5 Best Kapwing Alternatives for Incredible Video Editing Online

Last Updated: 2024. 06. 28

Kapwing is a popular online video editor that offers both basic and advanced editing services for all skill levels. However, some users find the editing process less than satisfactory and seek a better alternative. Look no further! We've compiled a list of the five best online Kapwing alternatives, complete with pricing, pros, cons, and features to help you make an informed choice. Ready to explore more? Let’s dive in.

5 Best Online Alternatives to Kapwing You Can’t Miss

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Overview of Kapwing Video Editor

Kapwing is a web-based platform that enables users to edit videos and create content with ease. It offers extensive media resources, impressive transitions and effects, and convenient editing tools, all designed to meet your various needs without requiring third-party platforms. Additionally, with the rapid development of AI technology, Kapwing incorporates a wide selection of AI tools to simplify your creation process. These include an AI video generator, script generator, video translator, smart silence cutter, article-to-video converter, and more. All these AI features come with free credits, allowing you to try them out before making a purchase.

However, users have reported some negative experiences with Kapwing. Some complain about persistent glitches and bugs that disrupt the editing process. Additionally, the lack of a permanent storage feature (for free users) is a common grievance, as Kapwing automatically deletes files after a certain period. Others feel that the premium subscription is overpriced compared to competitors and that the service does not justify the cost. In conclusion, Kapwing may be suitable for those with basic editing needs and modest expectations.

Picture of Kapwing Website

Picture of Kapwing Website

Pros of Kapwing:

  • Intuitive and clean interface
  • Chroma key, resizer and auto audio level features are available
  • Export projects in up to 4K video quality
  • Able to export project as MP4, PNG, JPG, MP3, GIF
  • Real time collaboration and commenting to enhance efficiency
  • Support screen, camera and audio recording
  • Allow content import via links from YouTube, TikTok, or Twitter
  • Offers stock videos, audios, photos, and GIFs to inspire creativity
  • Cons of Kapwing:

  • The length for exported video is quite limited: 4 mins for free versions while 140 minutes for enterprise subscribers)
  • The free version is limited to resources, storage and editing tools
  • Some AI features are exclusive to paid users such as video background remover, image background remover, audio waveforms are more
  • Only VTT and SRT subtitle files are supported by Kapwing
  • Plan upgrade is required to unlock the entire media stock of videos, audios, images and GIFs
  • The loading and rendering process may drive you crazy
  • Free account can only upload 250MB file to this video editor

    Pricing of Kapwing:

    The price of Kapwing varies according to the version you use. Below are the details and comparisons of each plan.

  • Free: access to limited media stock and editing tools; export watermarked videos up to 4 mins in 720p; utilize AI tools in a few free credits
  • Pro ($16/m): unlimited stock assets are available; export videos up to 140 mins in 4K quality; download SRT/VTT files; storage duration lasts forever; more credits for AI machine usage
  • Business ($50/m): generate lip synced videos up to 30 minutes; more credits for AI tools Enterprise: custom plan according to your needs
  • 5 Best Online Alternatives to Kapwing You Can’t Miss

    After you’ve familiarized with Kapwing, it’s time to check the list of 5 best Kapwing alternatives. Let’s dive in right now.


    For those seeking an alternative that retains the advantages of Kapwing while addressing its shortcomings, FlexClip is an excellent choice. Known for its simplicity and flexibility, this video editor provides a robust editing experience for users of all skill levels. Its clean and intuitive interface allows users to easily find desired functions and make personal edits with just a few clicks.

    What sets FlexClip apart is its extensive library of resources, including templates, elements, text overlays, transitions, videos, audios, sound effects, and special effects, saving you the time and effort of searching the internet. Additionally, FlexClip offers a wide selection of AI tools, file formats, advanced features, and text masks to meet diverse needs and unleash your creativity to the fullest. The editing process is smooth and streamlined, so you won't need to worry about glitches issues.

    Online Kapwing Alternative with AI Tools - FlexClip

    Online Kapwing Alternative with AI Tools - FlexClip

    Get Started Now View Templates

    Pros of FlexClip:

  • Access over 6000 templates, 200+ text overlays, and millions of royalty-free videos, images, and audio files
  • Auto transcoding ensures compatibility with all file types on FlexClip
  • Supports multiple subtitle formats: VTT, SRT, LCR, ASS, AAS, SUB, and SBV
  • Freely adjust the video frame rate according to your needs
  • Generate videos by pasting a URL or post
  • Utilize text mask effects and the GIPHY text generator for more creative text possibilities
  • Cons of FlexClip

  • The free version contains a minimal watermark
  • It works as an online video editor for computer users
  • Free users can only download videos in 720p up to 10 minutes
  • Save up to 12 video projects online and a subscription is needed to get more storage space

