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How to Post on Instagram From Any PC And Mobile

Posted on: Dec. 30, 2019

Summary: This blog is divided into two parts to show step-by-step guide to post on Instagram both from PC and mobile devices.

With over 800 million active users, Instagram is definitely your one of the best choices for marketing purposes. As the revenues of visual social media ads exceeded 10$ billion in 2019, Instagram has proven visual marketing strategy is a significant part of business publicity and promotion. If you’re ready to post images or videos as your promotion, you’re ready to get more potential customers and higher conversions. But how? How can I post on Instagram and how to get more followers on Instagram to get more profits?

This blog shows step-by-step guide to post on Instagram both from PC and mobile devices. If you wanna make the most of Instagram marketing, learn more about how to get more followers on Instagram and the ultimate guide of Instagram ads

Part 1: How to Post On Instagram From Mobile Phone

Step 1 Click ' + ' to start posting your images or videos on Instagram.


Image board: Start to post on Instagram

Step 2 Make an Instagram post or select a local photo/video

If you wanna share your local photo or video, just pick one! And then edit your image or video, for example, instagram can allow you to add a filter to your post and adjust the brightness, contrast and structure, etc.


Image board: Edit your Instagram post

If you wanna design a compelling image or make your video stand out, you can try many free graphic designer and video editor.

DesignCap, which is very friendly for beginners, provides you dozens of different templates of Instagram post in varieties of themes, you can use the templates and add some cliparts, frames and special colors to customize your own Instagram image.


Image board: DesignCap Graphic Designer

FlexClip video editor allows you to add animated text, sound effects/music to attract people’s attention. What’s more, you can upload your business logo and add watermark to increase your brand awareness by FlexClip. Furthermore, adding transition effects can increase the consistence and engagement of your video.

Come to try it for free, FlexClip is definitely your best choice for video marketing strategy!


Image board: FlexClip Video Editor

Step 3 Add hashtag for post

Instagram features allow users to search for different contents by hashtag. Instagram users can reach your business by hashtag.

Also, you can create your own hashtag to motivate customers to share your photos or products.

Step 4 Draft your caption

Get creative and write an interesting caption. You can take a note whenever you get inspirations, and try the different length of captions, what I found is the long captions is good for telling a story. Besides, you can use the Instagram Insights (you need a business account first) to analyze what kind of captions is best for your Instagram account.


Image board: Draft your caption

Don’t forget to add emojis in your captions! Emojis are fun, and can make your post catching and lively!

After editing your caption, you can combine captions, emoji and hashtag.


Image board: Combine caption and hashtag and add it on Instagram

Step 5 Add tags in your caption

One of significant thing to post on Instagram is adding products tags and tagging your friends or other Instagram accounts. After you’ve been approved and competed set-up in shopping in settings, you can add relevant products tags on your photos, such as brands of clothes you wear.


Image board: add product tags

Meanwhile, you can tag your friends. On the post age, you can click ‘tag people’ to tag relevant Instagram accounts. Besides, you can also type @their user-name in the captions.


Image board: Tag relevant Instagram accounts or your friends

Step 6 Tag your location

Adding a location tag is the easier way for users to find your contents on Instagram. This is beneficial to increase your credibility of Instagram account and your brand awareness.


Image board: Tag your location

Step 7 Share your post on other social media

Connect social media sites, and increase your brand awareness! After that, when you are ready click ‘share’.


Image board: Share your post on other social media

Note Make sure you have free time after sharing your Instagram posts in the first 30 mins. Go to the comment and reply the answers. It’s be proved that the first 30 mins after posting your Ins is the best time and chance to get higher engagements.

Part 2: How to Post On Instagram From Any Computer

Instagram is a visual social media app based on mobile, but it’s not hard if you wanna post on Instagram by your computer.

Before you follow this guide to post on Instagram from computer, please make sure you open the Instagram Page by Google Chrome

Step 1 Right click your mouse and go to ‘Inspect’ to change the PC interface to Mobile interface.

Tab ‘Inspect’ to open the screen of the original code data which may appears in your page’s right or bottom.


Image board: Post on Instagram from PC

Step 2 Click the button I circled once

Don’t be annoyed by the complex code data, what all you need to do is clicking the button I circled for you. Then, you’ll see the left interface/screen will be shrank/ changed.


Image board: Click the button I circled once


Image board: The interface after clicking the button.

Step 3 Refresh the page, and the interface will change to the interface of mobile phone automatically.

After clicking the button I circled, refresh this page, you will see that the right screen/interface is same as the screen/ interface on mobile now.


Image board: Refresh the page

Step 4 Then, tab the ‘×’ to close the code data and click ‘+’ to start post on Instagram from computer

Now, you just need to close the complicated code data screen, and click ‘+’ to start posting on Instagram just same as what you need to do on mobile app.

Next, follow the 6 steps, I mentioned above, to post on Instagram from mobile devices, you can post on Instagram from your computer easily and fast!!

Depict video: How to post on Instagram from PC

Bottom Line

These are most common 2 ways you wanna post on Instagram. Although Instagram is a mobile social media app, it’s not hard to post on Instagram from your any computer, too.


Image board: DesignCap Free Graphic Designer

Moreover, if you wanna your brand stands out on Instagram, you would like to see the 6 steps, or say, suggestions, to post on Instagram from mobile app, especially the step mentioned the free Graphic Designer and Video editor to help you improve and perfect your images and videos.

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