How to Turn Live Photo Into GIF

Posted on: Jun. 02, 2020

Summary: Take a live photo on your iPhone and want to share it in GIF format? I've done this before, too. Now let's lead you through this article and get 3 simple methods to turn live photo to GIF.

Apple's iPhone 6s released in 2015 supports Live Photo dynamic photo shooting, which can be used to record some beautiful things in life. As a "live" photo, Live Photo is loved by thousands of people; this is not only because it can achieve 3 seconds of dynamic recording, but also because it can record the sound of the time at the same time.

However, it is worth noting that to view Live Photo dynamic pictures, you must have an iPhone, and the system version must not be lower than version 9.0. So if you shoot some good-looking dynamic pictures and want to share them with others, you need to convert the Live Photo before others can see them.

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How to Convert Live Photo to GIF

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