How to Create Animated GIFs in GIMP

Last Updated: 2021. 08. 27
Making a GIF can be fun, but many people aren't sure how to make one. This article teaches you how to make your own animated GIF images using a free image editing program called GIMP.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free and open-source raster graphics editor used for image manipulation and image editing. It is a cross-platform tool available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and more operating systems. One of the lesser-known features of GIMP is its ability to create animated GIFs.


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Part 1 How to Make a GIF in GIMP Software

GIMP is a remarkably powerful graphic editing software considering that it is free. Just download this tool on their official website at first. Once you've got it on your computer, follow the simple instructions below to make fun and visually exciting GIFs:.

Step 1
Start GIMP on your computer, then go to File Menu > Open as Layers > Select all images you want to be in the GIF > Open.
GIMP Create GIF - Open as Layers

GIMP Create GIF - Open as Layers

Step 2
Drag your images layers in the right order as you wish in the layers tab. The GIF animation sequence will start from the bottom layer and run through each layer from the bottom up.
GIMP Create GIF - Order the Layer

GIMP Create GIF - Order the Layer

Step 3
When your images are already, go to the main menu select Filters > Animation > Optimize (for GIF).
GIMP Create GIF - Optimize

GIMP Create GIF - Optimize

Step 4
Now, you can view the GIF by clicking on Filers > Animation > Playback. Then a new window will now appear. Just click the Play button to preview your GIF directly. You can also customize animation speed and frame rate from here. Adjust the FPS and speed and preview the animation. If everything looks fine with current settings, close the animation window and return to the main window.
GIMP Create GIF - Preview

GIMP Create GIF - Preview

Step 5
To save your GIF file, go to File > Export as. From the output dialog window, name your GIF and select the save location, and set Select File Type to GIF in the new window. Now click Export.
GIMP Create GIF - Export Setting

GIMP Create GIF - Export Setting

Step 6
Finally, check As animation and Loop forever, and you can also adjust other settings if you want. Now click on Export.
GIMP Create GIF - Export

GIMP Create GIF - Export

Part2 Best GIMP Alternative to Make an Animated GIF

Most people may look for an online GIMP alternative to make a GIF without downloading and installing third-party software on their computer.

Here you only need a a robust online GIMP alternative, like FlexClip GIF Maker to turn your photos and clips into a cool gif with special effects, like text animation, filters, emojis, and even watermarks, etc. Then export it as a GIF directly, and a funny GIF with custom text and more other effects is at your fingertips.

Best GIMP Alternative -FlexClip

Best GIMP Alternative -FlexClip

Interested in this way? FlexClip GIF Maker will reveal its powerful features to make your GIF with funny caption for free.

Also, you can make a stunning video with FlexClip's pre-made video templates:

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Final Words

That's all for how to make a GIF using GIMP and its online alternative. Hopefully, with our tutorial above, you can create a cool GIF with great ease.

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