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TOP 12 Marketing Ideas For Black Friday Sales 2019

Summary: Black Friday is coming, are you ready to promote your offers? There are 12 marketing ideas to help you for Black Friday promotions 2019.


Image board: Black Friday sales

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. It is the day after Thankgiving, retailers heavily promote their offers in the shopping season.

Although it’s said that the traffic of Black Friday and Thanksgiving in 2018 fell as much as 9 percent from 2017, the overall sales continue to soared 16.7 percent over the performance in 2017 with online shopping witnessed a record $6.22 billion in Black Friday in 2018.


Image board: Retailer sales

Buying online is the most popular option for shoppers in the holiday season with up 73 percent from Thurs to Fri to have a click-and-collect order.

So how to seize the opportunity to have the business driven and what retailers need to do in Black Friday to achieve their economic magic?

12 Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Black Friday Deals

1. Create a Gift Guide

A gift guide can categorize your products effectively and help your customers find what they want efficiently.


Image board: Gift guide

Add a Collection or Write a Blog to create a gift guide for your Black Friday’s promotion.

Create a collection: create a product tag with the same name, and add the tag in the products’ page, it will generate that collection automatically.

Write a blog: Writing a relative blog to absorb more attentions, which also is an effective way of SEO. If you want to rank in a good place on Google, you can learn from the top ranked article and similar guides. Write your article featuring more products and meeting more demands to get higher conversion.

If you can understand or there are lyrics in the background track, then listen carefully and search for a line or repeated ones on Google or other browsers.

2. Make an Attractive Facebook video ad or Promotional Card


Image board: Facebook video ad

Take your promotion on social media, Make sure you prepare your design and materials in advance.

FlexClip is a very good business video ad maker for everyone, and remember choosing the right advertising video style that fits your products.


Image board: A template of business video ad by FlexClip video maker

If you consider a flyer or poster is easier way to publicize your sales plan, you can use DesignCap to make effective and catchy flyer or posters.


Image board: Flyer and posters

After having full preparation, post your flyers/posters to social media and forums. Don’t forget add the hashtags and answer customers’ questions, in this way, you can provide a better experience and they’re more likely to click in and buy the products.

3. Have a Landing Page For Black Friday As Well As Cyber Monday.

For SEO, if you create your landing page for just that one day, you aren’t able to rank top results on Google, make sure you have a landing page that serves for Black Friday all the year. In this situation, consumers can search for the offers and sales in the weeks or say whenever they want.


Image board: Example of landing page

4. Create a Discount Coupon or a Code for Online and Offline

Using coupon or promotion code to stimulate the consumption. Take your time to create a printable one or electronic code of price discount for your store and online visitors. You can even make it available to send the coupon into their inbox.

And for e-commerce platform, you can combine the coupon with the code, let customers choose where they want to use it, online or offline.


Image board: Example of coupon with code

5. Promote The Sales on Your Website

According to Nomiscom Web Design, only 50% of retailers will use their home web page to promote their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers. So if you seize the chance, you will welcome more customers, and make sure you lead your customers to a effective landing page.

6. Send Out an Email Campaign

Email still is an important way to promote your products and offers. You can categorize your customers first by location and what they bought before. After segmenting users, what you need to do is to personalize your emails with specific offers for users in different regions.

For emails, the most important thing is make customers open your email. Therefore, make sure you have a clear, attractive and effective subject line.


Image board: Example of gift guide email

7. Create a Chatbot

Greeting your visitors, offering some special deals and answering their questions can really increase their sense of service experience and get higher conversion.

It’s even better, if you have human interaction to have a meaningful conversation, they may ask or answer what kind of deals customers like and give them relative gift guides, even they can offer a personal discount.

Having a chatbot is really a great way to provide excellent users' experience for e-commerce store. It not only connect the online robot, but also offline, let them download coupon or give them some suggestions to have more engagements.


Image board: Example of chatbot: DesignEvo

8. Limited-hour Deals

Surely, you can have a main discount to say everything is 30% off, but you can also offer a 60% off for a certain product in only 1 hour generating sense of urgency, in this way, to catch more customers eyes and enhance the brand awareness.

Make sure you share the limited-hour discount banner on your social media or homepage of your website.


Image board: Limited-hour discount: Banner-sales Ad

9. Offer a Free Gift

Make customers know they can get some free gift if they buy combined worth $40 or buy any stuff in your shop. And surely don’t charge of the shipping for the gifts. For example, if a women bought clothes, you can give away some earrings for women or tie pin for men.


Image board: Free gift offer

10. Extend Your Sales From Black Friday to Cyber Monday

With the growth of e-commerce, Cyber Monday evoked. Most e-commerce retailers extend their sales to Cyber Monday, discount sales happen in all full four days. You can make Black Friday as the main day for retailers starting to Best Buy and then extending it to 40% off. Trust me you can engage more customers and sales in this situation.

11. Offer a No Questions Asked Return policy

As many retailer store, they will offer 30-day money back guarantee without questions. When you mange your e-commerce shop, you can also show them this policy.

You can show more care for your customers themselves but not only for the money, and many of them will come back.


Image board: 30 days money back

12. Offer a Product or Service Bundling

Most of consumers may buy more than one product or service, so why not create some bundles beside the discount. You can show the value and upfront of the bundle and provide a good deal.


Image board: Product bundle

Bottom Line

Try these most popular 12 promotional ideas to welcome more potential customer in Black Friday both online and offline.

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