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Best Facebook Cover Video: Setting, Dimension, Resolution, Format

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  • Best Facebook Cover Video: Setting, Dimension, Resolution, Format
Last Updated: Apr. 03, 2020

Summary: This blog shows you excellent Facebook cover video templates and right Facebook cover video size including dimension, resolution&formats, size&length. Besides it also introduces you free online software to change the specs for perfect cover video size.


Image board: Facebook Cover Video Size

With 2.38 billion monthly active users watching video on Facebook every day, Facebook cover video as one of them are also making a big deal.

When Facebook users visit your page, the cover image is the first impression and good introduction for them. This is an important opportunity to show and promote your brand, products and services.

Facebook Cover Video or Images?

According to Renderforest survey, 78% of users get more traffic to their pages after using videos and 54% of users increased their sales. What’s more, in 2019, 93% of users consider video as a priority. So, the result is obvious. Video creation should be your first choice!

Now, let’s see what’s your perfect Facebook Cover Video Size to give your potential customers best viewing experience and get more traffic and sales.

Facebook Cover Video Size: Perfect Dimension & Aspect Ratio


For PC, Although Facebook announces that cover video requires 820 x 312 pixels at least, the optimal dimension of Facebook Cover Video is 820 x 462 pixels. For mobile devices, the cover sides will be cut off, so 640 x 360 pixels is best for your mobile Facebook cover video.

Aspect Ratio

The defaulted aspect ratio of Facebook cover video is 16:9. Therefore, if you upload a 4:3 vertical vision to cover, it may add black sides into your video which destroys the viewing experience.

So how to change video aspect ratio?

FlexClip video editor can change video aspect ratio easily and quickly. Just upload your video clips to FlexClip, and then go to ‘setting wheel’ to change the aspect ratio for right Facebook cover video size. Last, export the new video in 16:9.


Image board: Change aspect ratio by FlexClip

Facebook Cover Video Size: Perfect Resolution & Format

Although Facebook cover can accept many video formats, but it highly recommends upload a cover video in .mp4 or .mov.

Moreover, the best recommended resolution of Facebook cover video is 1080p (1920 x 1080 p). 1080p is usually known as ‘Full HD ’ resolution. The most professionals now exports videos in 1080p.

How to Convert Video Format And Resolution?

◎ Upload your video file into FlexClip video converter

◎ Choose ‘MP4/Mov’ format and ‘1080p’ resolution, in addition, you are able to select ‘high’ exported video quality with FlexClip.


Image board: Convert resolution by FlexClip video converter

◎ Export the new MP4/Mov video in 1080p with high quality!

Facebook Cover Video Size: Right Size & Video Length

The length of Facebook cover video should reach at least 20 seconds but not exceed 90 seconds. As you can see, cover video is quite like a min advertisement on Facebook.

For size, Facebook recommend cover video maximum size is 1.75GB. And when you upload Facebook cover video we recommend you not to add too large video file in case to slower users’ browsing speeds.

Facebook cover video size is too large, what should I do?

Reduce video Size for Perfect Facebook Cover Video Size

You can use many free online video compressor to reduce your Facebook cover video size. Please visit the blog, it shows you the best 3 ways to make your video size smaller.


Image board: Reduce video size online

Setting: How to Upload Facebook Cover Video?

What you need to notice is that Facebook cover videos are only accessible to business pages, so if you gonna to use personal account, you will miss the joy of cover video.

Uploading Facebook video is quite easy. Cover your mouse to the top left corner of ‘film’ button, select ‘Upload Photo/Video’. And Repeat the steps if you wanna do some changes. And, make sure every specs is correct before uploading.

Templates And Examples

Try out these right cover size and do some changes for perfect Facebook cover video size. Furthermore, there are some Facebook Cover Video Templates And Examples to give you more inspirations. Come to FlexClip video maker to learn more Facebook video templates.

Facebook cover video for education

Making a promo cover video to promote your business. Your Facebook cover video definitely is one of the best advertisements!

Education-Facebook Cover Video

Facebook cover video for book store

Create a Facebook cover video of your book store, giving your customers a comfortable impression. Moreover, don't forget add the details of your shop location, let users can find you quickly and easily.

Book Store-Facebook Cover Video Template

Facebook cover video for real estate agent

FlexClip video maker helps you create a real estate video in minutes without any professional design skills.

Real Estate-Facebook Cover Video Template

Facebook cover video for clothes shop

Show your newest arrival or sales promo by Facebook cover video to attract more attentions.

Clothes-Facebook Cover Video Template

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