How to Turn Off Instagram Reels

Last Updated: 2021. 09. 09

While TikTok is getting banned in India and the United States, Instagram is attracting TikTok lovers with its new feature - Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels invites users to create 15-second video clips with interesting audio, effects. It’s quite similar to TikTok when it comes to video creating and video browsing. This feature has so far gained lots of positive responses from influencers and brands.

Instagram Reels Overview

Instagram Reels Overview

Even though Instagram Reels is interesting, once start browsing it, you might keep getting annoying notifications of suggested Reels, which is a disaster when you just want to enjoy the Reels you like.

Here in this post, we will show you the easy ways to turn off Instagram Reels. Refer to the method you need most.

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How to Turn off Instagram Suggested Reels

Currently, there is no way to disable Instagram Reels. If you really hate Instagram Reels, the permanent solution is visiting Instagram on your browser and logging in your account! You will see all Reels are gone miraculously. Even if you visit any Instagram profile, you will see the Reels tab is also gone. This method works on your computer and your phone.

Going back to previous version of Instagram also works. Remove Instagram on your phone, find a previous Instagram APK and then move it to your phone.

How to Remove Instagram Reels

In case you have created some Instagram reels and you want to leave Instagram Reels, here is how to remove all your Instagram reels.

Step 1 Log in your Instagram account, and go to Reels account.

Step 2 Go to the Reel you want to remove, click the three vertical dots.

Step 3 Tap on Delete.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to turn off Instagam reels. Before turning off Instagram reels, do remember to remove all your reels. By the way, we also provide other blogs about sharing YouTube video to Instagram, sharing Facebook video to Instagram. Check them out to get more tricks!

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