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How to Make a T-Shirt Video to Boost Sales

Last Updated: Jul. 21, 2021

Summary: After reading this post, you will know how to make a T-Shirt video to boost sales. You can also get some practical tips. Let’s get started.

T-Shirt sales growth is sluggish? Check the facts below.

* 92% of purchases are influenced by visuals;

* Video advertisements have double click-rates than image ones;

* Over 80% consumers prefer to watch a T-Shirt video than a photo;

* A T-Shirt video is 12 times likely to convert than an image ad.

According to these statistics, it is advisable to obtain higher profits by turning to T-Shirt video ads which more people enjoy. The problem is how to make a good video that displays your T-Shirt design and boost sales.

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How to Make a Video to Boost T-Shirt Sales

Different from designing a T-Shirt, creating a T-Shirt video requires less hard work. With professional video editing tool like FlexClip, making a T-Shirt video and boosting sales are just a piece of cake.

Step 1 get started.

Get all your video clips, photos of T-Shirts, background music and text on your computer. Go to with Chrome and click on Get Started - Free.

Step 2 upload contents to the video and customize.

Click on the “+” button to upload photos of your T-Shirt design and video clips to the storyboard. You can also use photos and video clips of FlexClip’s media library.

How to Make a T-Shirt Video - Add Content to the Storyboard

Image Board: How to Make a T-Shirt Video - Add Content to the Storyboard

Click on Text and choose one dynamic text you like. Enter the text you like.

How to Make a T-Shirt Video - Add Text

Image Board: How to Make a T-Shirt Video - Add Text

Click on Music, upload an MP3 audio file or choose one from the music library, and then set it as background music.

How to Make a T-Shirt Video - Upload Music

Image Board: How to Make a T-Shirt Video - Upload Music

Step 3 make other cool edits.

FlexClip allows you upload watermark to the video, add pictures to the video, make voiceover. Follow these guides to make your video cool.

Step 4 preview, download and share.

Click on preview button. If you are satisfied, download the T-Shirt video to your computer. Remember to share the video to other social media platforms.

How to Make a T-Shirt Video - Preview and Download

Image Board: How to Make a T-Shirt Video - Preview and Download

Tips to Promote Your T-Shirt Video

1. Know your audiences. If your targeted audiences are teenagers, make sure you show more stylish, colorful T-shirts and speak like an teenager in the video.

2. Choose the right music. Have you ever noticed that you always hear light music on malls? That is because light music can trigger people’s desire to make purchases. We suggest you use light music in the video.

3. Share. To make sure more people see your video, share the video on all social media platforms you are in.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to make a T-Shirt video. As you can see, it is quite easy to make a T-Shirt video, give FlexClip a try and let it help you to dominate T-Shirt market.

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