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Best 10 Subtitles Download Sites For Movies &YouTube Video

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Summary:This blog is going to introduce you best 10 webs to download subtitles, not only in English, but also in different varieties of language, and how to add subtitles to a video.

Why Add Subtitles to Videos

Although there are many haters for subtitles who believe it gets in the way as viewing videos, it is not a denial that subtitles elevate the viewing experience. According to PLY media, compared with videos without subtitles, there are 91% of completion for videos with subtitles.


Image board: Comparison between videos without subtitles and videos with subs?

What’s more, subtitles improve viewers’ comprehension. Not everyone can understand the videos in your language, in this way, subtitles, as a bridge, help people to better understand and learn more about your themes.

Meanwhile, classic and meaningful movies or shows should be reached a great number of people by multilingual subtitles. Besides, subtitles offer a way to learn a language. You can listen to the native speaker and learn the meaning at the same time.

In addition, not everyone has ability to hear audio. When audio is not available, we can take use of subtitles. Here, we recommend 10 websites to freely download subtitles. And if you also wanna know how to add subtitles to video, check out:

Best 10 Subtitles Download Sites for Movies or TV Shows

1.Subscene is one of the top options to download movie subtitles. It has a huge database collection of subtitles in many languages, but make sure it’s available of java on your PC before downloading.


Image board: The interface of Subscene web

2.Open Subtitles

While the interface for a beginner is a little noisy and cluttered, as the biggest web to download subtitles, it provides multiple - language subtitles. If you can find your way on this web, you will reach many needs of web subtitles that are hard to find on other sites. For example, you are possible to find plenty of subtitles for XviD movies and TV shows. Besides, It’s also possible to download a DivX subtitles here.

open subtitles

Image board: The interface of Open Subtitles web

3.English Subtitles for DivX Movies

As the headline of the web, it offers numerous subtitles for DivX movies in English. And don’t forget to install a media player that supports DivX subtitles (DirectVobSub) to watch DivX movies.

english subtitles for divX movies

Image board: The interface of English Subtitles for DivX Movies web

4.DivX Subtitles

Looking for free subtitles in DVD, HDTV or DivX? Check out DivX Subtitles whose process is quite simple. Find and download with no need registration.

divX title

Image board: The interface of DivX Title web


Movie subtitles

Podnapisi is one of the best sites for English movie subtitles, the latest subtitles for new movies are updated every day. Also you can find 6,517 series in 100 languages.


Image board: Podnapisi movie subtitles web

6.YIFY Subtitles

Firstly, you can set your preferred language on the right top. Second, the navigation of YIFY is very convenient, too. YIFY is one of the most visited subtitle webs.

yify subtitles

Image board: The interface of YIFY Subtitles web


M4UFREE often provides subtitles for pop movies and TV series, so you can indeed find the latest movies’ subtitles on the website.


Image board: The interface of M4UFREE web


The uniqueness of the websites is that you can find the subtitles even in less widely-used language. All of the subs are available to be downloaded in free of cost.


Image board: The interface of Isubtitles web

9.TV Subs

As the name of the website, you can find subtitles for any TV show. It allows users not only download but also upload documents for free. However, the one of the not very good things, which may bother you, is there are many ads on the site.

tv subs

Image board: The interface of TV Subs web

10. Movie Subtitles

Movie Subtitles has a large quantity of movies subtitles, not only for the latest ones, but also the classic ones. And it has quite concise navigation, come to check out!


Image board: The interface of Movie Subtitles

Top 3 Sites to Download YouTube Subtitles


Savesubs allows you download subtitles from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Viki and many more.


Image board: The interface of savesubs

2.Youtube Subtitle Downloader:software for Chrome users

It’s a Chrome extension allowing users to download subtitles of a YouTube Video. Subtitle can be downloaded in TXT and SRT formats.


Image board: Download YouTube subtitle


VidPaw subtitle dowloader lets you download subtitles from YouTube in SRT format. This is a total free online tool and easy to use on popular video streaming sites without software.


Image board: The interface of VidPaw Subtitle

The Bottom Line

These are the top10 sites to download the subtitles for movies and TV shows, and the best 3 sites to help you download YouTube subtitles quickly and easily. Check them out and find one that works best for you!

Also check out: the article of How to Add Subtitles to Video and How to Add Subtitles to YouTube

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