How to Easily Make a Black Friday Sales Video That Sells (Store & Online Sales)

Last Updated: 2021. 11. 23

Black Friday sales mark the start of the annual holiday shopping season in the US. It falls on the Friday (Nov 26, 2021) after Thanksgiving, just two days ahead of Cyber Monday.

Can you believe it? In 2020, US shoppers spent a total of $9 billion on Black Friday sales, according to Adobe Analytics, even with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As shoppers scramble to find the best Black Friday deals for their loved ones and themselves, to your business, the Black Friday sales are a once-in-a-year opportunity to boost sales and build brand loyalty to customers.

So, in this post, we will walk you through how to create captivating Black Friday ads using free and chic Black Friday video templates and offer proven strategies to make your Black Fridays sales take off in this year’s holiday shopping season.

Black Friday Discount
Black Friday Discount
Use This Template
Black Friday Super Sale
Black Friday Super Sale
Use This Template

Here is what you will learn:

How to Make an Engaging Black Friday Sale Video in Minutes

To launch a successful Black Friday advertising campaign, one of the crucial issues is to properly manage your advertising budget. It’s especially true for small retail and online businesses like yours.

So, there is no need and no time for you to afford a professional camera crew to produce a professional-looking Black Friday sale video. A great solution to quickly and perfectly get the job done is using a free and versatile online video editor that offers you custom Black Friday templates and easy-to-use video editing tools.

In this case, a go-to-choice for you to make high-quality Black Friday ads is FlexClip, a feature-packed in-browser video editor that abounds with Black Friday video templates and 4M+ royalty-free videos, music, sound effects, photos, and dozens of handy video editing tools to make creative Black Friday best buy videos in minutes.

Use all-in-one FlexClip video maker to make Black Friday sale videos

Why You Will Love Using FlexClip to Make Black Friday Ads?

  • 4M+ royalty-free stock assets including high-res videos, photos, and studio-like audio, etc.
  • Thousands of fully-customizable designer-made video templates, including Black Friday discount, Black Friday ads, Black Friday bust buys, Black Friday flash sale, Black Friday clothing, fragrance, shoe sale, etc.
  • Tons of custom text animations, including Black Friday sale, lower thirds, news titles, profiles, minimal titles, speech bubbles, quotes, call-out titles, search bars, location titles, etc.
  • Direct access to GIPHY’s trending GIF assets
  • Other video tools like dynamic elements and background, overlays, trimmer, video speed controller, merger, transitions, picture-in-picture effect, various aspect ratios, etc.
  • Export in MP4, animated GIF, and Directly share to YouTube and Dropbox
  • Step 1
    Select a Black Friday Template to Start a Video Project

    Visit FlexClip’s Black Friday template page > pick a Black Friday sale template, preview, and hit the “Customize” button. Then the premade template and audio will be loaded in FlexClip’s video editor.

    Select a free Black Friday sales template

    Select a free Black Friday sales template

    Step 2
    Upload Your Video and Photo Assets to Replace the Original Ones

    Once you upload your videos and photos, simply drag and drop them in the video. FlexClip will automatically swap it with pre-made ones. You can adjust its position, motion, and transition, etc.

    Upload your photo or video assets and replace those in the templates

    Upload your photo or video assets and replace those in the templates

    Step 3
    Customize the Text Animations for Strong Call-to-actions

    Use the text tool on the left sidebar > add custom text animations. From Black Friday Sales titles to lower thirds, profiles, quotes, search bars, etc. you can fully unleash your creativity to make an original Black Friday sale video.

    Customize the animated texts and elements in the video

    Customize the animated texts and elements in the video

    Besides, all the fonts, color scheme, style, motion, timing, etc. are also fully-customizable. You may even upload your fonts to add a personal flair to your Black Friday ads. While the cool dynamic elements and GIF assets are also handy to further jazz up your video.

    Step 4
    Add Music to Bring Your Black Fridays Sale Video to Life

    If the video content is the king, then music is the queen. Go the the “Music” tab on the left sidebar > search one or multiple BGM or sound effects to add them to your Black Friday sales video. You can trim it to adjust its duration and timing to match your video. Make sure the music hit on certain beats highlights particular scenes.

