How to Auto Generate Captions with Premiere Pro

Last Updated: 2023. 03. 31

Adobe Premiere Pro, one of the leading video editors in market, has the most powerful editing tools. However, nothing has stopped it from evolving itself. In 2021, Adobe team added auto-generate caption feature, which is a big improvement.

If you have added subtitles to video manually, you will know how tedious and tiring this work is. You have to listen to what people are saying, manually type in every sentences, and make sure the subtitles matches the video. Auto-generate caption feature saves you from all those troubles.

Here in this post, we will show you how to automatically generate captions and subtitles with Premiere Pro. Follow the steps below and get started.

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How to Auto Generate Captions and Subtitles with Premiere Pro

Step 1
Download Premiere Pro to your computer and launch it.
Step 2
Select your audio layer, click on the Text tab.

If Text tab just doesn’t show up, click on the Window option next to Help, you can see the Text tab.

Step 3
Create Transcript window will pop up. Select your language, click on Transcribe.
Step 4
Wait a few seconds. Premiere Pro will finish transcription very soon. Once the transcription is done, you can make a few changes on these texts if you want.
Step 5
Click on Create Captions.
Step 6
Change the caption settings if necessary, for example, maximum length of the characters, minimum duration, subtitle styles. Most people will leave everything at default.
Step 7
Click on Create. Now, your subtitles are done.

How to Auto Generate Captions with Premiere Pro

An Easier Way to Auto Generate Captions

If you find the steps to generating subtitles with Premiere Pro is hard to follow, then there is an easier way to go. FlexClip is a great video editor with auto-generate-caption feature. The AI-based auto-generating feature guarantees 100% accuracy. After uploading the video, FlexClip will auto-detect every single words and perfectly sync them to the video. What’s better, you can pick the best font and color, and then apply them in one click.

Here is how to generate subtitles with FlexClip automatically.

Step 1
Add Media

Launch FlexClip, drag and drop your video and audio files to it and apply to the timeline.

Step 2
Auto Generate Subtitles

Click on Auto AI Subtitle, choose the language and subtitle styles you like. FlexClip will start generating subtitles.

Step 3
(optional) Edit The Subtitle

If you need, change some texts, change the duration of the subtitles.

Step 4
Download and Share

Share the subtitle video via short link or download to your computer.

An Easier Way to Auto Generate Subtitles

Final Words

That’s all for how to generate captions automatically via Premiere Pro. Besides that, we also showed you an easier way to generate subtitles automatically. If you find this post helpful, please do share with others.

By the way, FlexClip is also an shortcut of creating all sorts of videos and making all sorts of video edits. Do remember to give it a try!

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