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How to Make A GIF from Photos or Videos Online?

Forewords: Check the simplest online ways to make a free fancy GIF out of photos or videos with us.

GIF is always the unplaceable type of photos. GIF memes and GIF expressions enrich our lives and help us spread happiness, humor, kindness and real feeling. They are everywhere!

Fancy GIFs are spreading like viruses and help brand our egos: Seeing funny GIFs, people are eager to re-share it, which makes GIF phenomena (over a million shares, or over a billion shares). Some genius businessmen see business opportunities in GIF traffic, study the phenomena, and make a fortune by using GIFs in their business promotions.

Have you ever believed that making a GIF is tricky? This article will offer you several simple approaches to make a GIF from photos, TV shows, YouTube videos or online movies.

How to Make A Gif from Photos?

When we have a bunch of photos and would like to make them automatically play like a movie, two ways are available:

One Way is to place them in sequence and generate a GIF.

The Other Way is to join pictures to a video. (If you prefer this way, will reveal the functions to make your video for free. )

FlexClip turns pictures to a video.

Image board: FlexClip turns pictures to a video.

The mainstream picture to GIF makers have the ability to make a GIF from pictures with the following steps:

1.Upload pictures of JPG, PNG online.

2.Adjust the order of pictures. Define canvas size, animation speed, and set whether to play frames in loop.

3.Preview and download your GIF made from pictures.

Top 5 Picture to GIF Makers Free Online

To name a few, you won't like to miss top 5 picture to GIF makers online for the creation of expressions or memes. They offer the shortcuts to make a quick but cool GIF from JPGs, PNGs or even animated GIFs.

#1.GIFMakerOrg -


Image board: GIFMakerOrg screenshot.

GIFMakerOrg allows you to upload 2000 frames most (not 2000 pictures, a GIF picture consists of many frames). You can edit the sequence of the frames and preview it.


  • *Support 2000 frames max.
  • *Allow you to control GIF size, animation speed, repeat mode and even reduce GIF size.
  • *You can basically upload any image in any format, especially supports PSD files.
  • *Output watermark-free GIF for free.


  • Haven't found any yet.

#2.Ezgif -


Image board: Ezgif screenshot.

With Ezgif, it's a breeze to create an animated GIF from pictures in a format of GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF or other types. You can upload up to 2000+ images, copy or hide an image from the play. If you like to let a picture move faster, check those Delay inputboxes under the uploaded images, they are the easiest way to do it.


  • *Support uploading 2000 photos. Allow 6M Max in size for each photo.
  • *Output watermark-free GIF for free.


  • *It takes a while to figure out some options for customization.

#3.GIFMakerMe -


Image board: GIFMakerMe screenshot.

Though having an ugly interface, this simple, ADs-embedded free online GIFMaker still wins the heart of many GIF users. It's fast to upload pictures and set other options for your GIF.


  • *Support 300 pictures top.
  • *Allow you to control GIF size, animation speed and repeat mode.
  • *Output watermark-free GIF for free.


  • *Its music URL option is not functional. (Background-music free)

#4.FreeGIFMakerMe -


Image board: FreeGIFMakerMe screenshot.

This is a simple tool to make GIF out of JPG and PNG. If you've uploaded a GIF along with other still images, it will not interpret GIF correctly, thus no frame showing for GIF. It only offers 4 fixed sizes and 5 speeds to choose from, that's a pity.


  • *A very basic tool to turn JPGs and PNGs to a GIF.
  • *Output watermark-free GIF for free.


  • *Very limited options for customization.

#5.ImFlip GIF Maker -


Image board: ImFlipGIFMaker screenshot.

ImFlip GIF Maker is the last recommendation in the list. Making a GIF from photos is easy. You can set the sequence, quality, delay time, width & height. But pay attention to those GIFs you've uploaded, in the final output, it will be just one frame, but not several motion frames that an animated GIF should have.


  • *A very basic tool to turn JPGs and PNGs to a GIF.
  • *Output watermark-free GIF for free.


  • *Upload GIF as a still image.
  • *Free edition allows a resolution no larger than 360 * 360. So it'll resize the graphics proportionally.

Exclusively, for GIF memes, you may hope to try on Giphy GIF tool -, where you can add meme words of all kinds. We don't list it in the top 5 list, since it runs much slower to generate your GIF.

How to Make Your Own GIF from A Video?

Have fun on the Internet? You always see those GIFs converted from movies & episodes hilarious and eye-catching. Besides just download some ready-made GIF memes online, you have another option to make your own GIF through Imgur.

Imgur is not only the GIF collection platform, but also has a GIF Maker to turn a video to a GIF online and make it your GIF meme.

You just need to search for the movie link (YouTube video, Facebook public video) and paste it to Imgur GIF Maker, then you will see all the options and where to go.

With knowing how to make GIF memes and expressions, you won't be satisfied with a normal GIF. In the next part, we compile great tricks to take your GIFs to the next level.

What Makes A GIF Meme / GIF Expression Popular & Successful?

Study those rampant GIFs, we've found that their designers have made 2 adjustments to their GIFs:

*Trim contents, concentrate on exaggerated facial expressions or those scenes that everyone has a deep impression on.

*Add a couple of words to make a contrast or to resonate with most people.

Just examine your GIF and make sure your GIF has the 2 things above, then your GIF would have the potential to be popular.

GIFs VS Videos

Basically, GIFs and videos have a lot in common: They are both composed of frames and they share animated scenes as information.

GIFs are frequently used in chats, communities, social media platforms, and other informal occasions, to help express what people fond of, or what they are thinking about. It's easy to render but with no regular size, resolution quo, nor quality standard. (Remember those dotted GIF? – Funny but…Hmm, that's it.). Any user can view a GIF via a browser. A fancy GIF spreads fast and prevails perhaps half a year at most.

On the contrary, videos are more serious products, with restrictions on resolution, quality, colors, etc. They even have codes for it.

Comparing with GIF, videos are suitable for all occasions and can achieve HD or even much higher quality. Usually, you will find them at a much larger size than GIFs. To play video content, end users must have a video-format-compatible player and hit the "play" button.

Note: Regarding the graphics quality, video has a resolution of 480P(SD), 720P(HD), 1080P(HD, Blu-ray), 4K(Ultra-HD) on a large scale. For GIF, there is no standard for resolution, and most of the high-quality GIFs are either converted from a video or made by Photoshop.

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