    Pricing of FlexClip:

  • Free: export 720p videos up to 10 mins without watermark; save to 12 video projects and make edits any time; free AI quotes to use AI-powered tools;
  • Plus($9.99/m): export 1080p videos without limits on duration and numbers; save unlimited video projects; support branding feature to meet your tailored needs
  • Business($19.99/m): export unlimited videos in 4K quality; access unlimited media stock; more quotes for AI tools
  • How Does it Compare to Kapwing

    Kapwing and FlexClip share many things in common like intuitive interface but they still have distinct differences. FlexClip excels with its vast array of templates and extensive library of readily accessible resources. While Kapwing stands out with its versatile editing tools and real-time collaborative capabilities.

    #2 Clipchamp

    After being acquired by Microsoft, Clipchamp has become the built solution for Windows users to handle video editing tasks. Additionally, there are also online version and the application are available. As a simple video editor, Clipchamp provides everything needed for basic edits, including templates, text styles, transitions, filters, and more, offering a straightforward solution for simple editing requirements.

    However, if you’re looking for extensive AI functionality in Clipchamp, you might be disappointed. The platform currently offers only a subtitle generator, background removal, and text-to-speech features, limiting the AI capabilities to streamline process. Despite this, the unlimited video length and 1080p video resolution available with the free account can make up for this deficiency, especially if you don't require additional AI assistance in your creative process.

    Kapwing Alternative Online - Clipchamp

    Kapwing Alternative Online - Clipchamp

    Pros of Clipchamp:

  • Free account allows video exports up to 1080p
  • Supports screen, camera, and audio recording
  • Offers auto captions, text-to-speech, and background removal features
  • Provides multiple royalty-free templates and stock media
  • Includes an extensive library of audio, video, graphics, and stickers
  • Features a speaker coach to improve your presentation skills
  • Enables easy video edits, such as trimming, positioning, and video enhancing
  • Cons of Clipchamp:

  • Cannot export files in MP3 format
  • Content backup is available only for subscribed users
  • The online version doesn’t support importing footage from mobile phones
  • Cannot upload existing subtitle files for editing
  • Lacks team collaboration functionality
  • No option to share edited videos directly to social media
  • Does not support widely used AI tools like AI image generators and AI text-to-video converters

    Pricing of Clipchamp:

  • Free: access to limited media resources and editing tools
  • Premium: up to 4K export resolution; premium media resources; content backup
  • How Does it Compare to Kapwing

    Clipchamp offers more flexibility and functionality to free users, including 1080p exports, unlimited video length, and several AI tools. In contrast, Kapwing excels with its rich media resources and multiple AI-powered technologies, helping users stay up-to-date with current trends.

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    #3 Canva

    Most people know Canva for its powerful graphics editing capabilities. In recent years, Canva has expanded its scope to include video editing. Its video editor maintains the same style as Canva’s graphics editor: a simple interface and a plethora of template presets, allowing users to get started with just a few clicks, regardless of their editing experience.

    Canva's specific video editing features include screen recording, background removal, basic editing, and video translation. What sets Canva apart is its powerful integration with a wide selection of popular software, enabling users to leverage multiple tools without the need for additional downloads or switching software. However, for individuals focusing solely on video creation, other video editors may be more suitable due to their specialized tools and features.

    Comprehensive Online Alternative to Kapwing - Canva

    Comprehensive Online Alternative to Kapwing - Canva

    Pros of Canva:

  • Easy drag-and-drop video editor
  • Integrates with multiple popular software
  • Offer both free and paid video templates
  • Mobile users can also benefit from Canva’s video editor
  • Export videos in up to 4K quality
  • Include AI text-to-video, video translator, background remover, and text-to-speech features
  • Provide extensive video assets and music tracks
  • Cons of Canva:

  • Cannot export files in MP3 format
  • Limited free templates; upgrade needed to access more
  • No auto subtitle generator
  • Cannot generate videos by entering a URL or post
  • FPS customization is not available
  • FPS customization is not available

    Pricing of Canva:

  • Free: 5GB of cloud storage; 3M+ stock photos and graphics; AI-generated writing and designs
  • Canva Pro($165/year for one person): unlimited premium templates; remove background in clicks; 1TB of cloud storage; boost creativity with 20+ AI tools
  • Canva Team($420/year for maximum 3 persons): edit, comment and collaborate in real time; AI Admin controls; generate on-brand copy with AI
  • How Does it Compare to Kapwing:

    Canva is a well-known graphics and video editor that offers millions of resources and integrates with multiple popular software. In contrast, Kapwing focuses solely on video editing, providing a wide selection of handy features. If you need a comprehensive tool for both video and graphics editing, consider Canva. For simple video editing, turn to Kapwing.

