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The Complete Guide to IGTV Video

Summary:Still bothered by what is IGTV and what’s the benefits? This blog will solve you all the problems on IGTV video, and give you guys guides to upload and create the Instagram TV, which is known as IGTV. Basically, there are 5 parts to the article.

PART 1: What is and Why to Use Instagram TV(IGTV video)?

Instagram TV, which is well-known as IGTV, allows users to upload high quality, long-form, vertical videos. It, as the addition of Ins, is designed to be longer-form video than Ins story video. IGTV also enables you to like and commit the video you’re interested in.

You’ve probably seen it on Instagram. There is a symbol button of IGTV, you can click it into a totally different part.

click igtv icon in Ins

Image board: Click the icon of IGTV on Instagram.

IGTV video is a standalone app as well. Users can access IGTV with either a personal or business aim. Download the IGTV video app, you’ll see a log in screen and click it to continue.

login screen

Image board: Login screen

More Entertainment

After you’ve done login, you will see the home screen of IGTV which quite seems like traditional TV having various channels. The video will automatically play once you enter the home screen.

Meanwhile, you can swipe up to discover more — switch between “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching.”

Under this circumstance, as a viewer, you can not only share everything on your channel but also enjoy different kinds of entertainment in the feed.


Image board: Go home screen and switch up to find more

Using IGTV for Businesses

On the other hand, for one thing, IGTV helps your business boost the visibility of products and services. With its features supporting long-form content, it offers more additional user traffic to boost visibility.

For another, a study states that tutorial videos are the most popular types among video content, so marketers can promote your products by creating those types of videos to show how to use them, what experience it can bring to the audience.

Besides, IGTV can generate more opportunities for conversion and entertainment. Without a 60-second limitation, businesses are able to have more time and room for creativity and promotion. Additionally, IGTV supports you to include your links in the description of videos directing your audience towards the landing page.

PART 2: IGTV Video Specs

Before we jump into how to create channel and IGTV videos, let’s check out the specs of IGTV:

Video format: MP4

Orientation: Vertical (portrait) & Horizontal (landscape)

Length: 15 seconds to 10 minutes for normal accounts; 15 seconds to 1hour for larger or verified accounts.

Size: 650MB (videos less than 10 mins); 3.6GB (videos up to 1 hour)

Aspect ratio: 9:16 (vertical videos); 16:9 (landscape videos)


Image board: The aspect ratio of IGTV

PART 3: How to Create an IGTV Channel and Upload IGTV Video?

# 1: Step 1: For app, click the gear button in the right top corner, and then create your channel. This is also available for someone who enters the IGTV home screen from Instagram.


Image board: How to create IGTV channel

Step 2: You got your channel now, so you can click “ + ” and allow IGTV to access your album.


Image board: Let IGTV access the photo album.

Step 3: Select the video you wanna upload and then choose a frame as the cover image from your video or camera roll.


Image board: Upload your video and select cover.

Step 4:Type an attractive title and description for your video. You can post a preview that will appear on your profile and feed when the video you wanna upload is over 1min and make a visible on Facebook, too.


Image board: How to post a video to IGTV app.

#2: For Instagram web

Step 1:Go to your profile and tab in IGTV.


Image board: upload a video to Ins web

Step 2:Jump to the interface of “Add New IGTV Video”. Drag your video to the left zone. Choose the cover of your video, and it’s quite similar to the app, you can also post the preview.


Image board: how to post a video to Ins web.

PART 4: How to Make an IGTV Video?

Regardless of the business promotion or self-presentation, I know you guys wanna make a really excellent video to have more engagement with your audience (potential consumers) or your friends and families. But how? How to make a video grasping attention?

FlexClip video maker definitely is one of your best choices, which offers dozens of video templates and sound effects to let you tell a unique story. Surely, many of you already have your own video clips, like already done for a v-log video footage. FlexClip also can make your video the most one through animation text, a watermark and easy-editing

animation text

Image board: Animation-text

make your video with FlexClip

Image board: Make an excellent video with FlexClip

What’s more, if you’re still struggled by what content I should include, or how can I tell a distinctive story, you can look through the article of The Best of IGTV This Month! to inspire yourself.

PART 5: Changes to IGTV in 2019.

IGTV launched less than one year, it continues to update its features to encourage people hopping on board.

One major update is IGTV start to support the landscape videos. The original one was only for portrait videos. Instagram finally meets viewers demands and stated,

“ Our vision is to make IGTV a destination for great content no matter how it’s shot so creators can express themselves how they want.”


IGTV now support landscape video.

Another change is that Ins enables creators to publish previews of IGTV videos in their Ins feed, which is also another way to discover IGTV videos (As I mentioned, before you post your IGTV video, you can also choose post a preview).

Furthermore, so far, IGTV doesn’t monetize the content. Instagram CEO Kevin Systro has said that they are currently focused on engagement on IGTV but don’t dismiss the idea that ads on IGTV are in the future. Therefore, it’s really a good opportunity for markers to make a creative video to grasp more attention and customers’ eyes there.

The Bottom Line

Instagram TV, known as IGTV, is really one of your best platforms to share your everything and promote your business. If you wanna use social media as a way to share your excellent life or get more potential conversion, this article is definitely for you. Follow the steps and get more views.

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