Top 8 Free Screen Recorder and Video Editors Online

Last Updated: 2023. 06. 08

What makes the best tutorials, video lessons, etc? Detailed explanation, plus a clear screen record video. Without any doubt, you need a nice screen recorder. A screen recorder with video editing tools will be preferred. Here in this post, we will introduce you the top 10 free screen recorder and video editors. Check the list out and figure out their pros and cons. Get started to read now!

Top Free Screen Recorder with Video Editors List

Screen Recorder and Video Editors Top 1. FlexClip

FlexClip, once thought to be an excellent video editors, has added screen capture feature recently. When it comes to screen recording, you can easily choose to record the screen or use the webcam to record yourself. Besides, the screen shoot video quality entirely depends on your screen definition. You don’t need to worry about the video quality. The supporting video editing tools are also quite powerful and easy to use. What’s more, millions of music, photos, video clip resources are available for all! Most importantly, it is completely free!

Image Board: FlexClip Overview

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1. No experience. No professional skills required.

2. Easy trim and edit.

3. High quality video.

4. Fast exports.

Screen Recorder and Video Editors Top 2. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic ranks as the second because it can record the screen and yourself at the same time. No need to search for another tool to combine the two together. Its shortcomings lie on its editing tools. After recording, you can only use its trim tool. To have extra editing features, you need to subscribe.

Screencast O Matic Overview

Image Board: Screencast O Matic Overview


1. Picture in picture feature.

2. Easy to use screen capture and webcam tools.


1. Extra editing tools require subscribe.

2. To record screen and webcam, you need to download a launcher to your computer.

3. All operations can be sluggish.

Screen Recorder and Video Editors Top 3. WeVideo

WeVideo’s online video editor makes it easy and fun to screencast, edit and publish. Sign up and the log in, you will be able to record the screen and yourself. WeVideo provides you both timeline and story mode to edit your video. Whether you are experienced or totally green in video editing, you can make video edits easily and effectively.

Wevideo Overview

Image Board: Wevideo Overview


1. Free video editing and screen recording tools.

2. Double video editing modes for different users.

3. Works on iOS, Android, Chromebook, Windows.


1. Free version has limitations on video recording, video editing tools and video resolution.

2. Sign in is required.

3. Mac is not supported.

Screen Recorder and Video Editors Top 4. Screencastify

Screencastify is a free screen recorder for Chrome. Record, edit and then share, the whole process will only take you a few clicks. You can record screen and webcam at the same time. The recorded video will be in full resolution. The matching video editing tools include only trim and annotation tools.

Screencastify Overview

Image Board: Screencastify Overview


1. Full HD resolution.

2. No watermark.

3. One-click to upload to YouTube.


1. On free version, you can only record up to 5 minutes per video.

2. The free version only contains trimming and annotation tools.

Screen Recorder and Video Editors Top 5. Clipchamp

Besides Clipchamp’s video editing tools, its screen capture and webcam tool are also worth trying! Easy recording, easy sharing. Please note that you can’t use the screen capture tool or webcam at the same time. This program is great, but it watermarks your video or charges people for editing.

Clipchamp Overview

Image Board: Clipchamp Overview


1. HD resolution.

2. Powerful editing tools.


1. It charges you on using tools or watermarks your video.

2. The free version only allows you to upload 5 videos for each project.

Screen Recorder and Video Editors Top 6. ScreenApp.IO

ScreenApp.IO is one of the simplest and the fastest way to capture your screen. It works perfectly on Windows and Linux’s Chrome, Firefox and Opera. No download, no installation, no sign-up. Go to its main page, you can start to share your screen. Before download, you can do some basic trimmings.

ScreenApp.IO Overview

Image Board: ScreenApp.IO Overview


1. No sign ups, no download.

2. No watermark, no need to pay.

3. Fast downloading.


1. No webcam tools.

2. No other editing features.

3. Limited platforms are supported.

Screen Recorder and Video Editors Top 7. Hippo Video

Hippo video helps you create awesome videos by using your webcam, screen capture and audio in HD quality! It is always free to do your recordings and Hippo Video’s editing tools are excellent, including trimming, text editing. However, the more editing features you need, the more you need to pay.

Hippo Overview

Image Board: Hippo Overview


1. HD resolution video.

2. Select the tools you need, and then record.

3. 7-day free trail.


1. You need to install a Chrome extension.

2. To use extra editing features, you need to upgrade.

Screen Recorder and Video Editors Top 8. Loom

Loom is designed for people in business field to communicate more effectively. However, you can also use it to record your screen or a specific app.  Via this recorder, one can easily record a high-quality video instantly and share those files simply.

Loom Overview

Image Board: Loom Overview


1. It is free and allows you to save videos as MP4.

2. You can add comments or notes anytime you like.


1. You need to sign up and log in.

2. No professional video editing tools.

The Bottom Line

These are the top 8 screen recorder and video editors. Do you have other recommendations for screen recorder and video editors? Tell us via Facebook.

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