    #4 Animoto

    If you want a pure editing journey without any AI involvement, Animoto is the perfect choice. With its drag-and-drop interface, all features are conveniently located at the top of the preview window. In Animoto, you can record screen and webcam, design text, add music soundtracks, and change video aspects, all with simple drag-and-drop actions. It also offers a variety of built-in stock, including ready-made templates, theme presets, and a music library to meet diverse needs. As a storyboard mode video editor, it is particularly suitable for creating video slideshows.

    However, Animoto has some notable shortcomings. It lacks advanced features and abundant media resources, which can limit creativity. Additionally, free users cannot download videos and can only share them via links.

    Simple Kapwing Alternative Online - Animoto

    Simple Kapwing Alternative Online - Animoto

    Pros of Animoto:

  • Easy drag-and-drop video editor in storyboard mode
  • Export videos in 360p, 720p, and 1080p
  • Support for personal customization with music, fonts, and logos
  • Hundreds of templates to meet diverse needs
  • Hundreds of templates to meet diverse needs
  • Team collaboration available to improve work efficiency
  • Various text and video styles available for use
  • Cons of Animoto:

  • Animoto doesn’t allow users to download videos for free
  • The maximum video resolution is 1080p
  • The music library includes only 3000 songs
  • Cannot record screen and webcam together for free
  • Voiceover and adding multiple songs are exclusive to the professional plan and above
  • The loading and rendering speeds can be very slow
  • Voiceover recording is not supported in Animoto
  • Frequent glitches with invalid account sign-ins occur for both Google and Apple accounts

    Pricing of Animoto:

  • Free: unable to download videos; support 720p; access to 50 royalty-free songs
  • Basic($6/m): download videos up to 1080p; no watermark will be added
  • Professional($11/m): access to 40+ fonts; capture webcam and screen together; add multiple songs to your video; browse 3000+ music soundtracks
  • Professional Plus($25/m): upload your own fonts; access 100M+ media stock; unlimited team work
  • How Does it Compare to Kapwing:

    Animoto is an online video editor that supports basic editing features with a limited resource library, making it suitable for those with a low budget. In contrast, Kapwing is designed for seasoned editing enthusiasts who have more advanced video editing requirements.

    #5 Invideo AI

    As its name suggests, Invideo AI is an online platform that leverages AI to streamline video editing tasks. From script generation to video creation, there is always a corresponding AI tool to help you achieve your goals. Additionally, informal video types like AI talking avatars and AI faceless videos are also available with the help of AI technology. In conclusion, Invideo AI is an excellent platform to experience the benefits of AI in video editing.

    However, every coin has two sides. For those who prefer manual edits, this video editor may be disappointing. Firstly, the process of entering the editor page is quite challenging and complicated, as the main page prompts you to enter text to generate videos. Furthermore, it lacks several common features, including real-time text edits, chroma key, speed curve, and freeze frame, which limit its video editing capabilities. Additionally, the maximum file size is 200MB, and the only supported video resolution is 1080p. Therefore, if you have high demands for editing capabilities, consider another option listed in this article.

    Kapwing Alternative Online - Invideo AI

    Kapwing Alternative Online - Invideo AI

    Pros of Invideo AI:

  • Over 5000 video templates to choose from
  • Create videos in any language using AI
  • Use AI cloning to create videos with a voice just like yours
  • Access millions of videos, audios, and images
  • Edit videos with text prompts
  • Team collaboration feature to enhance work efficiency
  • Cons of Invideo AI:

  • Maximum file size per upload is 200MB
  • Video exports are limited to 1080p resolution
  • Maximum video length is 40 minutes
  • Advanced features such as freeze frame, chroma key, and speed curve are not available
  • Real-time text editing is not supported
  • Accessing the editor page for manual edits can be challenging

    Pricing of Invideo:

  • Free: export 4 watermarked video per week; offer 10GB storage; download videos in 1080p; unlimited standard stock
  • Plus($20/m): voice clone feature is available; unlimited video exports; AI generator quota of 50 mins per month; 80 iStock quota per month
  • Max($48/m): storage space up to 400GB; 320 iStock quota per month; AI generation quota of 200 mins per month
  • How Does it Compare to Kapwing:

    Invideo AI is a video editor that enhances efficiency with the help of AI. However, its features for manual edits are quite limited. If you’re looking for a comprehensive platform that supports both AI features and manual edits, Kapwing is the best choice.

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    The Bottom Line

    Kapwing is an excellent video editor but lacks various features that matter a lot when unleashing creativity. In this blog, we present a list of the five best online Kapwing alternatives, detailing their features, pros, cons, and pricing. Which one suits your needs best? Make your decision and start your creative journey right now.

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