How to Insert a Video into Google Slides

Last Updated: 2022. 02. 08

Inserting a video into Google Slides is a proven way to grab viewers' attention and make your presentation more engaging.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to add a video to Google Slides from YouTube, and your computer and offer you a flexible tool to put a video in Google Slides in a breeze. So, you can make your Slides presentation shine like never before.

Here’s What You Will Learn:

Here is a quick takeaway. Currently, there are only 2 ways to add a video to Google Slides:

  • Option 1: Insert a video into Google Slides from YouTube, either by searching a YouTube video or pasting a URL.
  • Option 2: Upload a video to Google Drive and then insert it into the Google Slides.
  • How to Add a Video to Google Slides

    Step 1: Open a Presentation in Google Slides on Google Chrome

    Then, left-click the slide where you want to add a video.

    Step 2: Insert a Video into the Slide

    Click the “Insert” button on the toolbar above > click “Video” from the drop-down menu > then, a pop-up window will give you 3 options to put a video in Google Slides.

    3 options to insert a video into Google Slides

    3 options to insert a video into Google Slides

  • Search YouTube. Click the “Search” tab, you can enter keywords in the search box and select a YouTube to be inserted into Google Slides.
  • By URL. You can paste a URL of a YouTube video and then you can select this video to be embedded in Google Slides.
  • Google Drive. This option allows you to select an existing video file in Google Drive to be added in Google Slides.
  • After you choose the video you need and next click the “Select” button. The chosen video will be added to the Slide.

    Insert a selected YouTube video into Google Slides

    Insert a selected YouTube video into Google Slides

    Step 3: Drag and Drop to Adjust the Video’s Size and Position in the Slide

    Drag and drop to adjust the video’s size and position

    Drag and drop to adjust the video’s size and position

    Also, read how to add animation to Google Slides.

    How to Edit the Inserted Video in Google Slide

    As you click the inserted video on the Slides, the “Format Options” will appear on the right side and give you the options to customize the video playback, size & rotation, and position and drop shadow.

    1. Play and Trim the Video

    Here, you have 3 options to playback the embedded video.

    Different selections for video playback in Google Slides

    Different selections for video playback in Google Slides

  • Play (on Click). Video plays when you advance the slide, which is currently the default setting.
  • Play (Automatically). Make video play automatically when the presentation goes to the slide with video.
  • Play (manual). You need to manually click the play button on the embed video.
  • If you only want a portion of the video to be played, you can set the time when the video starts and ends. Or click “Mute Audio” to silence the video. So, you can talk over the video. Check how to make a video presentation with PowerPoint.

    2. Other Video Options Available

  • Manually adjust video’s width and height, scale proportion, lock aspect ratio, and set rotation. Use online tools to change video’s aspect ratio online
  • Adjust the position of the video in a slide.
  • Add shadow with colors to the outer perimeter of the video to create the floating effect.
  • Other options to adjust details of inserted video in Google Slides

    Other options to adjust details of inserted video in Google Slides

    Bonus Tool to Edit and Add Videos to Google Slides in a Breeze

    If you need a flexible tool to edit video footage before uploading it to YouTube or Google Drive for adding to Google Slides, an easy-to-use tool you may use is FlexClip, a free and feature-packed online video maker.

    Versatile FlexClip online video maker

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  • You can select from FlexClip’s tons of video templates for video presentations, such as product launch, company profile video, business plan, online course, video resume, etc., and replace premade videos and photos with yours to create a professional video in minutes.
  • Product Launch Presentation
    Product Launch Presentation
    Use This Template
    Company Introduction Presentation
    Company Introduction Presentation
    Use This Template
    Online Course Promo
    Online Course Promo
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    Lesson Plan Presentation
    Lesson Plan Presentation
    Use This Template
  • The user-friendly video tools, like trimming, cropping, video speed controllers, animated texts and elements, picture-in-picture tool, video filters, custom fonts, etc. allow you to create compelling videos, not possible using Google Slides’ built-in tools.
  • Gain free access to 4M+ royalty-free music and sound effects and high-res videos, photos, and GIFs. Just feel your creative juice flow.
  • Done with the editing, you can directly share the video to your YouTube account and Google Drive, which makes things easier for adding a video into Google Slides.
  • Directly share to YouTube and Google Slides

    Directly share to YouTube and Google Slides

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    FAQs about Putting a Video in Google Slides

    1. Google Slides Insert Video Not Working

    There are a few things you can do. Firstly, update Google Chrome to the latest version to enjoy the maximum integration amid Google Slides, Google Drive, and YouTube video.

    Second, if the video file is too large or the internet connection is unstable, it may also affect the playback of the video.

    Third, clear the browser cache and refresh the browser.

    As to the video format, MP4 video files are the best choice to be inserted into the Google Slides.

    2. How to Insert Video into Google Slides on iPhone

    Well, although Google Slides has a mobile app for iPhone users, you can’t embed a video in Google Slides on iPhone. However, you can paste a URL of a YouTube video as a clickable link on a slide. So, as you advance this slide, you will be redirected to the YouTube video on Safari.

    Now, It's Your Move

    Whether you use Google Slides for E-learning, sales pitches, or other presentions, inserting a captivating video into Google Slides will make your presentation more professional and eye-catching. Hopefully, you find our tutorial and recommended video tool—FlexClip helpful. So, start adding a video to Google Slides using FlexClip, now!

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