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Free Online Voice Recorder: 4 Easiest Steps to Record a Voice on a PC

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Last Updated: Jan. 14, 2020

Summary: This blog shows the best free online voice recorder- FlexClip, only with 4 steps to add a voice to your video easily, but also it’s noted that set up and test your microphone on PC first.

The difference between a poor wedding filmmaker and a good one doesn’t depend on having the most experience camera and lots of gears, camera is a indispensable part though. It more depends on you, how you wanna design the story for your wedding video. Here has 8 pro tips for you guys to do yourself and film a excellent wedding video.

Intimacy between you and your audience can be increased by adding a voice. You can use different intonation to elicit audience’s different emotions. Besides recording a audio to video can help viewers understand your video well and get more engagement with viewers.

Part 1: Free Online Voice Recorder: Record Voice By FlexClip

FlexClip, asa free online voice recorder, has a good reception and quality from both speaker and microphone on PC. It provides the free online voice recording software helping you avoid the annoyance of application downloading.

Step 1:Add Your Video/Footage.

Upload the video clip that you wanna add a voice recording.


Image board: Add Your Video/Footage

Step 2: Record a Voice to Your Video.

FlexClip provides a very easy procedure to record a voice. Select the clip/story you want to add the voiceover, and hold down the ‘’ to start talking. Your voice will be record with high quality.


Image board: Record voice

Step 3: Optimize Your Video Recording.

You can adjust the length and volume of the voice recording at will to match the story and emotion.


Image board: Record voice

You are also able to mix the voiceover with the background music to deepen the theme and create an auditory feast.


Image board: Mix music and audio by FlexClip

Step 4: Preview Voiceover in the real time, and export your video.

Once you’ve finished recording, you can preview your video to make sure it’s the best effect you want.

Finally, export and share your recorded video to social media getting more views and engagement.


Image board: Preview and export your video with audio

Part 2: How to Set up and Test Microphone On Windows 10

Before recording a voice, check out the PC’s settings of your microphone and speaker first to avoid noisy and low-quality audio recording.

Set up Your Microphone

1.Right click the ‘ ’ icon in your desktop and tab ‘sounds’.


Image board: Sound settings

2.Switch to the ‘recording’ and select ‘Microphone Array’ and click into ‘configure’. Enter the ‘Set up microphone’ which can help configure microphone for better voice chat.


Image board: Setup microphone

3.Choose the type of microphone you have and click ‘Next’.


Image board: Choose your type of microphone

4.Next screen gives you some tips to match with micro type you chose. Then, the wizard provides you some words, read it aloud and click ‘Next’.


Image board: Read the sentence aloud and click ‘Next’

That’s all, your microphone is ready to use, just click ‘finish’.


Image board: Final setup

If your computer didn’t hear anything, make sure your Microphone Array is not muted and you may have more than one microphone installed, check it again and you may need do the previous screen to set it again.

Test Your Microphone

Go to the ‘properties’ to test your voice and microphone, and do some adjustment, make it better.


Image board: Test and Adjust

Bottom Line

Try these 4 steps to add a voice to your video, but don't forget to set up and test Microphone on Windows 10 first!

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