Record Picture-in-Picture Videos Online for Free

Last Updated: 2021. 06. 24

Picture-in-picture videos are one or more than one clip on top of another and they are all playing simultaneously. The picture-in-picture video has been used in varieties of forms, for instance, tutorial videos, product videos, educational videos.

Thanks to tools like FlexClip, which makes picture-in-picture video recording process easy and simple. Now, let’s see how to record a picture-in-picture video.

How to Record Picture-in-Picture Video Online for Free

Step 1
Go to FlexClip’s editing page and start capturing the screen and webcam by clicking the Start Recording button below. You are also welcomed to browse more video templates for more inspiration.
Step 2
Click the Recording button. Select the Screen to record your Chrome tab, application window, or full screen. Stop sharing when you are done.
Record Picture in Picture Video - Step 1

Record Picture in Picture Video - Step 1

Step 3
The recording video will be added to the Stock Media.
Step 4
Click the Recording button again. Select the Webcam and start recording. When you are done, click Stop Sharing and add recorded video to the stock media.
Step 5
Click on the “+” button on the video you want to overlay to the background video. Adjust its position, size.
Step 6
Make other edits. FlexClip provides filters, transitions, widgets, overlays. Feel free to use them!

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to record picture-in-picture video. Hopefully, you’ve found the best solution for picture-in-picture video recording. If you find this post helpful, please do share it with others.

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