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Make HD Nature Videos with the Best Video Maker Free of Charge in a Few Steps

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  • Make HD Nature Videos with the Best Video Maker Free of Charge in a Few Steps
Last Updated: Apr. 03, 2020

Summary: Go to FlexClip main page and use this professional nature video maker to make HD nature videos in a few steps. No download, no experience is required.

Ever since Jim Brandenburg and Laurent Joffrion started to collaborate to make Nature 365 Video, this program has won much popularity. Nature videos made by the two great men are bringing more and more surprises to all people.

You might rarely have the chance to go places like Amazon rainforest, Antarctic to film nature videos, but I am sure you can travel to some places with beautiful sceneries with which you want to make nature videos.

Want to make an HD nature video but don’t know how to get started? Check this blog and get everything you need.

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How to Make an HD Nature Video

This part contains detailed steps and details on making HD nature videos. Please read them carefully and follow the steps below.

Before Making an HD Nature Video

Investment on some equipment is necessary. Besides the camera, a map and a camp, you will also need a portable charger in case of any battery drain, an external microphone if you want to do voice over and a rain cover to protect your device.

Always remember, safety is a priority. Natural areas may contain unexpected dangers. Getting familiar with the place you are heading and finding travel strategies may keep you safe.

Shoot Footages for HD Nature Video Making

Plan your storyboard. Normally, an HD nature video should contain an opening, nature scenes, animal shoots and end, and informations like the who shoot the video, where these scenes are shot, if necessary, a contact number or an URL.

Here are also some skills in shooting. Hold the camera steadily and shoot in slow motion. Capturing 60fps or more will give you more room for editing. Always position your camera at eye-level so that the nature video would be more pleasant to view. Don’t do zooming. A professional film should contain no zoomed footages.

How to Make an HD Video - Video Shooting Tips

Image Board: How to Make an HD Video - Video Shooting Tips

How to Make Edits

To do edits, you will only need FlexClip.

FlexClip is developed to help you make HD nature videos. It wins millions of users’ trust and admiration because:

* Professional Editing Tools. FlexClip is equipped with all professional tools that you will need to make cool edits, like video trimmer, music cutter, voice recorder, text editor, preview windows.

* Ease-of-use. FlexClip has a simple interface. All edits can be done in a few clicks. Even a layman can make a professional video in a few minutes.

* Rich Elements. FlexClip is equipped with 20+ types of dynamic text animations. In the near future, it will be equipped with a media library with music, photos, video clips. Please look forward.

* Professional Output. You can export your video in a 480p, 720p or 1080p HD. The nature video created with FlexClip will always be professional.

Make an HD Nature Video - FlexClip Overview

Image Board: Make an HD Nature Video - FlexClip Overview

Here is how to make an HD nature video with FlexClip.

# Step 1. Go to FlexClip main page and sign up for free. Click on Get Started - Free to create a new project.

# Step 2. Add all your materials to the storyboard by clicking the "+" button.

# Step 3. Click on Text on the sidebar to add text and logo to the storyboard. Click on Music to upload MP3 audio files and then set it as background music.

# Step 4. Preview and save. Preview the HD nature video you edited, continue editing or export.

Bonus Tip: How to Make an HD Nature Video Go Viral

Social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are crucial if you want to make your HD nature video go viral. Try to post your video to as many as platforms as you can. If you have some friends making YouTube video, make sure you mention each other. By the way, learn some SEO skills. Make the description and the title relevant to the content of the video. This is extremely helpful to win more views.

Besides the video quality, you will also need time to make a video go viral. Be patient.

The Bottom Line

With above steps, you can surely make an HD nature video. As you can see, FlexClip is an excellent nature photo effect video maker. It can also help you make travel video, promotional video. Go to its main page and explore more.

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