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How to Make a Video Resume That Will Bag the Job in 2020

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Summary: Want to improve the efficiency of your job hunt? Try a video resume to stand out from the crowd! How to make a great video CV? Check out this blog to learn everything you want.

In today's highly competitive job market, you need to make your resume as creative and unique as possible to catch the attention of the employer. A great video CV can help you to stand out from other applicants. Compared with traditional paper resume, a video resume can make the employer get a better sense of the job seeker’s professional presentation and demeanor.

Want a video resume that will help you land a job? Actually, it is not hard to make one. Get to know the tips and steps on making a video CV by following this blog.

Secretary Resume

Coach Resume

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Video Resume Script Writing

In a static resume or CV, one might prepare the script in a simple document or presentation (for this purpose you can use resume PowerPoint templates or just Google Slides or Google Docs).

Although producing a video CV involves a bit more time and effort, the first thing you need to do is also to outline the script for your resume before diving into it.

A video resume script can help you to control the structure of the video resume. So before you start writing, you need to know the general structure of a video CV:


  • Intro: Introduce yourself is the main feature of a resume.
  • Experience summary: Emphasize experiences related to the job you're applying for.
  • Standout attributes: To make sure the viewer can know your personality.
  • Conclusion: Summarize why you're the right person for the job. (Make it short but memorable.)

Here we also share an easier way for you to write a video resume script quickly, just taking cues from your written CV.

Video Resume Footage Shooting

Before you start filming, make sure that you've got fully prepared. You need to check the equipment, including a camera, a microphone, and a tripod. You also need to make sure you’ve dressed properly. Besides, try to find a place with simple and clear background and avoid too much noise.

Practice makes perfect! Do not forget to practice a few times to create an ideal resume video. You can record several trial versions to find where you need to improve, such as angle, lighting, sound, or speaking speed. Besides, recording multiple times will give you more options when it comes to editing.

Video Resume Editing

Here we come to resume video editing. This is not an easy task, right? Try FlexClip, a free online video resume editor, allowing you to edit your video resume in a few steps with ease.

How to create a resume video with FlexClip

Step 1 Launch FlexClip and Get Started

# Go to FlexClip and start making a free video. You can pick a video template to customize or start from scratch.

Step 2 Add Media

Make a Video Resume with FlexClip Step 2

Image Board: Make a Video Resume with FlexClip - Step 2

# Tap "+" to add video clips and photos to the storyboard from the local folder. (There are many image and video resources in FlexClip's media library.)

Step 3 Customize Your Video Resume - Trim, Add Text, Add Music

Make a Video Resume with FlexClip Step 3

Image Board: Make a Video Resume with FlexClip - Step 3

# Click on the "scissors" icon in the bottom right corner to trim your video as your wish.

# Add title and subtitle for your video resume with the "Text" icon on the sidebar.

# Click on "Music" to upload music from the computer or FlexClip’s media library and then save it as background music.

Besides, you can make more edits to your video resume, like adding transition effects, color grading, adding the filter, and more.

Step 4 Preview and Export

Make a Video Resume with FlexClip Step 4

Image Board: Make a Video Resume with FlexClip - Step 4

# When you finished, you can preview your resume video, if you're satisfied, just export it; if not, you can also continue editing.

Tips on How to Make a Great Video Resume

01 Prepare a script. Begin with a video resume script to avoid forgetting important points. But never read directly from a script when you are starting recording, as that causes a dull video CV.

02 Know your audience. It asks you to do a thorough research of the company you’d like to work for so that you can know your audience better. Show them what they want to know, like why you're valuable, and why they should hire you.

03 Make it professional. You must look professional in a resume video. Dress appropriately as you would for an interview and maintain a professional demeanor. Besides, you also need to pay attention to the lighting, framing, and editing so that you can produce a resume video looks more professional.

04 Keep it brief. Since the people’s attention span is so short, you need to keep your video resume brief and make it at the right length: no longer than 90 seconds. Any video longer than that is unlikely to be watched.

05 Be yourself. Avoid being overly serious, be yourself. Try to act as natural as possible - smiling and delivering your message with confidence.

The Bottom Line

This blog shows you how to make a video resume, with some useful guidelines, tips, and steps, and it also shares a free online video maker, FlexClip, for you to make your video CVs creation much easier. Find it helpful? Do not forget to share with others!

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