5 AI Manga Generators Able to Create High-Quality Manga Art

Last Updated: 2024. 01. 25

AI is now taking over time-consuming and repetitive tasks from us. Though it still has a long way to be creative, the latest model can create unique, stunning manga with the prompt or images you provide.

Now, let’s dive in to explore the power of AI and the best AI manga generators in the market. Here’s what you will learn.

Table of Contents

Part 1. What’s an AI Manga Generator

AI Manga generator uses models like Dall.E 2, Midjourney to generate manga images based on the prompt you give, or turn an ordinary selfie into manga. It simplifies the manga creation process and saves lots of time.

The technologies behind AI manga generators are easy to catch up with. The first is Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). After studying and analyzing millions of photos, it can understand the elements inside them, and then create a brand new one based on the prompt you input and the previous study.

The second is style transfer. It can detect all elements in an image, and then turn all visual elements into another style while preserving the original content.

AI manga generator has some shortcomings, no matter how powerful the model it is using. It may miss some details of your prompt. It may also have problems generating natural eyes, hands, and postures.

Part 2. How to Choose an AI Manga Generator

To choose an AI manga generator that meets your needs most, here are some key factors to consider.

  • Define Your Purpose
  • Some AI manga generators turn your photo into manga style, some AI manga generators create brand new manga based on prompts, while some can do both. Do check the AI manga generator’s feature.

  • Price
  • Developing and training an AI model takes a large sum of money. Even though there are free access to AI, the majority AI manga generators are not free.

  • The Style
  • Using different AI manga generators may result in different outcomes. We are not saying any AI generates bad manga, but you might not like the style of the output. Anyway, images from the same AI generator are of the same style.

  • Check the Credential
  • If you feel like generating a manga image for business, you have to pay attention to the credentials. Some AI tools don’t allow you to generate anything for commercial use.

    List of the Best AI Manga Generators from Text/Photo

    FlexClip - Free Online AI Manga Generator from Text

    FlexClip is an AI manga generator integrated with the latest generative model to quickly create compelling, realistic manga images with just text prompts. No matter how weird your idea is, FlexClip’s AI manga generator can always create satisfying results.

    Key Features of FlexClip’s Manga Generator

  • Generate high-quality manga images with two different modes with textual prompts, without missing important details.
  • Photo editing features like adding filters, adding text, speech bubbles to help level up your manga image.
  • Free to generate and export manga images in high-quality, without watermark. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can always regenerate as many times as you like.
  • Fast generation speed. Get satisfying manga images instantly.
  • The Downsides of FlexClip’s AI Manga Generator

  • Continuity is a big problem for FlexClip. You can’t generate manga images of the same character doing different things in different places.
  • You can only save the generated manga image as PNG.
    AI Manga Generator FlexClip Overview

    AI Manga Generator FlexClip Overview

    Generate Manga Images


  • Free to get 5 times of generation each month, without costing tokens, watermark on the output.
  • $9.99 per month to generate 2400 times per year.
  • $19.99 per month to generate 6000 times per year.
  • AI Manga Generator FlexClip Pricing

    AI Manga Generator FlexClip Pricing


    We recommend FlexClip for those who have never tried any AI tools. Its simple interface, detailed guides are extremely beginner-friendly. Also, the generated manga image is of high quality. You can use it as a profile or create a video.

    However, FlexClip is not suitable for those who want to create a manga series, because it can’t generate images using the same character.

    ZMO.AI - Manga Generator from Both Photos/Text

    ZMO.AI can analyze, enhance facial features of a photo, and then generate natural-looking manga images with 30 different anime filters. Creating a completely new manga image from textual description is also supported.

    Key Features of ZMO.AI’s Manga Generator

  • Generate manga images with prompts in more than 30 styles, different resolutions, aspect ratio.
  • Be more specific by excluding things you don’t want on your image.
  • Turn your photo into manga in multiple styles.
  • Edit the manga photo by adjusting image reference strength, copying contour, copying pose, adding sketch to image.
  • The Downsides of ZMO.AI’s Manga Generator

  • The generation speed is quite slow. It takes nearly half a minute to create one single manga image.
  • ZMO.AI is inconsistent from time to time and requires lots of trials before getting a satisfying result.


  • Free to get 10 credits and access 3 models in library.
  • $59 per month to get 30 credits and 10 models in library.
  • $199 per month to get 100 credits and 10 models in library.
  • Verdict

    If you are creating manga images for fun, you will certainly love ZMO.AI. It has many generation models to better meet your different needs.

    We must say ZMO.AI is too expensive. $59, 30 credits only allows you to generate only about 120 manga images.

