How to Make Starting Soon Screen for Twitch and Use it for Stream

Posted on: Mar. 18, 2022
In this article, you'll learn how to make a custom starting soon screen that perfect for starting your live streams on Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

Are you a streamer who wants to excite your viewers while waiting for your stream to start? You can use a custom stream starting soon screen before you begin your game. A well-done starting soon screen is great for getting your viewers excited and reminding them to subscribe to your channel for more streams.

This post will go over the easiest way to make a custom starting screen for your stream online for free and how to add the starting soon screen to OBS studio for your next live stream.


Starting Soon Screen Video Examples

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How to Make a Stream Starting Screen for Twitch or YouTube Gaming

Customizing your starting soon screen is easy using the right editing tools. So, this is where we introduce FlexClip: an easy and free online starting soon screen maker that comes with rich features. This tool is also developed with various dynamic texts, elegant widgets, and stunning effects to level up your starting soon screen. With this tool, we will be stating in detail how to make a stream starting soon screen for your Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

Step 1 Start with Inspiration or from Scratch

If you are just getting started or artistically challenged, you can turn to FlexClip's thousands of professionally designed templates for inspiration and customize your starting soon screen using your desired one, never worried about starting from a blank canvas.

Make a Starting Soon Screen - Get Started

Make a Starting Soon Screen - Get Started

Have ideas in mind, or need something custom? It's not too hard to create something yourself from scratch with FlexClip’s user-friendly interface and easy-to-use editing tools.

Here we'll walk you through the way to make a staring soon screen easily using a template at FlexClip.

Step 2 Personalize to Make it Your Own

Once you pick the template or scene you like and add it to the storyboard, you can personalize your stream starting soon in lots of ways here.

Upload your own photos or clips to the Media section and drag them to the screen to replace the default imagery in the templates, or you can simply select the default image and find the Replace icon on the top-bar to change upload your own footage;

Make a Starting Soon Screen - Replace

Make a Starting Soon Screen - Replace

Double-click the text to enter your "starting soon screen" message and then modify the font and color;

Make a Starting Soon Screen - Change Text

Make a Starting Soon Screen - Change Text

And also, you can change the audio track, adjust the background, and more until it fits your brand.

Step 3 Make more Edits to Amp up the Flair

With extensive animated elements and design assets for you to choose from at FlexClip, it's pretty easy for you to add extra personality to your projects and make them far more appealing.

Add animated stickers from its abundant Elements library or apply some cta overlays, including subscribe button and like button in one click. You can also add filters, upload your logo, make pip effects, and use transitions and motions to make your starting soon more attractive.

Make a Starting Soon Screen - More Edits

Make a Starting Soon Screen - More Edits

Step 4 Preview and Save Your Starting Soon Screen

Once your starting soon screen making is complete, hit that Preview button to review the final project; if you're satisfied, just download it and then add it to your stream. If not, you can continue editing.

How to Add Your Starting Screen to OBS Studio for Stream

When you have your starting soon screen ready, you'll need to add it into OBS so it's ready to use in your Twitch stream. It's pretty easy to add your starting soon screen to OBS Studio with the Scene feature, just check the simple steps below:

Step 1
Open your OBS Studio and create a new scene. Right-click on Sources, and then a list of options will appear, just choose Media Source from the options.
Add Starting Soon Screen to OBS Studio - Step 1

Add Starting Soon Screen to OBS Studio - Step 1

Step 2
Once you click the media source, a box will appear and asked to create or select your Source. Here we're adding a new one, simply click Create New and give it a title, something like starting soon screen.
Add Starting Soon Screen to OBS Studio - Step 2

Add Starting Soon Screen to OBS Studio - Step 2

Step 3
Now, you'll see a new window for selecting some further options, here just browse and select your starting soon screen file from the Local file and make sure that you’ve checked the Loop option.
Add Starting Soon Screen to OBS Studio - Step 3

Add Starting Soon Screen to OBS Studio - Step 3

After you have done that, click the OK button. Now you'll see your starting soon screen in Sources and when on screen, it'll loop until you're ready to stop it and begin streaming.

Final Words

So, you have learned how to make a starting soon screen and how to add it to OBS studio for Twitch stream. It's your time to get creative with your own starting soon screen in your next steam.

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