    Add music or sound effects to Black Friday sales video

    Add music or sound effects to Black Friday sales video

    Step 5
    Preview and Export the Video

    Done with the editing. You can export it into an MP4 file or an animated GIF. With one click, you may also share it to your YouTube channel or your Dropbox. Pretty convenient.

    7 Proven Strategies to Make Your Black Friday Sales Ads Convert

    To make your Black Friday ads convert, you need more than creating an engaging Black Friday sale video. We’ve interviewed dozens of seasoned retailers both in stores and online and put together their experience and successful stories to work out the following actionable advice for you.

    In other words, these 7 tips are proven strategies to convert your Black Friday sales into profits. So, let’s find out together.

    1. Plan Your Black Friday Sales Ahead

    Though the Black Friday sale is officially on the Friday after Thanksgiving in Nov, many retailers actually set out to prepare the Black Friday sales before Halloween or in the middle of Oct.

    So, what you can do is set tangible sales goals and an affordable budget for your Black Friday sales. You can add a countdown timer or an eye-catching banner on your homepage, shopping app, or place flyers in your stores or on the checkout counter.

    2. Use Weekly Newsletters to Inform Customers

    Using newsletters or Emails is a proven way to grab your customers’ attention and allure them to visit your website or store for the best Black Friday deals or best buys available.

    Use newsletters to inform customers about Black Friday sales

    Use newsletters to inform customers about Black Friday sales

    You can use FlexClip to make a Black Friday sale video and embed it in the email or offer a clickable link on YouTube. Use bold or capitalized words with eye-catching colors to show your customers how much savings they can enjoy during the Black Friday sales and discount.

    A small trick is you may use words like “As parts of our exclusive/VIP clients, we email you before anyone else…”. These small strategies will greatly boost the brand loyalty to your customers and pave the way for winning Black Friday sales.

    3. Launch “Hourly Special Deals” Policy

    The “Hourly Special Deals” or “Deals of the Hour” is an ultimate weapon to arrest targeted customers’ attention to your website and shopping app.

    Walmart Black Friday sales: hourly special deals

    Walmart Black Friday sales: hourly special deals

    To do so, you offer one special offer every one hour or sell certain products for scheduled special prices and discounts. By doing so, your customers will come back and visit your site every hour and see what best Black Friday sales they can get.

    4. Add New Products on Black Friday

    There is no better way to prompt customers to shop than offering the newest items or new arrivals. Try adding new items shortly before Black Friday kicks off and upgrading your online and brick-and-mortar store with a fresh look.

    Or another great practice is to display your newest items in the store with eye-catching graphics or banners saying “Black Friday Exclusive”.

    5. Up the Discount Game In Multiple Ways

    Apart from the traditional “Buy One, Get One Free” tactic, you may up the game by offering rare giveaways for orders or purchases above a certain amount. Or offer inexpensive gifts around $2 for the minimum purchase. Incorporating these discounts or gifs awards with fun games will yield a better result.

    6. Offer Free Shipping

    Special Black Friday discount is great. Free shipping would be the icing on the cake. According to the statistics, over 88% of the customers say they are more likely to shop in stores if they offer free shipping.

    So, during the fierce Black Friday sales season, offering “Free Shipping” would help you gain the favor of customers over other rivals without such preferential policies.

    There are three more things to mention. Do raise your price to cover the margin of profits for the free shipping; add the “Free Shipping” tags to the promoting products or over the checkout page; choose a reliable shipping service to maximize the chance for timely delivery during the hectic holiday shopping season.

    7. Extend the Black Friday Sales to Cyber Monday

    Since Cyber Monday is only two days after the official Black Friday sales, it’s highly advisable to promote all your Black Friday products through Cyber Money (Nov 26, 2021- Nov 29, 2021).

    Or you may promote both Black Friday sales with Cyber Monday sales all together as a whole package. It’s all up to your convenience.

    Now, It’s Your Move

    Having discussed so much about making Black Friday sales videos and Black Friday sales strategies, you must have tons of inspiration to kickstart your Black Friday advertising campaign. So, firstly, let’s start by making a thumb-stopping Black Friday sales video by FlexClip, now! Hopefully, you can convert more leads into sales while your customers can get the best deals on this Black Friday.

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