    AI Manga Generator ZMO AI

    AI Manga Generator ZMO AI

    Adobe Firefly - Professional AI Manga Generator

    Adobe Photoshop is the leading software to process photos, and Adobe Firefly is the AI-powered photo editing software. You can use it to generate new manga images, remove photo backgrounds, use text prompts to replace the background, change the photo style, and so much more.

    Key Features of Adobe Firefly’s AI Manga Generator

  • Generate brand-new manga images from detailed text prompts in the highest-quality.
  • Remove anything you don’t like in the manga image and replace with new items only with text prompts.
  • Apply stunning styles or textures to words you have never seen.
  • Move any object anywhere in your manga image, just by dragging your mouse.
  • The Downsides of Adobe Firefly’s Manga Generator

  • The first model of Adobe Firefly’s output may look unnatural especially if you are generating some close-ups of a manga character.
  • Adobe Firefly is better at generating photography works, not images in a particular style.


  • Free to get 25 monthly generative credits, the output comes with a watermark.
  • $4.99 to get 100 monthly generative credits, the output is watermark-free.
  • Verdict

    Adobe Firefly is cheap, and able to generate high-quality images. However, it might have some problems in generating images in certain styles, like manga. The best practice of Adobe Firefly is modifying less-satisfying manga images with auto-fill, and elements moving tools.

    AI Manga Generator Adobe Firefly

    AI Manga Generator Adobe Firefly

    DeepAI - Manga Panel Generator & API

    DeepAI focuses on providing AI image generation API for developers, however, it is also a great tool to generate manga images for non-developers without limitations. There are several manga styles you can choose from. You can always find a manga style you love.

    Key Features of DeepAI’s Manga Generator

  • Generate as many manga images as possible in different styles, shapes.
  • Edit your images by entering a simple prompt, for instance, make the sky red, add flowers to the background, etc.
  • Colorize black and white photos in seconds.
  • The Downsides of DeepAI’s Manga Generator

  • DeepAI’s interface is full of tedious ads. You won’t be able to get rid of them until you subscribe.
  • You can’t adjust the image resolution and format. In general, the output image quality is good enough for printing smaller images, larger prints might become blurry.


    DeepAI is great for those who need lots of manga images for free. Though other AI manga generators can also generate free manga images, they offer only 5 or 10 generations. DeepAI is quite generous. It offers $5 worth of credits, which is 100 generation calls.

    The tedious ads on the interface, and the fact that you can’t level up the generated manga quality may stop you from trying it, but it is a completely green tool. It is also worthwhile to subscribe if you like the manga style it provides.


    Free 100 generation calls for everyone. After that, pay $4.99 per month to get 500 more generation calls.

    AI Manga Generator Deep AI

    AI Manga Generator Deep AI

    ComicsMaker.AI - Business Manga Series Generator

    ComicsMaker.AI turns your ideas into inspiring, jaw-dropping comic images. Use it to convert simple prompts, doodles, and reference images to a series of manga. Besides generating manga images, it also has lots of practical tools to create manga series for business use.

    Key Features of ComicsMaker’s AI Manga Generator

  • Create custom characters and keep the characters consistent across panels.
  • Create dynamic poses for your characters effortlessly to enhance storytelling.
  • Add or refine specific elements in your manga via the inpainting tool.
  • Layout your manga images in an unique style to bring a better visual experience to viewers.
  • The Downsides of ComicsMaker’s AI Manga Generator

  • You need a good knowledge of prompting. Otherwise it will only give you less-satisfying results.
  • It works slowly when using inpainting, and pose customization tools.


  • Free to generate 100 images per month.
  • $5 to generate 1000 images per month.
  • $10 to generate 2500 images per month.
  • Verdict

    ComicsMaker.AI is a blessing for those in the manga sector. It speeds up the manga creation process with the layout design, inprinting tool to polish parts of a manga image, so much more. It is also great for one-time users to get several manga images for free. However, you really need to practice skills to generate images.

    AI Manga Generator ComicsMaker Overview

    AI Manga Generator ComicsMaker Overview

    AI Manga Generator FAQ

    Can I make manga with AI?

    Yes, lots of AI manga generators can help make high-quality manga images in different styles. The algorithms have studied millions of times, and they understand every word of a prompt and create with previous information.

    What’s the best AI manga generator?

    FlexClip is the top choice if you want to create manga images. It has a user-friendly interface, most advanced image generation models, and free credits to explore manga images in different styles.

    Are AI images copyrighted?

    No, AI images are not copyrighted. All AI-generated images are not copyrighted. However, some AI generators don’t allow you to use their output for commercial purposes until you subscribe.

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