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Last Updated: 2021. 09. 13

Forewords: A Twitter picture is worth a thousand words, a Twitter video is worth a million! Focus on Twitter video: We've share an easy free way to make your Twitter video; we've troubleshooted the errors of making and uploading a Twitter video; and lastly, we've provided analysis of those most retweeted Twitter videos.

Twitter has enormous commercial value & potential - A viral tweet can easily bring 100,000+ free Twitter followers. With enough free Twitter followers, you can effortlessly tweet effective free Twitter ADs. That's how Twitter influences the world!

It's worthy to note that Twitter videos play a big part in influencing us. In the case study, those Twitter posts with a quality video or cool photography are more likely to win retweets:

  • A creative image can help you share a point of view visually.
  • Want to share more info (like, a spoiler or storytelling)? Tweet with a Twitter video!

Twitter videos are perfect media to enrich your contents, catch viewers eyes, and most importantly, distinguish your tweets from millions of plain text tweets.

Part 1: How to Create An Effective Twitter Video Free Online?

In order to create an effective Twitter video, you must prepare 3 things:


  • 1. Prepare related cool footage.
  • 2. Prepare/Think of dozens of short lines/texts - These lines will be used to reflect your thinking and add to your Twitter video.
  • 3. A free video maker (to create your Twitter video online).

Twitter video creation can be easier and a lot of fun, if you grab FlexClip video editor as your free video maker.

How to make your free Twitter video in FlexClip?

Image board: How to make your free Twitter video in FlexClip?

Step 1 Register a free account, and create a new project.

Step 2 Create a video storyboard, select your Twitter video, and define which video part to be included in the storyboard. (If you want to upload more video contents, you can repeat this step of adding storyboard).

Step 3 Split your Twitter video into small ones, and add short lines (words) to each.

Step 4 Preview your Twitter video, and download it to a standard video in MP4.

Tip 1 If you lack fantastic video footage, you can use FlexClip video search function and find many a good-looking storytelling video to include in your Twitter video.

Tip 2 Want to shoot better Twitter videos? Check "How to Shoot A Cool Video? [Beginner Videography Skills]", "B-Roll, A-Roll Film Tricks"

Part 2: Troubleshoot Twitter Video Errors

Some may see some annoying errors when uploading a video to Twitter. Below, we compile those most common questions and answers for your troubleshooting:

  • Q1: Can I upload all kinds of videos to Twitter directly?
  • Answer 1: No! Twitter explicitly outlines the requirements for Twitter videos: 1) The video uploaded should be in either MOV or MP4 formats, 2) The video file size should be within 512M, 3) You are suggested to trim your Twitter video to content in less than 2.3 mins.
  • Q2: Why does Twitter turn my HD video to a low-quality video?
  • Answer 2: Twitter will automatically compress your upload/shoot video to a standard quality video, and mute its default play. Therefore, we suggest you taking advantage of some voiceover texts in different video frames, which will help viewers better figure out your point without opening/hitting your Twitter video. (Dancing video is an exception.)

Part 3: The Analysis of Hot Twitter Videos That Bring The Most Retweets

By analyzing the most-retweeted Twitter videos, we find these hot twitter videos can be classified into 7 categories:

Top 1. Most Retweeted Twitter Videos – Substantial Cash /Gift Giveaway Videos:

Substantial cash giveaway tweets or awesome gift messages will go viral fast on the Internet. Audiences and readers love to see such gift news. They hope to spread the news and win attractive cash/gift. Even if, unfortunately, many of them miss to hit the list of winners, people are still curious about who are lucky winners.

If you see such attractive gift/cash-giving news, make a Twitter video about how to participate in the campaign and tweet it, then you have a bigger chance to win free Twitter followers.

Top 2. Most Retweeted Twitter Videos - Celebrity Videos:

Celebrity videos and photos are followed and wanted by billions of fans. The tweets from One direction member hit the World-Top 10 retweets several times.

If you are an affiliate of a brand that's endorsed by a celebrity, tweeting celebrity endorsement video is a great idea to promote your affiliate business.

Top 3. Most Retweeted Twitter Videos - Call for Help, Against Bully and Evil:

Those videos recording bully and evil acts are the most hatred. If you find such acts or such footages, stand out and make a Twitter video to call for peace and caring. People will love to help you and support you by retweeting your Twitter video.

Top 4. Most Retweeted Twitter Videos - Take Care of Animals, Protect Nature:

Cats, dogs, birds, and other animals are like adorable babies to human, and their topics always hit Top Retweet list. People just love to watch animals and care for them.

Tweet a Twitter video shooting animal lifestyle or calling for love, then you'll have a good chance.

Top 5. Most Retweeted Twitter Videos - Singing Videos:

Singing videos are sharing the happiest moments in daily life. There are over 17,000 original singing video tweets go rival in a year.

Therefore, if you can sing well or one of your friends is a potential singer, don't waste the talent and create a singing Twitter video. You may have a chance to win tons of free Twitter followers, and perhaps get famous.

Top 6. Most Retweeted Twitter Videos - Gaming Video:

Gaming is always the 21st-century topic: Gaming videos can fast spread among gamers and friends. Top player video and top game match can easily get 200,000+ retweets.

It's a smart choice to share game in Twitter video.

Top 7. Most Retweeted Twitter Videos - Food Recipe Videos:

If you find previous ideas not easy to create a Twitter video, then food and recipe videos are definitely a feasible way.

If you cook well, then make a recipe food video and tweet it. Or else, you can shoot a dining video, sharing delicious food via a Twitter video.

Part 4: The End

Do you find this article about Twitter video helpful?

Tell us which part you like the most or find it more useful: Free make a Twitter video, Twitter video troubleshooting, or top 7 most retweeted Twitter video case study?

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