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What is your purpose with FlexClip?

How to Make a Great Video Resume That Will Bag the Job in 2020

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Last Updated: Jan .14, 2020

Summary: This blog will show you some guides and tips on how to make a great video resume. Follow us and use FlexClip, an online video resume editor, to make video resume easy and efficiently.

In today’s highly competitive job market, you need to make your resume as creative and unique as possible to catch the attention of the employer. A great video CV can help you to stand out from other applicants. Compared with traditional paper resume, a video resume can make the employer get a better sense of the job seeker’s professional presentation and demeanor.

Want a video resume that will help you land a job? Actually, it is not hard to make one. Get to know the tips and steps on making a video CV by following this blog.

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Part 1 Parts of Video CV

Before you start making a video resume, you need to know the four major parts of it:

# Intro: Introduce yourself is the main feature of a resume.

# Experience summary: Emphasize experiences related to the job you’re applying for.

# Standout attributes: To make sure the viewer can know your personality.

# Conclusion: Summarize why you're the right person for the job. (Make it short but memorable.)

Part 2 How to Make a Video Resume

Now you already have a brief sense of video CVs, it’s time to get down to business.

Video Resume Footages Shooting

Before you start filming, try to find a place with simple and clear background and avoid too much noise. Practice makes perfect! Do not forget to practice a few times to create a perfect resume video. You can also shoot some "test" video to find where you need to improve, such as angle, lighting, sound or speaking speed.

Video Resume Editing

With all the footages are ready, we come to resume video editing. This is not an easy task, right? Try FlexClip, a free online video resume editor, allowing you to edit your video resume in a few steps with ease.

How to create a resume video with FlexClip

Step 1 Launch FlexClip and Get Started

# Go to FlexClip home page in Chrome and begin with the "Get Started – Free" button.

Step 2 Add Media

Make a Video Resume with FlexClip Step 2

Image Board: Make a Video Resume with FlexClip - Step 2

# Tap "+" to add video clips and photos to the storyboard from the local folder. (There are many images and videos resources in FlexClip's media library.)

Step 3 Customize Your Video Resume - Trim and Add Text, Music

Make a Video Resume with FlexClip Step 3

Image Board: Make a Video Resume with FlexClip - Step 3

# Click on the "scissors" icon in the bottom right corner to trim your video as your wish.

# Add title and subtitle for your video resume with the "Text" icon on the sidebar.

# Click on "Music" to upload music from the computer or FlexClip’s media library and then save it as background music.

Step 4 Preview and Export

Make a Video Resume with FlexClip Step 4

Image Board: Make a Video Resume with FlexClip - Step 4

# Tap on "Preview", and then export it in 480p,720p, or 1080p HD, or you can also continue editing.

Tips on How to Create a Great Video CV

01 Prepare a script. Begin with a video resume script to avoid forgetting important points.

02 Dress appropriately. Make sure you’re dress properly, just as you would for an interview.

03 Know your audience. Keep your audience in mind. Show them what they want to know, like why you’re valuable and why they should hire you.

04 Keep it brief. Make sure that your video resume is at right length: no longer than 90 seconds.

05 Be yourself. Avoid being overly serious, be yourself. Smiling and delivering your message with confidence.

The Bottom Line

This blog shows you how to make a video resume, with some useful guidelines, tips, and steps, and it also shares a free online video maker, FlexClip, for you to make your video CVs creation much easier. Find it helpful? Do not forget to share with others!

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