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How to Make a GIF? - The Ultimate Guide to GIF

Last Updated: Oct. 09, 2021

Briefs: The article covers everything about GIF. Follow us, you can effortlessly make a GIF from JPGs/PNGs, videos and YouTube, with Photoshop, GIMP or online. Check our "How to GIF" animation tips below to find your own GIF solution!


What Is GIF File? GIF Size? Dimension? Animated GIF Length?

Fun GIF Image from GIPHY: Confused Simpsons.

What is GIF? GIF, also called "Graphical Interchange Format" or CompuServe's GIF, is a bitmap image either moving/animating or still. GIF is invented by USA computer scientist Steve Wilhite on 15 June 1987.

Any GIF standard size? There seems to be a web etiquette when making a GIF, People tend to make their GIF file size as small as possible, and in most cases, GIF size is around 20Kb & no larger than 1M. GIF compression is inferior to the compression of PNG & JPEG/JPG, and that makes GIF top edge - its small size by compromising image quality.

GIF dimension? There exists no standard for GIF dimension, but you should know that the dimension will also decide the size of your GIF file: GIF file size = GIF length pixel * GIF width pixel * the number of frames.

So the smaller your GIF dimension is, the smaller & more friendly your GIF will become.

How long can an animated GIF be? The same, there is no restriction on the length of a GIF. While some platforms have ruled it. (Such as, GIPHY suggests uploading a GIF no more than 6 seconds and it won't accept a 15 seconds plus GIF.)

How to Make a GIF Online (with Videos or Images)?

Having photos or videos, but you want a GIF? Look no further, here comes an awesome online way to make your own GIF from images and videos easily.

FlexClip provides tools you need to make a custom GIF that'd be centerpiece at any place and all people can enjoy for a long period of time. It'll help you merge images into a GIF or turn video clips to a funny emoji with only a few tweaks, such as, speed changing, text adding, etc. Its preset templates, especially memes, will give you some creative thinking and push the boundaries of GIF design.

  • Step 1 Open a blank project, or choose a template to start off.
  • Step 2 Upload your videos, images as new storyboards. Or, take advantage of visual stocks.
  • Step 3 Edit a storyboard by adding text, changing speed, and many more to customize your GIF-making.
  • Step 4 Once you are satisfied with the GIF, go [Export] > [GIF] on the top left.
  • Step 5 Bingo! You have your animated GIF now, which you can share to Facebook, Messager or anywhere.
So Now What Meme
So Now What Meme
Try This GIF
Stay Positive Meme
Stay Positive Meme
Download This GIF

How to Convert Images to A GIF?

If you want to make a GIF with a sequence of images, then you need to master at least one Image-to-GIF converter to combine images as frames for a GIF.

There are dozens of image-to-GIF converters you can use, and their editing support varies, including, powerful Photoshop, advanced GIMP, and a wide range of simple online GIF makers.

#1.Photoshop GIF: How to Make & Edit a GIF in Photoshop (with Images)?

  • Step 1 Open an image project in Photoshop, and add several images as layers.
  • Step 2 Active Timeline Windows by [Window] > [Timeline].
  • Step 3 Select all images in layer and hit [Create Frame Animation]. Click the setting icon on the top right of Timeline interface and hit [Make Frames From Layers].
  • Step 4 Edit each frame for your GIF. You are allowed to set duration of each frame, the order, text style or image editing. If you want your GIF animation to loop, switch loop mode from "Once" to "Forever".
  • Step 5 Export your GIF image. Go [File] > [Export] > [Save for Web], and choose "GIF" format to save.

YouTube: How to make & edit an animated GIF with images in Photoshop?

#2.GIMP GIF: How to Make a GIF with Images in GIMP?

  • Step 1 Import all images as layers in GIMP. Go [File] > [Open as Layers...] and select all images.
  • Step 2 Edit and change the order of each image.
  • Step 3 Generate these layer images as a GIF. Go [Filters] > [Animation] > [Optimize (for GIF)].
  • Step 4 Preview your GIF by [Filters] > [Animation] > [Playback...].
  • Step 5 Export your GIF with [File] > [Export As...]. Rename the save with a name extension of "GIF" and hit [Export]. Check [As animation] and [Loop forever] to export.

YouTube: How to make an animated GIF from images in GIMP?

How to Convert Video to a GIF?

Whether you are with a computer, smartphone, or tablet, you won't find it a trouble to create a GIF from a video. GIPHY is a famous video to GIF web service that's extremely easy to use. GIPHY supports users to upload a video or paste a video link and generate a GIF online accordingly.

  • Step 1 Land GIPHY - Find [Create] on the top right of the interface and give it a hit.
  • GIPHY makes an animated GIF from video/pictures.

    Image: GIPHY makes an animated GIF from video/pictures.

  • Step 2 GIPHY allows you to upload a video/a dozen pictures to make a GIF.
  • Step 3 Choose start time and duration.
  • Step 4 Edit your GIF with text/caption, stickers, filters, or draw something randomly.

How to Make a GIF from YouTube?

Find a hilarious moment by watching YouTube and want to make a GIF to share? We've found an easy online app - YOUTUBE CUTTER ( - that will help you make your GIF without any hassle.

Make a GIF from YouTube video easily online.

Image: Make a GIF from YouTube video easily online.

  • Step 1 Copy the address of a YouTube to YOUTUBE CUTTER.
  • Step 2 Select which parts you want to make a GIF.
  • Step 3 Choose GIF as the filetype to output.

How to Edit a GIF without Photoshop?

If you want to edit a previous GIF or a download GIF, then an online GIF editor - Gifntext is an effortless way to edit your GIF image quickly.

Gifntext helps you edit a GIF without PS.

Image: Gifntext helps you edit a GIF without PS.

  • Step 1 Visit Gifntext at its homepage:
  • Step 2 Submit a GIF URL or upload your GIF for editing.
  • Step 3 Edit GIF freely. In this step, you can change GIF speed, add texts & images(jpg, png, svg, etc.), reverse GIF or resize GIF.
  • Step 4 Generate your editing GIF.

Tricks of Making a Fun/Silly/Popular GIF

  • Slow down or speed up the speed of animated pictures.
  • Add funny/opposite texts to GIF image.
  • Reverse/backplay a GIF.

At Last

You should know that it's not difficult to make a GIF as long as you have grasped the right tool. With only a few minutes, anyone can work out a social and commercial GIF with these solutions.

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