section and apply it to the timeline.

Step 3 Click on the Webcam Recorder to record your reaction while watching the video.

Step 4 The video you record will be download to your computer. Upload it to another timeline.

Step 5 Click on a video and drag its corner to zoom in, now you have a reaction video.

Make a Reaction Video on Phone

It seems impossible to record the video you are watching and your reaction at the same time with a phone. But TikTok has Duet feature that is extremely helpful to assist the production of reaction video. Let’s see how to create a reaction video with TikTok on any mobile devices.

Step 1 Download TikTok to your phone. Find the TikTok video you want to react to and tap Share.

Step 2 Select React. The video will be download to your phone.

Step 3 Select the camera and place the reaction video frame where you want it to be.

Step 4 Set up filters or other effects you like and start recording.

Step 5 After finishing recording, share your video to TikTok or save it to your phone.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to make a reaction video. If you find the methods above are helpful, please do share it with others.

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