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How to Set a GIF as a Wallpaper on Windows 10/iPhone/Android

Posted on: Aug. 23, 2021
In several steps, you can set a GIF as a wallpaper whether you are on Windows, iPhone or Android. Refer to the methods you need and start making a GIF your wallpaper.

Windows 10, Android and iOS are operation systems that are on majority of e-devices. Some of them are quite open for personalization, like Android, while the others are not. Whichever devices and systems you are in, setting a GIF as a wallpaper is not as hard as you thought. Follow the steps below.

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How to Set a GIF as Your Wallpaper on Windows 10

To set a GIF as your wallpaper on Windows 10, third-party software are preferred options for most people. The leading ones are BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator and Plastuer.

Method 1. BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer

BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer is an all-in-one wallpaper management software. Beyond setting up GIFs and AVI videos as wallpaper, it also helps you make more enhancements on desktop, for instance, projecting a webcam as wallpaper. What’s better, this free software doesn’t cost you too much CPU and RAM.

Step 1
Download BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer and run it on your computer.
Step 2
Go to the Video Wallpaper section. Locate the folder with GIFs. Select the GIF you want to set up as wallpaper.
Step 3
Click the Start button to apply the GIF.
Set a GIF as Wallpaper - BioniX

Set a GIF as Wallpaper - BioniX

Method 2. Plastuer

Plastuer is able to help you set up GIFs, videos, and HTML5 webpages as wallpaper. It is donationware, you can pay the amount of money that makes you feel comfortable($2 minimum).

Step 1
Download Plastuer to your computer and launch it.
Step 2
Copy URL of a GIF or upload a native GIF file from your computer.
Step 3
Select a monitor to display the wallpaper.
Set a GIF as Wallpaper - Plastuer

Set a GIF as Wallpaper - Plastuer

How to Set a GIF as Your Wallpaper On Android

Android is the system that offers you many rooms for customization. Many manufactures developed their own wallpapers. Some of them are free, while some are paid. The wallpaper suit changes not only the wallpapers, but also the overlook of the interfaces. You can easily pick one and apply.

Need a GIF as your wallpaper only? You will need GIF Live Wallpaper to help. It is a great app that helps you set a GIF as your wallpaper. Before applying, this application can even allow you to change the playback speed, rotate, and so on.

Step 1
Download GIF Live Wallpaper to your phone and launch it.
Step 2
Upload any GIF to your phone and make edits following the prompts.
Step 3
Set the GIF as wallpaper.
Set a GIF as Wallpaper on Android

Set a GIF as Wallpaper on Android

How to Set a GIF as Your Wallpaper On iPhone

Even though iPhones are forbidden to make customization, it is easy to make a GIF as your wallpaper on iPhone.

Step 1
Turn your GIF into a Live Photo.

If you are on GIPHY, while downloading any GIF, you can find the Save as Live Photo option. You can upload your GIF to GIPHY and download again.

IntoLive is a free app that allows you to turn GIFs to live photos. Download this application, upload any GIFs, you can get a Live Photo in seconds!

Step 2
Set the Live Photo as iPhone wallpaper.

Open Photos on iPhone, scroll to find the live photo you want to set as wallpaper. Click on the Share button, and press Use as Wallpaper.

How to Make Your Own GIF Wallpapers

With FlexClip, you can create fun GIF wallpapers, elegant GIF wallpapers of scenes, beautiful girls and more. The filters, speed changers, transitions are ready to realize all your ideas. The Media Library containing millions of free photos, videos, and music are there waiting to be applied to your GIFs. No download, no experience required to use it. Follow the guide to create an excellent GIF wallpaper now!

Create a GIF Wallpaper

Create a GIF Wallpaper

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to set a GIF as your Windows 10/Android/iPhone wallpaper. If you find this post helpful, please do share this post with others. By the way, FlexClip also helps you create other videos, like animated infographic video, travel video. Always remember to give it a try!

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