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How to Add Text to a GIF - Top 3 GIF Editors for Adding Text

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  • How to Add Text to a GIF - Top 3 GIF Editors for Adding Text
Last Updated: Dec. 31, 2020

Summary: If you're wondering how to add text to a GIF, then there is nowhere else you would rather be. After reading this article, you'll know the top 3 online GIF editor that can help you add text to a GIF online easily.

There’s no doubt that GIFs are one of the funny and exciting ways to break the news, tell jokes, and even stories on the internet. Besides, the GIFs offer a new way for us to express certain emotions that may not be well represented using words or emoticons.

More and more people love creating their own GIF by adding text to a GIF or turn their own image or clips to a custom GIF.

If you also want to add text to GIFs to show your own brand of humor, there are some easy ways to add text to your GIF using online tools.

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Top 3 GIF Editors for Adding Text

There are plenty of online GIF editors can help you add text to an animated GIF without installing any software on your computer. Here we'll show you the top 3 of them.

EZGIF is an online-based GIF editing tool with amazing features for helping users create stunning GIFs. Its online GIF text editor allows you to add your text over an animated GIF in a different style of choice without losing the animation.

Add Text to GIF with EZGIF 1

Image Board: Add Text to GIF with EZGIF 1

Upload a GIF or paste GIF URL to start adding text. And then, you can add text (subtitles/annotation) to the whole clip of the GIF. You could change colors of fonts and adjust the position of the text by drag and drop. What's more, it allows users to put text on either the whole or part of the GIF and also change the text on various frames or parts of the GIF.

Add Text to GIF with EZGIF 2

Image Board: Add Text to GIF with EZGIF 2


GIFGIFS is also a great online GIF editor that allows users to add text to a GIF in a couple of seconds. All you need to do is just upload or paste URL of the GIF, enter your text, choose font styles, then press the "ADD TEXT" button to perform the conversion.

Want to edit the text layer you created? Simply double-click on the text layer, and you can also move the text layers by drag and drop.

Add Text to GIF with EIFGIFS

Image Board: Add Text to GIF with GIFGIFS

Giphy offers various effects that can be added to animated GIFs, such as stickers, captions, filters, etc. It must be your go-to option if you need more special effects for your desired GIF.

Add Text to GIF with Giphy 1

Image Board: Add Text to GIF with Giphy 1

It is super easy to navigate tool and edit your GIFs. Just upload your animated GIF first, and start adding text with the "Caption tool", or adding stickers and filters to your GIF. The only drawback is that you must sign up and log in to start editing.

Add Text to GIF with Giphy 2

Image Board: Add Text to GIF with Giphy 2

Bonus: DIY GIFs from Your Own Photos or Clips

Want to create a custom GIF using your own photos or video clips? Although there are various online GIF makers available, we want to show you how you can create a GIF with more stunning effects that online GIF makers allow you to.

Here you only need a powerful video maker to turn your photos and clips into a stunning short video with special effects, like text animation, filters, watermarks, etc. Then convert your video to a GIF using a converter directly, and a custom GIF with text and more other effects is at your fingertips.

Interested in this way? FlexClip video editor will reveal its powerful features to make your video for free. Also, you can make a stunning video with FlexClip's pre-made video templates:

Happy Friday

Summer New Collection

FlexClip Video Maker Highlights

Comprehensive and Powerful Features

Whether you want to trim the video and music, adjust photos, change the aspect ratio, or add effects (like transition and filters), voice-over, and watermarks, FlexClip video editor has got you all covered.

Comprehensive and Powerful Features

Image Board: Comprehensive and Powerful Features

Easy-to-Understand Interface

FlexClip's easy-to-understand interface allows everyone to create videos with no video design experience required in three simple steps!

Easy-to-Understand Interface

Image Board: Easy-to-Understand Interface

Rich Animated Elements

Various dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos, and other animated elements are available for you to highlight and decorate your video and make it far more appealing.

Rich Animated Elements

Image Board: Rich Animated Elements

Millions of Royalty Free Media Resources

The extensive media library offers numerous high-quality stock resources, including photos, video clips, music tracks, and sound effects, which can help you furnish your video well.

Millions of Royalty Free Media Resources

Image Board: Millions of Royalty Free Media Resources

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