Easiest Ways to Flip/Mirror a GIF

Last Updated: 2021. 09. 14
Looking for a way to flip GIFs? This post tells you how to flip/mirror a gif in different ways, just pick your favorite way and follow our guides to flip your GIFs.

What is a Flip?

GIF flipping is the deliberate rotation of a GIF copy in any direction. GIFs can be rotated horizontally, vertically, vertically flip, and in a right-side mirror direction using a specific inputted command. Flip commands are initiated to get an accurate balance, depending on what the owner wants.

People often have trouble getting the right GIFs to do the job, hence the question "how to flip a gif” reoccurs. This is a result of a lack of adequate tools to perform this task. No need to do endless searching, you are a step away from getting the right tools you can use to mirror a GIF at will without hitches. Check the following best 5 GIF flippers and give them a try!

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5 Ways to Flip a GIF

1. FlexClip

FlexClip was originally designed as a powerful video-making and editing tool for both business and personal use. However, it also works as a GIF flipping tool. It is developed with the easiest-to-use features, and most importantly, it is absolutely free to use. It also comes with appealing editing features like animation, transitions to augment your GIF. It is also worth to mention that FlexClip is a royalty-free media resource developed with you in mind.

How to Flip a GIF with FlexClip

It is easy to mirror a GIF on FlexClip; just click the Get Started button and follow us:

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Step 1
Drag and drop your video to the Media section and apply to the storyboard. Here, remember to go to the More option to choose the right aspect ratio for your GIF, and resize your GIF image to fit the background.
Mirror a GIF Online with FlxClip - Upload

Image Board: Mirror a GIF Online with FlexClip - Upload

Step 2
Click and open the "Flip" tab to mirror your GIF using the flip feature. Click and select either Flip Vertical or Horizontally.
Mirror a GIF Online with FlxClip

Image Board: Mirror a GIF Online with FlexClip

Step 3
Before you export your GIF, you need to click the Adjust Time icon on the top right of the screen to make your GIF duration fits the storyboard.
Mirror a GIF Online with FlxClip - Adjust Time

Image Board: Mirror a GIF Online with FlexClip - Adjust Time


Ezgif is one of the easy-to-use online GIF makers in the market. It is also the perfect tool for people who are not too familiar with animated GIF editing platforms. This one also allows you to resize, create, convert Video to GIF, Resize GIFs, or crop your GIF. Achieving this is very simple:

Step 1
Go to the "Rotated" option on the homepage.
Step 2
Click on "Choose File" to upload your GIF.
Step 3
Click on "Upload" and wait for it to load up.
Flip a GIF with Ezgif

Image Board: Flip a GIF with Ezgif


Veed is another platform initially designed to make stunning videos in just one click. Some other features include adding subtitles, cutting, and trimming videos. You can also make, edit, and convert videos to GIFs. There are lots more you can do on this platform. And most fun of it, you don't need any account registration to proceed. To flip a GIF:

Step 1
Click the menu option.
Step 2
Click "GIF Editor" under the "More" section.
Step 3
Upload your GIF and edit (rotate).
Flip a GIF with Veed

Image Board: Flip a GIF with Veed

Step 4
Export to your preferred location.


This online GIF tool offers users the opportunity to work with animated images using a collection of relevant online-based utilities. Some features include playing a GIF frame by frame, crop a GIF animation, converting GIF to a sprite sheet, etc. There are no major shortcomings on this site, it is just that the design is a bit old. To mirror a GIF:

Step 1
Go to the home page and select the "Rotate a GIF Animation" option.
Step 2
Use the first box to select the GIF; use the second to rotate it.
Step 3
Click on "Copy to Clipboard".
Flip a GIF with Onlinegiftools

Image Board: Flip a GIF with Onlinegiftools


This platform gives you all you need to come out with the perfect GIF. It is fast and easy to use. It allows you to flip a GIF in simple clicks. To flip a GIF image on this platform:

Step 1
Upload the GIF you want to flip.
Step 2
Select GIF flip orientation - flip horizontal or vertical.
Flip a GIF with Imageonline.co

Image Board: Flip a GIF with Imageonline.co

Step 3
Click "Flip Image".

Final Words

We will always recommend the use of FlexClip, which has been certified (based on) popular review as the best flipping tool in the market. It has been proven to have a fast task completion rate, perfect coping features, etc. Give it a try! If you find this post helpful, please do share it with others.

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