5 Tricks to Look Good in Zoom Meeting

Last Updated: 2022. 05. 27

Zoom has proven on several occasions that it has the capacity to change the way we conduct meetings. Its usefulness was proven during the COVID-19 global lockdown. While everyone else was indoors, Zoom users were busy leveraging its usefulness. Statistics showed that the company generated $4 billion in revenue, a 53% increase in 2021, that's towards the end of the lockdown: another evidence that people leveraged the platform during the pandemic. But then, as much as Zoom plays a fundamental role in conducting meetings remotely, there is still a need to look good while on it.

It is not just enough to appear on Zoom videos; there is a need to also look good on it. So, if you are looking for how to look good at a Zoom meeting, we have taken the time to draft some tricks you need to make this possible. Just follow.

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Real Estate Webinar
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How to Look Good in Zoom Meeting

1. Keep the main light in front of you

Zoom works with the computer's webcam or the inbuilt camera, just like we have on our phones. The more light you expose to the object before it, the brighter it becomes. So, if you want to appear more gorgeous in from of your caller's screen, try to expose yourself to more light. You can use a table lamp or increase the brightness of your fluorescent light: just about anything to increase the brightness.

2. Get your camera at the eye level

Now, this is where the position of your camera plays a major role. The closer your camera, the better your appearance on the other end. So, to appear better on the screen of the other viewer, you have to position your camera up to eye level. This way, your viewer at the other end will be able to see your head down to your chest area, which is the recommended viewing angle of any Zoom call.

3. Make sure your head is in the top thirds

For your head to be on the top thirds means that you are striking a balance between your head, your body, and the camera. It is almost the same as getting the camera at eye level: it's all about striking balance.

4. Clean background

Depending on the kind of meeting you are holding on Zoom, your background should be clean. Distractions like children playing around your background, the television or audio playing in the background must be checked. Such things can easily distract your viewer, and you wouldn't want that to happen in a company meeting.

5. Good audio

While we talk about how to look good in zoom calls, it is important we also talk about how to sound on Zoom calls. As we have earlier stated, you have to avoid distracting audio sounds like TV or sound from a Compound Disk. That way, your viewer(s) will be able to concentrate.

Bonus Tip: How to Record and Edit Zoom Meeting

Although we don't recommend wearing makeup while on a zoom call, we will always advise you to edit, and to do that, you need a tool that works, and that's where FlexClip comes in. FlexClip is the world's most used video and image editing online tool. But it is also programmed with other unique features; amongst them is the feature that can help you edit Zoom calls. It also comes with easy-to-use video editing tools and rich filters and transitions to make you look better in zoom meetings.

Check below to see how you can go about this.

Step 1
Go to the FlexClip platform. Click "Media", located on the left-hand side, and click "Local File" to upload your zoom recordings.
Upload Media Resources to FlexClip

Upload Media Resources to FlexClip

Create a Video View Templates
Step 2
To trim your Zoom recording, drag your slider inwards, or better still, click on the Split tool at the power end of the platform to cut the Zoom recording into two parts.
Trim or Split the Video

Trim or Split the Video

Step 3
Click between the two zoom recording areas to add an overlay transition effect. That way, it will smooth out different videos and make the sequence more enjoyable.
Add Transition to Video

Add Transition to Video

Step 4
Add captions. Click the "Text" icon located at the left sidebar, and scroll down the slider. You can also choose from over a hundred text styles, e.g. quotes, speech bubbles, lower thirds, etc.
Add Caption to Video

Add Caption to Video

Step 5
Add Royalty-free Music sound effects. Click on the "Music" tab located at the sidebar to add sound or music to your Zoom recordings.
Add Music to Your Video

Add Music to Your Video

Step 6
Click "Videos" to choose from hundreds of Mosaic templates. (Optional). Now, it's time to click "Export" to either share or save on your local disk.

The Bottom Line

Using the Zoom platform for your meetings is good, but taking full advantage is better. To look good in every Zoom recording requires a tool that works, and that's why we will always recommend the use of online tools like FlexClip. Well, if you find this article useful, please endeavour to like and share it to reach more audience.

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