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Best 8 Webcam Recorders/Software for Mac and Windows

Last Updated: Jul. 22, 2020
Want a free webcam recorder or software to capture video from the webcam? Here we'll show you a list of the best free webcam recorders online and software for Mac and Windows PC. Let's walk through this quick guide and learn more.

Videos make us closer. No matter where you are, it can't be simpler to make a video chat with your loved ones and recording your video time can be pretty precious. Also, if you are a game blogger, you may want to record your webcam and screen simultaneously so that you could make a game video and share it to social media like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok or Instagram.

At this time, a comprehensive webcam recorder is exactly what you need. Below are our 8 picks for the best webcam recording software based on our test. Just choose a webcam recorder below and start recording your amazing videos now.


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Part 1 Best 4 Free Online Webcam Recorders


The first one lists in our free online webcam recorders recommendation is FlexClip. As an online video editor as well as video maker, FlexCip can also work as a free online webcam recorder for webcam recording and have a built-in video editor to edit your video recordings. The online video editor comes with a Picture-in-Picture feature that enables you to overlay videos and images in a single project, making it suitable for creating video tutorials or recording gameplay.

Best Free Online Webcam Recorder - FlexClip

Image Board: Best Free Online Webcam Recorder - FlexClip


RecordCast is another powerful webcam recorder you can't miss. It's an all-in-one video recording tool that allows you to capture screen + webcam, webcam only, or screen only while capturing both system and mic audio. Besides, it also comes with the built-in video editor to trim recordings, add text effects, overlays, dynamic elements, music, or adjust background colors once and for all.

Best Free Online Webcam Recorder - RecordCast

Image Board: Best Free Online Webcam Recorder - RecordCast


Clipchamp offers a powerful online recording tool allowing you to record videos directly via the web browser and share the same through various social media platforms such as YouTube, Story Blocks, Giphy, etc. You can capture videos with your computer's camera online with Clipchamp's webcam recorder on Mac, PC, Linux, or Chromebooks. Its simple interface makes it suitable for beginners.

Best Free Online Webcam Recorder - Clipchamp

Image Board: Best Free Online Webcam Recorder - Clipchamp is a free online webcam recorder tool that can help you record videos and take pictures with your webcam right in your browser. You can record longs videos with this tool and save your recorded files to computer, Google Drive or Dropbox. No download is needed, no registration is required. All you need is a web camera and stable internet connection, and then you can record your webcam videos easily!

Best Free Online Webcam Recorder -

Image Board: Best Free Online Webcam Recorder -

Part 2 Best 4 Free Webcam Recording Software for Mac/Windows

QuickTime Player(Built-in Webcam Recorder for Mac)

QuickTime Player is the pre-installed software that can work as a webcam recorder for Mac. It is basic but really easy to use, quick to launch, and free, making this software suitable for basic users. Using the QuickTime Player to capture video from the webcam is super easy. One disadvantage of using QuickTime is it does not have advanced editing tools besides trimming to help you edit your recordings. If all you need is to record your screen or yourself, it does a fine job.

Best Free Webcam Recording Software - QuickTime Player

Image Board: Best Free Webcam Recording Software - QuickTime Player

Windows Camera (Built-in Webcam Recorder for Windows)

Windows Camera is the built-in webcam recording software on Windows 10. It's easy to use on any Windows PC or tablet. It includes advanced features such as digital video stabilization and HDR mode to help you shoot clear, smooth videos. It also allows you to pause and resume whenever you want while recording your video. When you're done recording, your video gets automatically saved to your device and can also be backed up to OneDrive.

Best Free Webcam Recording Software - Windows Camera

Image Board: Best Free Webcam Recording Software - Windows Camera

Debut Video Capture (Mac and Windows)

Debut Video Capture offers a free version of video capture software that is available for non-commercial use only. It allows you to record from a webcam, record from the external device, record your computer screen, record game, and record streaming video easily. You can record videos as avi, wmv, flv, mpg, mp4, mov, and more video formats with or without sound. It's perfect for recording your screen and webcam simultaneously, which is wonderful for YouTube videos where you want to show both your screen and your facial reactions simultaneously.

Best Free Webcam Recording Software - Debut Video Capture

Image Board: Best Free Webcam Recording Software - Debut Video Capture

OBS Studio (Mac, Windows, and Linux)

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio also lets you record from your webcam. It is an open-source platform and compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. The best thing about OBS is it is completely free. The only drawback is using OBS has a learning curve, so this might be more suited for more experienced users.

Best Free Webcam Recording Software - OBS Studio

Image Board: Best Free Webcam Recording Software - OBS Studio

The Bottom Line

That's all about those 8 best free webcam recording software in this article, and you can choose one to record webcam videos quickly. In addition, you can edit your record videos with FlexClip online easily. Just choose one and start recording your videos now!

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