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How to Fix iMovie Not Uploading to YouTube Issues

Last Updated: 2022. 08. 05

Everybody knows the iMovie video and image editing tool, but it can do even more. While some know it as a simple video editing tool, most video content creators see it as a saving grace, considering the enormous video editing features that come with it. It has features capable of giving you nothing less than the best outcome. YouTubers have found comfort in this tool; for that reason, they have made it a household editing software for editing all their videos.

But aside from the traditional function of editing videos and images, the iMovie tool can still be used to upload videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, not many YouTubers know about this; it is not the most popular way to upload videos on YouTube. To do this, you will have to click the iMovie project you wish to upload on YouTube, click the Export icon, select “YouTube” as your destination, fill out the necessary fields, and click “Publish.” And you are done. But note that you must be signed into your YouTube account before undergoing this process.

But sometimes, things don’t always go well with users trying to go through this uploading process. Thus, iMovie is not uploading to YouTube error messages. These messages can be quite annoying, especially when you are behind schedule to get that video out there. Well, these things don’t just happen, there are reasons for it, and we have listed them below. Just take a look.

Why iMovie Not Uploading to YouTube Errors Occur

One of many reasons you often encounter messages like this is incompatible video format. Sometimes owners of these videos go contrary to the rules of uploading videos, e.g., wrong video size, format, etc., thus, the error messages. Another scenario where you can encounter things like this is when these videos are longer than 15 minutes; often, long video length can be quite a hurdle to the uploading process. Meanwhile, if the Google Account is verified, users can easily upload videos longer than 15 minutes – the maximum upload size is 128GB: 12 hours in length. Meanwhile, the supported video format for YouTube support are MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, and 3GPP.

How to Fix iMovie Not Uploading to YouTube Errors

Now, to fix this “iMovie video not uploading to YouTube” error message, we urge you to try the methods listed below:

  • 1. Cut Your Video. As we have earlier explained, YouTube has stipulated video length users can upload: the maximum length is 12 hours. So, in a case where your videos are longer, you might want to consider cutting them.
  • 2. Export Video in MP4, MOV, AVI. Your video format determines if you will get the “iMovie not uploading to YouTube” error message. So, you might want to stick to MP4, MOV, or AVI formats.
  • 3. Update iMovie. Not just in the iMovie app, apps can easily malfunction when they are outdated. So, to save yourself the embarrassment of getting an “iMovie video not uploading to YouTube” error message, make sure your iMovie is up to date.
  • 4. Consult YouTube Help Center. This is where you might want to call for help. But before then, ensure you have tried all we mentioned above.
  • 5. Manually Upload to YouTube. Well, sometimes it can get so bad that all the above mentioned methods won’t work. When that happens, we’d suggest you stick to the traditional means: manual uploading.
  • The Bottom Line

    As annoying as this error message can be, you are in a better position to correct it if you do it right. Most of all, try to stick to the rules of uploading these videos, making sure the size and format are right. This is also why you should focus more on planning your videos, making sure all sessions in the video are timely. That way, you won’t have to worry about having a lengthy video. Hope this helped, and if it does, please like and share it to reach a wider audience.

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