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Last Updated: 2021. 11. 24

The much-awaited Christmas season is fast approaching! And this year's celebrations are probably merrier than the past couple of years. Strict implementations of quarantines and social distancing have been lifted. Also, people can now travel locally or internationally but still with proper health and safety protocols.

However, some people prefer to stay and celebrate at home during these festive times since there are still a number of ways to stay connected with their loved ones from afar. And yes, sending them a heartfelt Merry Christmas GIF through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or any platform you'd like is a great idea! You don't need to spend money on scented and Christmas-designed letter papers. Also, Merry Christmas GIFs are very easy to make since there are a lot of Christmas GIF maker tools available online.

With the advancement of technology, people can now create custom GIFs whenever they want. And now that special occasions like Christmas are mostly celebrated virtually, you can send your regards to your family and friends in the most creative way possible. Not just that, you can also create a Merry Christmas GIF with sound! Amazing, right? If it's your first time to try, below are very easy steps to follow in creating customized a Christmas GIF:

FlexClip: The Best Online GIF Maker

With the numerous GIF maker tools available online, it's hard to decide what to choose best, especially for first-timers. But have you heard about FlexClip? It is an amazing online video editor that is very user-friendly and has numerous creative features to use. Aside from video content, FlexClip is also the ultimate choice of many professional animated GIF makers. So if you're looking for the best tool to use in creating your Merry Christmas GIFs, FlexClip is the answer!

The following are the three main reasons why you need to consider FlexClip:

  • Easily convert any photos, videos to GIFs with music.
  • Surely, you have several photos and videos in your gallery that you would like to use in creating your Christmas GIFs. With FlexClip, it's easy to convert your preferred photos and videos instantly with no hassle. And if you like to add Christmas music or sound, FlexClip has got you covered!

  • Rich GIPHY GIFs ready to be edited
  • If you prefer simple GIF greetings, you can just choose among several ready-to-use GIPHY GIFs on the website. You can also edit and customize them to achieve the Christmas GIF design you like.

  • No download, no watermark
  • One of the best things about FlexClip is you don't need to download it before using it. Also, unlike other online editing platforms online, Flexclip is FREE. Therefore, you can confidently save your output without worrying about watermarks.

    How to Use Video Assets to Make an Animated Christmas GIF

    Look for the "GIF Maker" on the Tools options in the upper part of your screen.

    Make an Animated Christmas GIF - Step 1

    Image Board: Make an Animated Christmas GIF - Step 1

    Step 2
    Search/Upload Your Preferred to Create the GIF Project

    Click the "Video" icon located on the left side of the screen and search for your desired video. For more relevant results, you can just enter keywords such as "Christmas," "Holiday Greetings," "Christmas tree," and more. If you prefer your own clips, you can do so. And lastly, you can trim the video and achieve the exact frames you want.

    Make an Animated Christmas GIF - Step 2

    Image Board: Make an Animated Christmas GIF - Step 2

    Step 3
    Customize the GIF

    Once you are satisfied with the video clip, you can now continue with customizing your Merry Christmas GIF. There are lots of available animations to choose from and other editing features such as fonts, color, alignment, duration, motion, and styles. If you love emojis and cute emoticons, you can also add some to your video.

    Make an Animated Christmas GIF - Step 3

    Image Board: Make an Animated Christmas GIF - Step 3

    Step 4
    Preview and Export it as a GIF

    FlexClip understands that some users have different preferred resolutions and FPS. And yes, you can also customize yours and directly download the GIF to your personal computer.

    Make an Animated Christmas GIF - Step 4

    Image Board: Make an Animated Christmas GIF - Step 4

    Bottom Line

    It's the season to share love and joy. Have you already planned how you can make traditional Christmas greetings more unique and personalized? Create a creative Merry Christmas GIF for your loved ones this year! You just need to follow the easy steps mentioned above and let FlexClip level up your typical holiday greetings. It's an easy-to-use and convenient Christmas GIF maker, and you can create as many GIFs as possible anytime you want. Plus you don't need to spend money because it's FREE! Give it a try!

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